RedRocks Pizzeria Coming to Columbia Pike

by ARLnow.com June 25, 2012 at 3:25 pm 9,581 39 Comments

Update on 6/27/12 — RedRocks is hoping to open in “early December.”

RedRocks Pizzeria will be opening its first Arlington location in the Penrose Square development (2501 S. 9th Road) along Columbia Pike, according to public permit records.

RedRocks, which has locations in the District and in Old Town Alexandria, specializes in Neapolitan-style pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. In addition to various varieties of specialty pizza, its menu features Italian appetizers, salads, paninis, calzones, desserts and a wide variety of beer and wine.

The restaurant’s Columbia Heights location, in the District, first opened in 2007. It opened its Alexandria location in 2010. Arlington will be the D.C.-based company’s third location. No word yet on when the Pike location will open; it appears to be in the early pre-buildout stages.

RedRocks will be joining a variety of restaurants and other businesses that have opened or will be opening soon in Penrose Square, located along the 2400 block of Columbia Pike. This afternoon construction was taking place in the future Eamonn’s Dublin Chipper. Work is also either underway or about to get underway at future locations for Mancini de Paris Salon & Day Spa and Menchies Frozen Yogurt. Taqueria Poblano and Columbia Pike Family Dentistry, meanwhile, recently opened in Penrose Square.

  • JohnB


    • Thomas

      The best pizza around is Flippin Pizza or the Italian Store pizza.

  • Quoth the Raven

    This place is awesome. Great beer list and great pizza.

    • WeiQiang

      Concur on the beer. Pizza napolitano not quite as good as 2Amy’s or Pupa imo, but really enjoyable.

      • Quoth the Raven

        I went to 2 Amys recently, and was really disappointed. We’ve been there plenty of times before, but this was the 2nd time in a row that the pizza just didn’t taste that good. I wonder if they’re slipping. And now that the huge parking lot behind them is closed, parking up there is a pain in the arse. Pupa is fantastic.

        • NPGMBR

          It unfortunate but I have to echo your rating. I just wasn’t very impressed with 2Amys. Been there twic and wasn’t really diggin it. But I mostly go over there for Cactus Cantina anyway.

        • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

          I am sorry about your experience recently at 2Amys.

          I was there two weekends ago and it was excellent.

          Also- if you go after 7:00pm on Saturdays, there is plenty of parking a block or two past there by the police station or right on Wisconsin.

    • Jerome

      Valentinos is the best pizza around no question.

      • CW

        Wow, I am going to have to check that place out – one esteemed poster around here even went so far as to say that it was the best local approximation of a PROPER SLICE.

        • WeiQiang

          Next up: the MOST proper slice

      • Douglas Parker

        Second that. Valentino’s is awwwesome pie!

  • Bubba

    We’re about to sign a lease at Penrose for Bubba’s Bollards, a bawdy boutique for discerning bicyclists.

  • Roover

    Penrose is filling up now!!! Were gaining momentum on the Pike. I suggest start tearing down the dealership(Glebe and the Pike) tomorrow!!! lol Bring em in!!

  • nunya

    another pitzahrea. welcome.

    • CW

      Are you suggesting that this place could give its customers pizzarrhea?

  • Roover

    I think they should rebuild Columbia Pike Plaza(accross from the new Arlington Mills development). I suggest putting a grocery store(safeway, wegmans) and building it like Penrose Squar(undergrounfd parking) You could put the stores back (McDonald’s Popeyes, AT&T) after its completed st. It would help the western part of the Pike!!

    • SoArl

      Just the CVS can stay, and maybe that oriental supermarket. 🙂

  • LeeHighway

    This will fill the void for lthe ack of pizza options in Arlington.

  • KalashniKEV

    When is someone going to bring a PROPER SLICE to Arlington???

    (we’re all waiting here…)

    • drax

      VIBRANT, bro.

      • Jason B

        Pass the garlic, brah.

  • Karen

    We still need a bagel/pastry place. And a decent coffee house!

    • Las Delicias Neighbor

      I’d settle for a mediocre coffee house!

  • Tabby_TwoTone

    Taqueria Poblano has been open for a while, ArlNow.

    • Pike Lady

      Waited for great Mexican. Taqueria Poblano opened and we were disappointed.

      • Mary-Austin

        Yea that place is nothing special.

      • nom de guerre

        If you really want to be disappointed may I recommend the Tostada, which is only 75% shredded iceberg lettuce and not more than 2% chicken, pork or beef. A deal at only $13 plus the County’s meal tax, only while supplies last.

        • Tabs

          The “veg” taco is a few pieces of starch and a pile of the aforementioned lettuce.

          Fish taco is a lot more satisfying. Fish taco.

          • Urinal Fontaine

            Feminist viewpoints. Fish taco eater. Anything else you want to tell us, Tabs?

          • drax

            I like me the tuna taco with a side of bearded clam.

      • BlueSkies

        Agreed – the one in Del Ray has a good reputation and I was all excited to try it, but meh. If you want a good burrito, go down the street to Pedro & Vinny’s.

        • Tabs

          But the margarita IS good. And good value.

        • Kari

          Burritos are not Mexican food. All I have to say is that people in the DC area have no idea what good Mexican food is. Taqueria Poblano on the Pike is not as good as the one in Del Ray, I will give you that, but it is certainly closer to real mexican than crap places like Cactus Cantina.

          – Signed the girl who grew up three hours from the border.

  • nom de guerre

    Nice bollards pictured in image #1

  • Mary-Austin

    Great we will have the Mancini de Paris Day Spa option and the Days Inn Night Spa options all withing a couple blocks.

  • Terry

    Been to the one in Old Town. The pizza was OKAY but the server was a straight up snotty jerk.

  • TMP

    I’ll pass on overpriced pizza at around $12 for an individual pie. I’ll make due with Sicilian Pizza or go to Atlantis in Fairlington.

    • Douglas Parker

      Yes! Atlantis has a great pizza as well. Good call! That’s definitely a local joint. Been going there since I was a kid.

  • YTK



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