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Morning Notes

Building Boom in D.C., Arlington — In 2011, an otherwise slow year for residential construction, Arlington and the District of Columbia captured a disproportionately large portion of local building projects. According to the Washington Post: “… while the District and Arlington County have historically accounted for only about 8 percent of the region’s residential building permits over the past two decades, these two jurisdictions accounted for 36 percent of the building activity in 2011.” [Washington Post]

Moran Horse Slaughter Ban Passes Committee — A bill championed by Rep. Jim Moran (D), which would effectively ban the slaughter of horses for food, has passed the House Appropriations Committee. Moran tried to insert language banning horse slaughter in an agriculture bill last year, but the provision was ultimately removed. [Office of Rep. Jim Moran]

Mid-Week Movie at Westover Library — Looking for a way to beat the heat today? The Westover branch library (1644 N. McKinley Road) will be screening the film Pride as part of its summer mid-week movie series. The series features movies with “sporting themes,” in honor of the Summer Olympics. [Arlington Public Library]

Flickr pool photo by ddimick

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  1. That photo really showcases the diversity of Arlington…..

  2. thats a clown comment bro, just look at Clarendon at night, all kinds of colors

  3. pink polos don’t count

  4. pink polos, brown flip flops, orange sunglasses holder things, green coozies… lots of color.

  5. It gets really crazy around Gold Cup time.

  6. Does anybody know the pool?

  7. Dominion Hills, according to the sign in back.

  8. you have an exceptional grasp of the obvious my friend.

  9. What is the point of this comment?

  10. Social Commentary

  11. In what way?

  12. Commentary about society.

  13. Please pick your own user name….

  14. I imagine that photo was endearing to some people….a bunch of kids playing in a pool…looks like sooooo much fun. Gives you the warm fuzzies…..

    It moved me in a different way. A negative way. Thus my post.

  15. If that photo moves you in a negative way, you must have serious issues…

  16. Agreed, I always feel guilty when I see a photo of kids swimming and having fun.

  17. You sound like a wonderful person to be around.

  18. I’m a GREAT person to be around.

  19. There are kids of a variety of races in that picture, what is your deal?

  20. Sherriff Gonna Getcha

    someone has been on the DH waiting list for too long.

  21. Should have signed up soner, it was less then a year for a rental last year, now expected to be two-three year wait. Overlee is giving away spots for three times the price.

  22. Hattie McDaniel

    Arlington USA
    white 67% 69%
    black 8% 12%
    asian 10% 4%
    latino 15% 15%

    Arlington’s diversity pretty closely matches that of the country as a whole. Not sure why that would provoke negative feelings in someone.

  23. Does it break out east asian and south asian?

  24. …and none of it means a thing.

    The world isn’t divided by Race, kiddos- it’s divided by Social Class.

  25. And Social Class in America, particularly in urban regions such as the DC Metro, is historically driven primarily by race.
    Don’t be obtuse.

  26. Is PG County in the DC area? Billioniares and the poor are generally all the same color there. It is a shame you can’t see beyond race to find the good in people.

  27. (and only the ugliest form of racist could view children at play and start tallying their demographics based on skin complexion)

  28. Hattie McDaniel

    True dat.

  29. What does racism have to do with my comment and feelings about the photograph.
    You folks see happy times, I see an image of my community that highlights its shortcomings…..

  30. I see a male dominant society, with the females relegated to the periphery by the aggressive behavior of the males.

  31. How are active youth a short coming in a community? Dominion Hills and all the other pools in the county have zero hurdles for anyone of any race to join.

  32. For those in the majority it usually doesn’t….

  33. In the words of U2: Who’s gonna fry your wild horses?

  34. My condo community’s green space is already used as an off-leash dog park, can world cup frisbee be far behind?

  35. Arlington, Northside

    Go Bananas!

  36. Jim Moran: Tackling the big issues since 1991.

  37. SteamboatWillie

    Because Congress should only tackle the big issues? And what bills proposed to tackle “big issues” and supported by more than a few D’s would the current R majority allow to be passed?

  38. Rs have a majority?

    they will in fall of 2012!!

  39. Did anyone take note that all the streetcar haters now have Marion Barry in their court? Seems he doesn’t like streetcars either. What a friend we have in Barry!

    This posting is sponsored by Grime, “The magic shortening that spreads like lard.”

  40. Half of Douglas Park and Barcroft can’t wait for a streetcar so they can sell their homes as tear downs and retire to a dumb growth or no growth town far from Arlington.

  41. South Awwlington

    lol silly neighbors. This picture is from Dominion Hills in NORTH Arlington.

    The diversity is in SOUTH Arlington – where the trolls drink Tecate under bridges and swim in the urine polluted Four Mile Run.

    Come on bro!

  42. Dominion Hills has a bit of its own diversity in skin tone, plus there are freestylers, backstrokers, breaststrokers, and butterflyers; few other sports are as diverse.

  43. Are there any bollardstrokers?

  44. South Awwlington

    Speaking of 7-11, I have a game.

    Let’s guess how many 7-11’s will survive the Columbia Pike redevelopment. From the east end through Dinwiddie, there are 4.

  45. That water is probably 95% urine.

  46. South Awwlington

    Before or after chemical treatment? 😉

  47. Just because 95% of adults ADMIT to peeing in the pool does not mean it is 95% piss. That pool actually has some of the best kept water of the pools in the county. The management does a great job. I heard that Overlee finally opened one of their pools last weekend, is it an actual pool or did the just fill up one of the dirt holes for mad baths?

  48. Yikes, really touched a nerve there, not big on hyperbole are we?

  49. I can’t think of a better testament to the good job that the county government is doing than this bit about Arlington and DC capturing the lion’s share of recent residential development. More people want to live here than other metro-area jurisdictions.

  50. That, or the massive amount of money flowing into DC over the last two administrations. This is a company town and has the good fortune that the company can’t really go bankrupt.

  51. UYD, you realize that this is comparing Arlington to other jurisdictions that are ALSO next to DC, right?

  52. Which explains why PG County is giving Arlington a run for its money. Oh, wait…

  53. That is like saying the auto industry had no impact on the economy in Detroit because there were poor people in some neighborhoods. Obviously it makes a difference is your government is poorly run and corrupt. But it is the difference between winning the lottery and buying a nice house and winning the lottery and blowing it on something else. The lottery is what gives you the resources in the first place.

  54. I’m not trying to turn it the other way – I do think the county is doing a good job – but isn’t this kind of a no-brainer? No, people don’t want to live in Rockville. I think this is more or a testament to the ridiculousness of what people define the DC metro area to be.

  55. Sherriff Gonna Getcha

    A lot of that is b/c MD taxes their citizens, especially middle class folks, to death.

    VA is a good mix of the god-praising conservatives that rule Richmond and the super liberal people in NOVA. The balance works out fairly well for the state as a whole (besides the whole forced vaginal probing)

  56. NOVA is super liberal by Virginia standards. By national standards, not even close to being super liberal.

  57. So horses will be left to die from starvation rather than slaughtered?


  58. Don’t understand why a guy from Boston who might represent twenty horses in VA-08 is concerned with this. This bill might have some serious reprecussions in the western states.

  59. brian, meet meh.. meh… meet brian.

    I’m sure you guys have a lot in common.

  60. Sorry….I couldn’t care less about the fate of horses….


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