Partying Prompts Memo from Apartment Management

by ARLnow.com June 13, 2012 at 11:00 am 12,418 241 Comments

Broken glass, mulch fires and huge crowds at the pool — it’s summer time at an apartment building in Ballston.

On Monday, management at the Archstone Ballston Square apartment building (850 N. Randolph Street) sent an email to residents detailing some incidents of excessive partying. The email also reminds residents of rules against tossing objects off balconies and holding drinking game competitions in apartment common areas.

Said the tipster who sent us the memo: “Archstone Ballston Square is turning into quite the frat [house].”

Dear Residents,

Having an enjoyable summer and being able to enjoy our outdoor spaces such as the BBQ area, Pool and Sundeck requires the cooperation of all residents.

This past Friday night someone threw beer bottles from their balcony into the pool and onto the pool deck. Thankfully the lifeguard was attentive and able to clean this out with only a minor delay in re-opening the pool for everyone’s enjoyment. Glass in the pool or on the pool deck poses a huge accident risk and also will force us to shut down the area possibly for extended periods of time. Please be reminded that tossing anything from your balcony is completely unacceptable and it poses dangers to the entire community. The weekend prior we had a minor mulch fire because of cigarettes being tossed off.

In addition, drinking games of any sort are prohibited in common areas. We do not allow alcoholic beverages to be taken to the pool area and alcohol cannot be consumed in the public areas such as the BBQ deck and courtyard. Going forward we will have to enforce this rule and resident found drinking will be asked to retreat to their own apartments. Only plastic cups or bottles may be used on the deck.

Due to the huge crowds we saw last weekend we can only allow each resident to bring one additional guest this summer. Please be reminded that we will hold residents responsible for their guests behavior as well.

Please assist us in maintaining this an enjoyable area for all residents by following the above rules and allowing your neighbors to enjoy the facilities as well.


Sandy Russell
General Manager
Archstone Ballston Square

If you live in an apartment or condo, have you had similar incidents happen at your building?

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  • Adam

    I wish those sorts of incidents happen at my condo. Right now it’s just a bunch of old people harshing my buzz.

    • MC 703

      Same. My building is borrrrrrring.

    • Tom

      These comments should focus more on how terrible Archstone is. Archstone loves 8-10% rent increases every year.

      • Anon

        Don’t like the increases? Move.

        • Vin

          Go to Quincy Plaza, a block down, Awesome Place, Better pad, updgraded countertops, tile, recessed lighting, upgraded cabinets… and get this…its less rent. Dittmar property, oh and ask for a free month or two, they’ll say no at first but then if you keep pushing they will. Highest theyll increase is 5%

      • rowdyINdowdy

        Not the case. I just resigned at only a 2.5% increase.

      • BangBrahs

        94% of ArlNow comments are comprised of 25 key words, arranged in different order with different definite articles and pronouns.

      • Mack

        I would have killed for 8-10%. Gables increased my rent 18% two years in a row. I laughed in their face the second time.

    • arlvarunner

      Move to Archstone Ballston Square. Some of us prefer a quiet living experience.

    • Hummmm time to move to Archstone Ballston.. but I don’t want my security deposit kept for no good reason; LOL

  • CrystalMikey

    Good job frat boys.

    • Maverick

      @CrystalMikey shutup GDI

      • sam

        haha burn

    • BangBrahs

      Just mad you couldn’t take the hazing bro.

      • FratBoyVids

        ran out of condoms at his frat, bro

  • Ricardo

    Evict! Evict!

  • John Fontain

    Just this past weekend I was driving through Ballston. From the number of people I saw walking around with towels around their necks, I almost thought I was at the beach. I was wondering what the heck was going on. Even saw a couple of tools walking around shirtless with their swim trunks on.

    • Rachael M.

      I get that it’s hot and actually renting in this building, I do think to myself “oh, maybe I’ll go to the pool today,” but what kind of loser just crashes other apartment buildings and hangs out the entire day crushing Miller Light? It’s a pool that is maybe 30x15ft at best, not the Palms.

      Is that where you pictured yourself in your late 20s, bro?

      • JamesE

        A lot of people in this area never grow out of college, even those in their 30s

        • ArlCivilEng

          I see you have met my roommates

          Please tell them to take the trash out once in a while, thanks.

        • arl2012

          or 40s. You should check out our SFH community on the weekends.

