RedRocks Hopes to Open Pike Location Later This Year

by ARLnow.com June 27, 2012 at 1:30 pm 3,637 22 Comments

RedRocks Pizzeria is hoping to open in Arlington later this year.

As we reported on Monday, D.C.-based RedRocks is planning to open its third location in the Penrose Square development on Columbia Pike. According to a press release, the RedRocks hopes to hopes to open the new Pike location in “early December.”

The restaurant’s 3,800 square foot space at Penrose Square will abut the north end of a new public square that’s currently under construction, at the corner of Columbia Pike and S. Barton Street. The restaurant will house a wood-burning oven, 140 indoor seats and a full-service bar and lounge area. Outdoor seating will also be offered.

From a press release:

RedRocks Pizzeria will be the newest addition to Arlington’s Penrose Square development off of Columbia Pike in Arlington. The new restaurant will be an expanded version of the other two locations in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC and in Old Town Alexandria, with a more extensive menu and wider selection of beers on tap.

The 3,800 square foot space is poised to be the local neighborhood spot for Neapolitan-style pizza cooked in a 900 degree wood-burning oven. Designed with a rustic wood and brick theme, the future spot will feature a 140-seat indoor space, a full-service bar and lounge area, and a dining room with elevated booth seating. The restaurant will also offer outdoor seating overlooking the new Penrose Square pedestrian park currently under development by Arlington County.

Menu offerings will be expanded from the other two locations to include everything from fresh pasta dishes and the award-winning RedRocks Neapolitan pizza to small plates and snacks, ranging from risotto croquettes and fava bean crostini, to the popular Meatballs Al Forno.

The new RedRocks location will feature a weekend brunch, similar to the popular brunch offered at the Columbia Heights location. The new menu is crafted by Angel Mendoza, currently head chef at the RedRocks Old Town location and former head chef for 2Amys pizzeria in Washington, DC.

The bar will offer a wide array of cocktails, martinis, specialty drinks, and 15 beers on tap. In addition, the new space will feature a more intimate lounge area with comfortable couches grouped together, perfect for meeting new people.

The anticipated opening date is scheduled for early December 2012. The restaurant is located in the new Penrose Square, which also includes restaurants Eamonn’s Dublin Chipper and Taqueria Poblano. The owners of RedRocks enlisted Paul Beckmann to design the space. Beckmann’s latest restaurant projects include Virtue Grain and Feed and Society Fair in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Photos courtesy RedRocks Pizzeria

  • CW

    So just to be clear – there is no story here.

    • The people on arlnow will find something to debate about.

  • Not so fast my friend…

    OK, when I heard “new pizza place”, my reaction was “meh”. The Neapolitan aspect was intriguing, but not enough to get excited about. But this sounds pretty great. I’d love a Pike approximation of Rustico. I’ll still be getting my carry-out/delivery from Sicilian, but it should make for a great dining-out option.

  • John Fontain

    This is nothing more than a blatant ad for the 900 degree wood burning oven industry.

  • WeiQiang

    how many new jobs?

    • Malaka

      10 new AC firemen

  • nom de guerre

    There goes the LEED Certification since it is believed that burning wood is worse than coal and contributes to global warming and pollution.

    • esmith69

      Actually, burning pure firewood is not that bad for the environment, especially if you have all the proper filters in place on the chimney/exhaust. It’s just a completely natural/organic material being released back into the atmosphere as the result of completely natural reaction (combustion).

      Nowhere near as bad for the environment as burning coal.

      The problem with burning wood is when you start trying to burn stuff that has paint, ink, or other non-natural chemicals in it…

  • Tre_Vick

    Come see me play there Grande Opening

  • Schmeff

    This place is going to crush Lost Dog.

    • ArlingtonRes

      Lost Dog is and has been over rated as hell.

      Pupatella is the best pizza in Arlington, looking forward to try this out to compare

      • Not so fast my friend…

        Lost Dog pizza is terrible. But they’ll do fine with their great sandwiches and casual atmosphere.

        • Westover

          Their crab meat white pizza is great. The rest is meh.

          • Schmeff

            They’ve been cutting corners recently. They changed their happy hour (that ended at 6 anyway) to $2 off pizzas and won’t even offer a taste of a new beer (a shot glass full) to see if you like it. The pizza goes through a conveyor belt and they don’t use fresh ingredients (frozen spinach, etc).

            I agree Pupatella is probably the best in Arlington, depending on what style you are looking for. I still love Italian Store for a slice of pizza.

          • Westover

            They’ve been cutting corners on lots of stuff for years. Ross is a cheapskate. They do great work with dogs, don’t get me wrong. Employees and customers, not so much.

        • JohnB

          I quite enjoy the perro pie.

    • Marisa

      Lost dog is okay, but definitely overpriced. I agree they could be in trouble though.

  • garlic breath

    Pass the garlic, Brah.

    • instagram

      Leave the camera at home, bro

  • JohnB

    “The new menu is crafted by Angel Mendoza, currently head chef at the RedRocks Old Town location and former head chef for 2Amys pizzeria in Washington, DC.”

    Maybe this is why some comments on the earlier story said 2Amys had gone down hill?

    • WeiQiang

      good catch

  • veeta

    Can’t wait–why does it take so long for these restaurants to open?
    Any word on Eammon’s?


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