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by ARLnow.com June 28, 2012 at 8:35 am 3,854 86 Comments

Citizen Feedback on Streetcar Mostly Negative — The Washington Post counted all 270 citizen comments received by the Pike Transit Initiative regarding the planned Columbia Pike streetcar. Of the comments, 78 were “pro-streetcar,” 86 supported additional bus service instead of the streetcar, and 59 wanted no streetcar or no change. Our poll, conducted last week, found that 50 percent of respondents preferred the streetcar while 34 percent wanted articulated buses instead and 16 percent wanted no change. [Washington Post]

Arlington May Get ‘Drug Court’ — Arlington is seeking state approval to establish a “drug court.” The court would provide an alternative for dealing with nonviolent drug offenders. “It will help people who are in dire need of substance-abuse services, and will cut down on incarceration for folks who have substance-abuse issues only,” according to a supporter in the local Office of the Public Defender. [Sun Gazette]

A-SPAN Handing Out Water Bottles— Today the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN) will embark on a “day of outreach” to determine the needs of the homeless living throughout Arlington. In addition to visiting the homeless where they live — areas including “Crystal City, National Airport, Rosslyn, and the wooded area near the Key Bridge and Roosevelt Island” — A-SPAN volunteers will be handing out more than 1,300 bottles of water, a gift from Ashlawn Elementary Students.

‘Sister Mary Ignatius’ Reviewed — Theater critic Terry Ponick takes a look at the American Century Theater production of Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You. The one-act play is being performed at Gunston Theatre II (2700 S. Lang Street) through July 7. [Washington Times]

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  • (another) Greg

    Glad to hear they’re finally establishing a drug court. Good move by the County!

    Let’s hope the state approves the application.

    • drax

      It’s not a done deal yet. Arlington has tried before and been denied. But it looks like this time it will happen. Great news.

    • sunflower

      ’bout damn time—hope it’s effective

    • nunya

      can we get Judge Judy?

    • T:GEOA

      Listen to the Drug Court episode on This American Life. You might change your mind about drug courts.

      • WeiQiang

        + 88.5

        those are some sinister mofo’s

      • drax

        That’s about a rogue judge – but that could happen with any court, not just a drug court. And it’s really about our ridiculously stupid drug laws.

  • Enough already

    Of course the feedback on the streetcar is mostly negative. Its a dumb idea, its costly and will not provide any better transportation than buses. Keep electing these arrogant board members and keep getting ignored.

    • drax

      Wow, 270 comments.

    • KalashniKEV


    • literalist

      I wonder what % of the anti street car folks thought heavy rail under Col Pike was possible – I ask since commenters here have suggested that.

    • JohnB

      Or it could be that a higher proportion of the people who are upset took the time to comment than the people who are happy. Where else do we see this phenomenon? Oh right! Blog comments.

      • nonagon

        ^ This.

      • WillJohnston

        But now the anit-streetcar people are the happy ones, because they won the poll. See how that works?

    • marie antoinette


    • R.Davies

      The county board for the People’s Republic of Arlington will never get voted out and so will continue their arrogant rule for years to come!

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    I wasn’t here when Metro was coming though Arlington, but from what I understand it was quite an ordeal. My guess is that if there were blogs and online polls and the like we wouldn’t have Metro in Arlington. Oh the cost, oh the change, oh my oh my the sky will fall in. People would have just wanted things the way they were. I’d also take a guess that if every decision a representative government made had to go to a popular vote women wouldn’t be able to vote in America.

    • v true. streetcars are cool.

    • AllenB

      Very true.

    • Douglas Park


    • Orange Rider

      Well, Metro was a regional transit system, authorized by congress, that had clear benefits above and beyond what this little trolley idea provides.

      Other than that, your point is off target.

      • drax

        “Metro was a regional transit system, authorized by congress”

        Irrelevant to whether it had merit.

        “that had clear benefits above and beyond what this little trolley idea provides.”

        That’s what we’re debating.

        • Orange Rider

          You know, “authorized” meant funded as well. Since funding is an issue, it is very relevant.

          • drax

            The federal government would fund a large chunk of the streetcar too.

          • Orange Rider

            But not anywhere near the same percentage. I guess you didn’t know that.

          • drax

            Yeah, I had no idea that a system that serves the District would be funded at a higher percentage by the federal government than a local streetcar. No idea.

          • Orange Rider

            Happy to help.

    • MattL


    • CW

      I wasn’t here for these either, but I’d imagine the Eisenhower Interstate System, coast-to-coast rail, and the C&O Canal were quite an ordeal too. Fortunately, back then people had backbones, understood the idea of progress, and were willing to put up with some hardship in order to see things through and reap a benefit. These types of people hung around long enough to make America great, and then disappeared. Now the public and, by extension naturally, the elected officials, have a mindset of instant gratification, so big shoot-for-the-moon capital projects never happen anymore.

  • John Fontain

    Anyone know what ever happened with that trash can cleaning business, Can Scrubbers, that was mentioned on this site about a year ago. I’ve yet to see one of their trucks around town. Has anyone used them or seen them?


    • Google is your friend.

      Not hard.

      • John Fontain

        Google will tell me whether any of the ARLnow readers have used them or seen them around town? That’s cool. How does google know this?