      • Prefontaine

        Posting snarky, aggressive, and anonymous comments on blogs. Is this where you pictured yourself in your late 30’s, miss?

        • ChrisS

          that ain’t aggressive, son.

        • replying to said “snarky, aggressive, and anonymous comments on blogs” defending aging frat boy culture. is there where you pictured yourself ever, brah?

          • Traffic Jammin


          • Captain Prep McPreppo

            … and if all my bro’s take off their brown flip flops to chillax in the pool with a brew, how will they know whose flip flops are whose when the get out?

          • i know, bro. totally hate it when this problem rears its ugly head, bro.

          • arl2012

            with all that broken glass..your bros should keep their flip flops on.

      • Tom

        Your menopause is showing Rachael.

        • GetBack

          Your sexism is prolonging your virginity, Tom.

          • ToWhereYouOnceBelonged

            Odd statement on a thread devoted to bashing fraternity men.


  • Arlington, Northside

    Banning alcohol on the deck of a condo pool, pretty darn sad that the actions of a few have to distroy things for all. Glad I am not a condo dweller anymore!

    • esmith69

      Yea, that is pretty sad. Unfortunate how selfish some people are. People need to respect their homes, surroundings, and neighbors. Too much of the entitlement/selfishness generation. And no I’m not an old man, I’m in that age group. I just call it how I see it.

      • Arlington, Northside

        Back in the late-’90s and early ’00s, hanging at the condo pool with a nice drink was a great way to wind down after a day at work, or to relax the weekend away. Now all gone. What jerkoffs. Evict the scum, it is not fair to ask a H.S. or college aged lifeguard to be a cop too.

        • TomTom

          This is an apartment building, not condo

          • Arlington, Northside

            Renting scum vs responcible owners, got it 😉

        • Corey

          Right, no one ever had a party at their pool in the “late-’90s and early ’00s”.

        • The Dope of South Arlington

          Those lifeguards are all foreigners.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Even less fair to ask a college student visiting from another country to have to enforce such rules.

          • Joan Fountain

            Who said they attend college?

          • Captain Pool McPoolo

            They do.

            *sharts in the pool and swims away*

          • nice one, mcpoolo. *doggie paddles to chase u outta the pool*

        • It’s not fair; but with douchebags running amuck everywhere its hillaarrious!

      • BallstontoRosslyn

        +1 …I too am in this bracket and am ashamed at the entitlement that runs rampant in Arlington. Douche douche douche you in your sunglasses and shirtless torso, sporting the brown flip flops…

        • Tom

          cry me a river poor unentitled kid

        • Douche is a state of being I guess; something that is ‘earned’ or ‘gifted to’ by their previous hard working parents…

          20 bucks says most douches were the latter

    • rowdyINdowdy

      This incident didn’t cause a ban of alcohol at the pool, there was a ban already in place.

      • Arlington, Northside

        Why? Used to be moderate drinking at all the Arlington condo pools.

        • ChrisS

          buy your own condo building and set your own rules.

      • SamW

        Our townhouse community pool doesn’t allow alcohol either, nor did my last apartment building.

    • JS

      Archstone is an apartment complex where people rent and don’t own. Most condos that I’m aware of ban glass for safety reasons, but don’t ban alcohol outright. Most apartments ban alcohol though, I’m not sure why there tends to be a difference

      • Arlington, Northside

        Interesting, the Arlington apartments that I lifeguarded at as a teenager allowed alcohol on the deck, just no glass. Of course that was 20+ years ago now.

    • Monica

      ‘Thank’ those few

    • arlvarunner

      I agree with the spirit of your post. I wish I could have a few beers by the pool once in a while too, but it’s actually Arlington Code that alcoholic beverages and glass bottles are not allowed at shared pool facilities in the county. It’s not just Archstone. I live at a Paradigm property, and it’s the same way here.

      • Traffic Jammin

        Not enforced where I live. Probably gives ACPD something to bust people for if the residence wants to take care of problem drinkers, but most places it’s just not a big deal.

      • WeiQiang

        always carry a ‘to go’ cup

      • u at the meridian?

    • SpellChecker

      what’s sad is the way you spelled “distroy”

  • jboone68

    Awww guess the frat boys have to realize that their frat house maid won’t follow them out of college.

    • Prefontaine

      frat house maid?

      don’t you mean pledges?

      • ChrisS

        haha. your fraternity couldn’t afford housekeepers.

        • Prefontaine

          of course, but only twice a week.

