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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com June 21, 2012 at 8:55 am 3,718 50 Comments

AWLA Wins ‘Best in Shelter’ Contest — The Animal Welfare League of Arlington will receive $50,000 in prize money after one of its dogs won the “Best in Shelter” contest. Gaston, a four-year-old American Bulldog mix, received the most votes in the contest, which was sponsored by author Martha Grimes. “The prize money will help us do even more for all the homeless animals that come into our shelter, including vaccines, medications, surgeries, and enrichment,” said AWLA Executive Director Neil Trent. Gaston was propelled to victory, at least in part, thanks to a music video produced by AWLA supporters.

Hot Weather Biking Tips — Given the on-going heat advisory, BikeArlington has posted some tips for bicycling in hot weather. Among them: hydrate, dress light, and take your time. [CommuterPage Blog]

Leonsis to Address Ballston BID — Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis will be the keynote speaker at the first annual meeting of the new Ballston Business Improvement District this evening. Leonsis is expected to talk about “entrepreneurship and the future of Ballston” at the meeting, which is being held from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Westin Arlington Gateway (801 N. Glebe Road). The meeting is open to local residents but attendees are asked to RSVP in advance. [Ballston BID]

Officer’s Donation Noted at Shirlington Library — When Lt. Col. James R. Mailler died in 2011, he left a donation to one of his favorite places — the Shirlington Branch Library. Now Lt. Col. Mailler’s donation is being recognized with a plaque near the newspapers, where he used to spend much of his time. [Library Blog]

Flickr pool photo by Alex

  • walter

    Beautiful picture! But based on where the sun is, the caption for the picture should probably be potomac sunset, not sunrise

    • BreakPause02

      Sun appears to be to the east.

      • Westover

        Appears to be in the NNE to me….

    • bobco85

      That makes me think of some Hollywood movies where they show a sunrise over the ocean by filming a sunset and running it backwards (it’s easier to do this since they face west toward the Pacific rather than having to travel east to the Atlantic or southeast to the Gulf of Mexico)!

    • HayDiosMio

      It’s right, sunrise is from the east. that photo was taken from the DC side looking north torwards GT.

      • CW

        Wut??? Uhh….

        • HayDiosMio

          let me draw that one out for you amigo…

          N <— GT is here

          Rosslyn Here [] W E ~O~- <—Sun is here..

          S 🙂 <— Photographer is here.

          • HayDiosMio

            aya la vida… epic fail… my spaces where removed..

        • HayDiosMio

          let me try that again….

          …………………………..N $<— georgetown is here

          Rosslyn Here [] W………….. E ~O~- <—Sun is here..

          …………………………..S 🙂 <— Photographer is here.

          • JamesE
          • j

            you are incorrect. know when to walk away

          • bobco85

            Look on Google Maps. The photographer is facing west. The fact that the sun is appearing in the shot means it’s on the western half of the sky, although I wouldn’t normally expect it to be that far north.

            Additionally, look at the caption on Flickr (the photo links to it). It says sunset. Arlnow.com made a typo when putting the photo on this page.

          • drax

            Uh, yeah, keep trying.

          • Picantito

            so where was he wrong?

            sunlight is to the east (Btw, the sun is not in the photo, that’s just light pouring in over exposed by the HDR processing) photographer is to the south of GT and arlington is on the west..

            it’s ascii art, not a picasso..

            and the google map image is wrong. that person was standing further south on that ridge. you can see TR island is in between buildings and river.

          • Picantito

            nope actually upon further analysis using google 3d astrospacial nuclear analysis, it’s all wrong..

            very interesting phenomenon.. the sunlight just looks like its in a whack location.

      • JamesE

        that photo is north west, more west than north

        • Picantito

          to be exact yes… i don’t think my fellow hermano was gunning for maritime spacial galactic continoum nuclear accuracy.

          • Josh S


            The issue was simply whether this is a sunrise or a sunset.

            If we accept that that is the Key Bridge and that Rosslyn is on the left, it is physically impossible for that to be a sunrise.

    • bobco85

      Oh, I just noticed there actually is a typo. The caption for the photo on Flickr actually says “Potomac Sunset”!

      • Picantito

        me too. ok carry on.

  • Ov8shun

    Is Ted going to buy Ballston mall and make it a shopping destination?

    • JamesE

      Not a bad idea

    • Matty

      No, he’s going to buy the sun and make it rise on the other side so the caption will be right. Easier than building a successful hockey team.

    • WieQiang


  • John Fontain

    I don’t want any of you Arlington ladies to have any heat problems, so please listen to the heat advisory and dress light.

    • SomeGuy

      As long as they don’t wear actual cycling clothing. Right?

      • John Fontain

        Correct. Or at least gear with faux corporate logos.


        • SomeGuy

          Well John, at least we share a common concern for ladies in heat.

          • John Fontain

            LOL. +10!

      • cyclist

        Are you kidding? Chicks in bike clothes are awesome, and usually have a great body underneath. It’s why I tailgate sometimes. 😉

        • Clarendon Skank

          And how do you look in your cycle clothes?

          • cylist

            That’s another reason I tailgate – so they can’t see me.

          • brian

            you must like the cellulite

        • TheMostInterestingMan

          Chicks dig a man wearing body tights covered with logos. I don’t cycle, but when I go out, that’s what I wear because it works.

          • Clarendon Skank

            Honey, when you’re in your tights, it’s not the logos we’re looking at.

        • nom de guerre

          Great clip regarding cycling clothing.


    • Jason B

      wear something flimsy gals!

  • geri

    Thanks for posting the Gaston video. All four awesome organizations will benefit.

  • j

    what happened to theToad the Wet Sprocket concert at Donaldson Run Amphitheater last night? i couldn’t find it.

    • nom de guerre

      It was cancelled last night due to high water from the severe thunderstorm that occured over Donaldson Run.

      • John Fontain

        Quit joking around, nom.

        J, it was moved last minute to the Patriot Centre due to overwhelming demand. And what a show it was. They played their 1994 fourth release, Dulcinea, in its entirety. It was epic.

        • Dr_Klahn

          Big Head Todd came out and did a solo during the encore – it was nuts.

  • dungston

    Hot weather cycling tip: Your usual stink of sweat and mildewy spandex is going to be even worse so be mindful of your office mates.

  • KG

    What’s with Moms pushing strollers and skateboarders skarteboarding on bike lanes? Saw this in Westover this morning.

    • Ballston Resident

      Sidewalks are so last century.

      • barry

        Skateboarders had taken over a bicycle lane on Washington Blvd in Westover Village when I drove by around 1 PM.

        • Westover

          Rather they use the bike lanes than the sidewalks.

  • YTK

    Kudos to Neil Trent and the great work he and his staff are doing at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington!!!

  • Bill David

    What this article does not mention is that Cowboy actually won by almost 600 votes out of more than 15500 cast for him and roughly 14900 cast for Gaston. After some funny business in the back room selectively eliminating votes for Cowboy, Gaston was declared the winner. The actual rules being applied did not match the website, so who knows what was actually going on? Voters were locked out longer than they should have been, and the “one vote per day” as indicated was actually one vote and then you’re locked out for 24 hours. Legitimate voters were denied. I believe this “contest” was rigged form the start, or was simply incompetently executed.

    • Maria

      Where did you get this information?


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