    • Elizabeth

      I have used them since the article. Love the service. No more nasty cans or, ugh, maggots.

      • DCBuff

        Indeed. Saw them across the street (at Elizabeth’s) earlier this week. The guy took real time, not just a quick rinse and go.

  • DarkHeart

    Today’s MN picture looks HDR-ish. No?

    • KalashniKEV

      Humanitarian Daily Ration?

    • CrystalMikey


    • Tre

      HDR is in… just like neon and skinny jeans.

    • Luddite

      OK, seriously. What is HDR?

  • novasteve

    Let me guess, the drug courts will provide a non criminal based system so that the arlington democrats don’t lose any voters to felony convictions.

    • drax

      No, we won’t let you guess.

    • Hank

      That is a really impressive stretch of logic. Way to go!

    • WeiQiang

      Why would it matter? Richmond could just purge the rolls indiscriminantly anyhow and solve your clearly-historically-justfied concerns.

  • HaydiosMio

    I think the drug court is a waste of taxpayer money. Aye Carumba! I mean I do some recreational marijuana and this just makes ne want to leave Arlington.

  • B-Rad

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the drugs.

  • KalashniKEV

    Will they have graduation ceremonies when the Criminals move up from “Drug Court” to real court?

    • WeiQiang

      you are so silly sometimes. it’s more like moving from clay courts to “grass” courts to “hard” courts.

      • drax

        How many courts are in a gallon?

        • ZodiaQ

          Would you like courts countertops?

          • KalashniKEV

            Courts may be accurate, but it’s not classy at all. Plus, you have to open the caseback and swap a battery every few years…

          • drax

            I have a courty keybaord.

            Too much of stretch?

          • sunflower

            only in the 2nd courtile

    • nom de guerre

      I think it is more like graduating from the David Hasselhoff School of Drinking to the Clown Enema University.

  • SomeGuy

    ArlNow, what prompted you to redact the last name of Ellen in this crime report from 2010? It appears to be something you did last night.


    • drax

      Why do you care? Are you that hard up for stuff that you go searching for things on this site in 2010?

      • jackson

        Some Guy’s mom?

      • Kate

        Is she your girlfriend?

        • the real drax

          That comment wasn’t from me.

      • SomeGuy

        Ethics maybe? Fairness? drax, I’m surprised you aren’t curious as well. You generally try to fall on the side of fairness, no? Wouldn’t you like to know what influences the decision to give people the the Trev treatment vs. the “Ellen” treatment… 2 years later? That’s all I’m asking.

        • the real drax

          That comment wasn’t from me.

          (Now you all see one reason I change user names sometimes).

          • sunflower

            but you are still the only one who knows who you are–we can only go by writing style, usage, pet phrases, addressing people by post-name, etc., etc., and so forth

  • WeiQiang

    Seriously why are you looking at stuff in 2010?

    • WeiQiang

      hey hey hey! you tell me where you get the name Wei Qiang and then explain why you’re bogarting it?

      • KalashniKEV

        Just be flattered that you have a valuable screen name. Some folks change theirs every few weeks after being routinely embarrassed…

        • WeiQiang

          clearly i do not care about embarrassment. lol. thx.

      • WeiQiang

        Simply because I can.

        • HaydiosMio

          Aye papi! I can’t anonymously destroy people anymore!

        • WeiQiang

          then at least be as thoughtful, compassionate, witty, handsome, rich, intellectual, romantic, muscular, athletic, progressive, environmentally friendly [except for driving 10 blocks to work], and gay as I am.

          on second thought, just don’t be a d’bag, brah … and expropriating my name doesn’t look promising for you.

    • SomeGuy

      I’m observant. And it’s a legitimate question to ask a blogging journalist why some people get the privilege of having their names redacted while others get their mugshots posted.

  • KalashniKEV

    This just in: Zombie Cannibal used Marijuana, not Bath Salts.


    • RicaSuave

      double check that.. cnn also said healthcare was shot down…

  • roquer

    Again, with the ‘non-violent’ drug offenders! These stupid liberals NEVER learn about dopers! Do they think the dope dealers just arbitrarily GIVE the dang dope to them? These non-violent folks will do ANYTHING to get dope, anything! Cheat anybody, steal from everybody, and if you happen to be in the way of the little non-violent dope-head, you could just be dead, just so the non-violenter, can shove a little more heroin into his/her arm, or more crack through their nose! This is one more stupid idea by Arlington County.

    • drax

      Dude, you can’t convict someone of a crime they might commit, or that someone else might commit.

      And you don’t know what drug courts do, obviously. They are not letting dope fiends get off easy. Ease off the ignorant rightwing outrage. Cracking heads clearly hasn’t worked, maybe you should go learn what these courts actually do and have an intelligent response.

    • dk (not DK)

      yes, let’s just build more jails. Can we fit one on the Kenmore campus?

  • jackson

    I can no longer tell real comments from the satire and trolling comments.

    • sunflower

      or who is really saying what

  • Zelora

    This is the most beautiful photo you have posted.

  • Ken

    Horrendous number of bicycle, pedestrian, motor vehicle accidents involving streetcars and streetcar tracks. Portland bicyclists are pretty upset.


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