          I’d wager a good amount that my fraternity chapter is much older and has more money than yours does, for what’s it worth. Which is probably not much, at this juncture

          • drax

            I wasn’t in a fraternity, but every time I went to a house to visit, there was no sign that a maid had ever visited.

      • omg this guy is such a bro.

      • Capt Prep McPreppo

        The pledges were for ‘experimenting’, dude. THey can’t clean worth a darn.

        The housekeepers were for housekeeping.

        *burps and walks away*

  • LifeorLiberty

    yupo…it was same thing @Liberty Tower last summer….a little eMpTvy style pool party with our favorite Hicks – Cletus & Cornfed !!

    yee-haw!!! bring on the asian hookers in g-strings…woo boy ! it’s millerrrrr time

    As Metallica said ” Kill Em All “

    • Rick

      I can’t imagine how harsh their letter to the residents was.

      • LifeorLiberty

        no letter…nothing..
        ER refused to do anything other than issue “pool passes”…anyone could get one…..the just off the plane from Ukraine lifeguard who was 90lbs soaking wet tried to ‘enforce’ the so called pool rules. She had limited success given that she managed her duties from the comfort of a brazilian cut- strapless bikini.
        the desk attendant let anyone in – so most weekends a bunch of little trolls pass through the lobby all decked out for a day at the pool – bimbettes and guys in their best OldNavy uniform, and of course several suitcases of Natural Light !!!

        SO — all ya’ll unfortunates who want to go chill at a rooftop pool — come on over to Liberty Tower !!!!!

        • BallstontoRosslyn

          They have instilled wristbands and have pool rules. People just need to get over their entitlement, of “I pay $XXXX and I should be allowed to bring anyone I want and do whatever I want to ruin the common areas for everyone else. Because, I do what I want.”

          • TheDeepSouthofArlington


          • *cries*

          • arlvarunner

            What about those of us who say “I pay $XXXX and deserve to be able to enjoy the pool at my property without having to worry about a bunch of post-college douchebags making a huge mess and generally ruining the atmosphere for everyone else that lives in the building?” Does that make me entitled?

          • Mike Hunt

            No – that would make you an adult and a Republican – TRAITOR!!!

          • arlvarunner

            Ah, well, if that’s the case….I guess when I graduated college I decided to leave college where it was. Shame everyone else can’t do the same.

            And just for the record, I’m a Democrat – GASP! I’m still entitled…just not on this issue.

          • drax

            You realize that you two are on the same side, right?

          • arlvarunner

            Yes, I realize that. I was just being argumentative like 97% of the other people on this site.

    • sam

      well, i agree with some of what you are saying, but, i don’t have a problem with the asian hookers in g-strings, so you need to lock it up.

    • Prefontaine

      I dont get it?

      Asian hookers?

      • Oh yeah

        Dang! Now I’m going to be thinking about Asian hookers in g-strings all day long. Liberty Towers, you say?

  • drax

    It takes a special kind of a-hole to throw glass at a pool.

    • JamesE

      off a balcony, smart!

    • John Fontain

      just goes to show you our taxes aren’t high enough!

      • Tom

        keep the poor whiney cry babies out

      • WeiQiang

        That’s drax-nip, JF. You’re evil.

        • drax


      • drax

        Yeah, John, once again you nail the point exactly, making your satirical reply perfectly spot-on!

    • BangBrahs

      Your pool water got in the way of my empty Fat Tire bottle. It’s available on the East Coast now brah.

      • WeiQiang

        Fat Tire was so three years ago

      • I’m also pissing in yo pool while I’m at it at 4am; also taking a dump in it while smiling and shrugging at the camera.

        sup brah?

  • SnArl

    Party on! Seriously though you have to be a moron to bring glass to the pool. I always bring cans and no one has ever said a word about it. The lifeguards don’t care if you drink – they care if they have to drain the whole pool and fill out an incident report.

  • Sam

    keg party next week?

  • JohnB2

    The idiots in my building brought a couple of 6-packs of Sam to the pool a couple of weeks ago. What brainless idiot brings bottles to a pool? The lifeguard didn’t know any better at the time (being from Serbia or wherever) but enough people complained that he was told not to allow it in the future.

    Now we have people bringing solo cups into the water with them like it’s the beach bar at Seacrets. Stupid entitled kids… I don’t want your margarita dumped in the water any more than I want your boyfriend’s urine in the water.

    I’m all for sneaking beverage into the pool area, but be smart about it and use plastic bottles with seals on them.

    • Jane-Dallas

      Sippy cups.

    • Hmmm

      ” I don’t want your margarita dumped in the water any more than I want your boyfriend’s urine in the water.”

      Wait–really? Because I would vastly prefer the margarita.

  • Sam

    if you dont like it move to fairfax

    • Karzai’s Mammy

      Is that where you took your Corner?

    • nom de guerre

      Speaking of Sam and Ballston, today’s daily special at Sam’s Corner features Ballston smoked squab brined in a tamari infused red sea salt mixture, accompanied by sustainable Belgian endive sautéed in pork belly fat and topped by organic micro greens, marinated by a sherry, shallot and mustard vinaigrette, along with a porcini mushrooms topped with aged gorgonzola cheese on ciabatta bread. Only while supplies last.

    • heyyyy

      ironically the people making the mess probably live in fairfax

      • JamesE

        good point

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Best we had was a few frat types climbing the fence and having an early morning drunken naked swim. mmmmmm naked swim.

    • Clarendon Skank

      Now that I’d like to see!

      • Southeast Jerome

        maybe if they were sorority types I’d like to see that

      • Clarendon SKAAAAAAAAAAANK!!!

  • Chris B

    No such thing at 2201 Wilson (Courthouse), also an Archstone building. The pool is very quiet, no partying.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Good to know, have friends moving to town and they will spend a year or two there.

      • outoftowner

        I hope you don’t expect to use their pool as a guest

    • Ed

      That’s because everyone is down at Velocity 5 square-dancing and skeet-shooting.

    • Novanglus

      I’m also at 2201 and agree. Very quiet.

      The only problem we’ve had are a few people above us who toss their lit cigarettes onto our balcony. It looks like Ballston has that problem too: “Please be reminded that tossing anything from your balcony is completely unacceptable and it poses dangers to the entire community. The weekend prior we had a minor mulch fire because of cigarettes being tossed off.”

    • I broke into that pool on more than one occasion last summer. Easiest fence to hop. I partied.

  • JamesE

    Hell yeah bro, living the frat dream, just because I’m out of college doesn’t mean I can’t pound jager bombs 24/7 and live with 5 other dudes in a 2 bedroom apartment well into my 40s.

  • Clarendon

    When visiting friends at VaTech in the 80’s, we stayed in Pritchard Hall (dorm) and it was a zoo. Not figuratively either. People throwing televisions into “the pit” and crazy stuff in the halls.


    • AllenA

      So are you saying the residents of that dorm now live in this apartment building? Otherwise I don’t get the connection.

      • Clarendon

        I believe it is certainly possible that residents of Pritchard Hall dorm or of a dorm that was similar are living now in this apartment building, but I haven’t surveyed the residents of this apartment building so I cannot at this time verify that this is the case. I thought my statement was more connected to the story than the comment about how hot the lifeguard is, and some of the other comments but perhaps I’m missing the connection on those.

        • BallstontoRosslyn

          Pritchard is now Co-Ed. Equal opportunities for Sorors and Fraters.

    • Arly

      Well yes it is figuratively unless the dorm houses actual animals.

      • Clarendon

        Well, right. That’s why I said not figuratively. Snakes, rodents and fowl for sure and some told me there were lemurs. Not all traditional zoo animals to be sure.

  • Sam

    lets coordinate a rager this coming saturday solo cups only. all invited.

    • drax

      Where? At your corner?

  • Brian

    I live in this building and last week was insane, the pool literally looked like a frat party gone wrong. There were three separate parties, including one at the actual pool The “lifeguard” spent the entire time on his cell phone oblivious to it and surley not watching the pool.

    It’s sad that one or two residents ruin it for the rest of us, who wouldn’t mind bringing some friends to the pool

    • Southeast Ben

      Wish I was there. It sounds like college which I miss desperately. Why am I typing…I need to get to the gym and tanning salon so I can prep for this weekend’s bash.

    • Truth

      Yep. Also live here. It was ridiculous – massive frat party all hanging out in the same small space. It was a block party with the worst elements of N. Arlington in the pool area.

      I think management is serious about addressing it, but it’ll be obvious the next few weekends if that’s true.

      • It’s going to continue unless Arlington County Police Department gets involved LOL

        then it’ll be older douches trying to calm down younger douches and den bullets be wizzing and den fires and den yeah property management’s worse nightmare and then news choppers, mil choppers etc

    • SnArl

      That lifeguard is hot. Especially with his shirt off.

      • Exactly, because that’s just what that pool needs…another shirtless gym rat making close to minimum wage.

        • SnArl

          He’s like from Serbia or something so I’m sure minimum wage is a lot for him. The pool there is 3 ft deep so he needs the gym to keep him in shape. Lifting beer bottles out of the pool isn’t gonna cut it.

          • Clarendon Skank

            I heard Serbians are massively endowed. What kind of swimsuit does he wear?

          • SnArl

            Just run of the mill red trunks. Boring.

      • Hoffa

        Lifeguards who wear shirts suck.

      • TinaTina

        Oh, he is very hot

        • Grindr

          … and he is only 378 feet away.

          • Clarendon Skank

            If you know that, then he prolly won’t be interested in me.

          • L. Craig

            I think *all* those frat guys will swing both ways.

          • Trevor’s “Roommate”

            With enough beer, yeah.

  • q

    Same thing at Quincy Plaza last month. They had to drain and refill the pool, and apparently someone was hurt.

    There’s a lot of inconsiderate behavior like that here (my personal fav is the nonstop door slamming, which people are asked regularly not to do; not like it’s hard to prevent).

    The staff’s great but they can’t control the self-entitled grown children who live here. I’m too old for this neighborhood.

  • zimmy

    I live at Quincy Plaza and we got a letter like this a few weeks ago, only ours was much more passive aggressive and condescending (the general attitude of our building manager). It felt like we were a bunch of naughty children being lectured to by a Catholic nun.

    People had been throwing bottles from their balcony down into the pool. They had to drain the pool and clean all of the shattered glass, then refill it. There have also been several mulch fires from flicked cigarette butts.

    Due to its position relative to the building our pool only gets sun for a few hours in the morning, so most of the bros hanging out there are too hung over to be rowdy. The pool is pretty empty after about 1:00pm.

    • drax

      I’d be cheering a condescending, lecturing letter like that if my pool had to be drained and cleaned because of a few a-holes throwing bottles.

      • Becoming indifferent

        Wow! I actually agree with something you’ve said.

        • drax

          No you don’t. 😉

    • esmith69

      “It felt like we were a bunch of naughty children…”.

      DUH! Yes, you are right. The behavior that prompted the memo from your management company was definitely CHILDISH and immature. Sometimes you have to talk down to people to get them to listen and/or understand the seriousness.

      You want to be talked to like an adult? Get your residents to start acting like it.

  • Trevor

    Where there chicks there last week?

    • JamesE

      camera phone ready brah!

      • Trevor

        I aint your brah, bro.

        • Southeast Jerome

          Yes you is.

          • Southeast Jerome

            First off, stop posting with a name thats already taken.

            this is the real SEJ right here. WTF???

          • Southeast Jerome

            I totally agree.

          • Southeast Jerome:

            my bad broseph

          • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

            Not sure bout you – but I’m searching for this imposter.

          • sup brah

        • JamesE

          Totally, breh.

  • Seriously

    We need to send Ballstonsboy over there to cover this Saturday’s happenings.

  • Toby K

    Now a red solo cup is the best receptacle
    For barbecues, tailgates, fairs and festivals
    And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicles
    If you prefer drinking from glass

    A red solo cup is cheap and disposable
    And in 14 years they are decomposable
    And unlike my home, they are not foreclosable
    Freddie-Mac can kiss my ass. Woo!

    Red solo cup, I fill you up
    Let’s have a party, let’s have a party
    I love you red solo cup, I lift you up
    Proceed to party, proceed to party

  • Mike

    Breaking: there are a lot of douchebags living in Arlington right now.

    News at 11.

  • LandShark

    Was a Flaming Land Shark spotted?

    Loved doing that in my frat days

  • Seriously

    He can report back to Arlnow on Monday everything that went on all day Saturday.

    Ballstonsboy, can you cover Saturday’s parties for Arlnow?

  • Raaaaadford

    Raaaaad ford Style!!!!

    • DTX

      Sounds like an old Detox party!!

  • LifeorLiberty

    one the great things about being old is that one has no hesitation to march over to the POS pool guests and flat out ask them what unit they are in, are their maximum of 2 guests registered and oh by the way you are disturbing us…so get on out !
    got the management and ACP on speed dial !

    • outoftowner

      I guess since you don’t have a lawn for them to get off, this is what you gotta look forward to, eh?

      • LifeorLiberty

        you betcha — love being old and rich as hell…its a wunnerful thing

        • Vicente Fox

          So rich you have to rent an apartment in a lame post-frat building.

  • littlebritches

    LANDSHARK!! Not that I’ve seen yet but I would so ok with that!

    I miss being able to drink at the A-stone pool. Last summer a rent-a-cop actually stuck his nose in my boyfriends cup (which was full of good clean H2O) while we were in the pool! That’s just plain unsanitary!

    • LandShark

      A true thing of beauty!!
      Nothing like a naked man with a shark hat on and a flaming shark fin..being carried around by 4 guys!

      • arlvarunner

        Sounds like more than a few of the rugby parties I attended in college…

        • Finehoe

          Run the zulu, baby.

  • Hurley

    The “security” fella they had there last year was an effin creep. He’d walk around the pool, not looking for boozers, instead he was creepily looking at the girls tanning with a “Yeah I’m gonna think about you in the shower later” smile on his face.

    • Brian

      Oh, yea, I forgot about that guy .. was really, really creepy.

    • Southeast Jerome:

      i know that game

      • Matt

        I know that feel bro.

    • security fella

      You know, I never actually left..

  • effing bros. had no idea arlington was so full of ’em when i moved here. terrible.

  • nom de guerre

    Next thing you know they will be banning powdered garlic powder from the pool area, brah.

    • BangBrahs


      • JamesE


      • great avatar. i actually saw that bro trevor by the va sqr metro station the other day. total bro.

        • BangBrahs

          Sold his 2003 Grand Cherokee to pay attorneys and PR Crisis Team.

          • hope this is factual info.

          • WeiQiang

            it’s posted here, isn’t it?

          • BangBrahs

            Me too. I wonder if he’ll be on the Boomerang Bus tailgating at DMB this Sunday. I hope he only plays old stuff brah.

          • Southeast Ben

            this avatar could be the best thing that’s happened.

            please keep this persona up and i better not catch you snapping pics of my gf.

          • Prefontaine

            haha hilarious

        • Jason B

          You should have reported this sighting sooner. Did you get a cell phone pic?

          Did you get to ask him any questions, like, Is it true you like garlic? or, better yet, why didn’t you slide your brah a slice?

          • Hattie McDaniel

            Don’t be silly. How could McPuppo hold a cell phone?

          • seriously, i was chasing bums around on that nearby park. i don’t even have pockets. *howls & laps up bum’s spilled 40 oz*

          • WeiQiang

            brah, you weren’t on a 6 foot leash?? we need to float a bond issue to acquire affordable leashes until the new mixed-use Clarendon human/canine community area is re-imagined and play appointments are available for the limited number of exclusive slots at the park. those not fortunate enough to get a slot will take their dogs to a temporary trailer that will not be within line-of-sight of the new park, nor will it be within the arc of travel of a bullet fired from the new dog park, lest it jam the sewage treatment apparatus.

  • Cletus Van Damme

    Trev is on the loose, brah.

  • Sam

    whose bringing the beer bong on saturday?

  • Decimus

    Hottest chick I ever got to ‘know’ was a Moldovan lifeguard working here a few summers ago. She also was beergirl at the very classy Haines Point golf course.

    Her friends were hot too. Unreal.

    Go for it. Next thing you know, you’re married and your days of ‘drinking miller lites’ all day at someone else’s apartment complex pool are over

    • Dirk Digler

      Did she talk about the hung Serbs with you?

  • TheDeepSouthofArlington

    Fairlington Rager this weekend, BYOB

    • Jason B

      North or South?

    • Matt

      Which pool? Skinny dipped with a bunch of chicks from DC last weekend in my pool. Was goddam freezing.

      • Shrunk

        So you didn’t impress them I take it.

  • QED

    Why worry?!?!?
    I’d say move the party to the Mad(ison) at Balls(ton) Station, this weekend. Let’s see what we are dealing with? We need some astion over here, as well.

    • littlebritches

      Chris? Is that you!?

      • QED

        Sure 🙂

  • Elmer

    The article asks: If you live in an apartment or condo, have you had similar incidents happen at your building?

    I live in single family detached home which I own.
    The incidents described are similar and even worse to what our neigborhood experienced when one of the homes on the block was rented to group of late 20s/early 30s guys who called themselves “young professonals”. We had other more accurate descriptive terms (not of endearment) for them.
    Their lease finally ran out and they left a huge mess behind.
    This childish, self-centered behavior is not limited to apartments and condos.

    • The Patriotic Perspective

      But at least it’s better than if a group of homeless people did the exact same thing. It just is.

      • Skittles

        I don’t know…the last homeless party I went to rocked.

      • Elmer

        Do you have a point? What’s homeless got to do with it?

        • The Patriotic Perspective

          Just needling some of the folks who say that disruptive behavior committed by college guys outside a bar is somehow better than that committed by homeless people.

          • The Moronic Perspective


          • The Patriotic Perspective

            From previous articles

    • WeiQiang

      This is precisely why we like the 20 or so houses rented by young Mormon groups in Addison Heights/Aurora Hills. No keggers.

      • drax

        Yeah, but if you actually want to have a party, then they call the cops on YOU.

        • WeiQiang

          Not so much. It’s a pretty good set-up. There are a few houses to keep the neighborhood lively and it’s the older residents that call the police and even then on very rare occasions … the odd overamped ‘Margaritaville’ blaring or, more often, the “There’s a car parked in front of my house! They are taking ‘my’ space.” Talk about entitled.

          • Childless Old Bat

            Talk about entitled.

            Exactly. Anyone who thinks the entitlement mentality only applies to 20-something recent graduates has never been to an AARP function. Or seen yuppie parents with their brats at the Whole Foods. Or ridden the Metro. Or driven.

          • Quoth the Raven

            I love how some people describe all kids as “brats”. Really shows your level of tolerance…

          • drax

            As an American, I am entitled to cheap gas for my giant land-yacht and huge, low-traffic highways to sail, I mean drive, it on. Says so in the Constitution.

          • Elmer

            So was it legal to smoke MJ and drink on that beach?
            I mean a sensible person certainly would not want to interfere with the young man’s openly flounting the law.

          • B

            That’s a clown question, bro.

    • Complain and complain to arlington county; eventually something is going to happen somewhere..

  • Sita03

    I live at Archstone Courthouse Plaza and we’ve repeatedly had trash (including cigarette butts and matches) thrown onto our balcony. It stretches out on the roof (as its a lower floor) so if people toss their cigarette, it lands on my patio – or flammable patio furniture. Lovely.

    • Cigarettes are our friends

      Everyone knows that smokers never litter. They never use vegetation as an ashtray. They always walk 3 blocks to find the nearest appropriate disposal receptacle for their cigarette butts. They never smoke within 200 yards of a nonsmoker. Never. Doesn’t happen.

      • Brian

        I had the same problem at this Archstone (Ballston Square) … and management was very proactive about it, the problem went away

    • Traffic Jammin

      I read this the first time as “(including cigarette butts and machetes) thrown onto our balcony”

      • ClangClangClang

        That’s on Columbia Pike.

  • Sam


  • LifeorLiberty

    Seems like one could take this and discuss with the apartment manager…ask them what their strategy for preventing and addressing these kinds of issues ..send emails documenting each bad day at the pool and the failure to stop it

    and also look into how the failure of the management to provide a safe, enjoyable environment ( according to their own rules) would constitute a material breach of the lease, prepare a little suit to cover moving expenses and a little punitive compensation..jsut have it the back pocket..

  • TortMonger


  • James Moron

    I think they should embrace it and put some greek letters on the main sign.

    • Trevor’s “Roommate”

      Dude, I totally like that!

  • Sam

    Lets F this Place Up!!!

    • Karzai’s Mammy

      Just be polite enough to post the hours you will be doing it.

  • Smellmer

    Is it legal to strap your dog on the roof for a 12-hour road trip?

  • CW

    Bros, I am late to this party, where is the funnel? Gotta catch up.

  • YTK

    So why no mention of calling the cops? Why not have a live-in cop in that building like so many other hi rises do? That letter was too wussy.

  • Neighbor

    I live across the street from Archstone. Lately the music from parties at Archstone has been so loud that it has kept me up at night. Another neighbor who lives a block away has said that he can hear the music late at night from inside his apartment as well.

    • You know, bass travels quite far.


  • Whats next LOL? d-bags pissing off the rooftop?

    • JohnB2

      A former coworker who lives in Quincy Plaza said she routinely sees dudes peeing off the balconies in the neighboring buildings.

  • J

    Thats MY apartment! Oh gosh….

  • Wow. The post, whatever. The comments?… And to think I live amongst some of these people.


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