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Slight Delay on Opening, but Progress at World of Beer

by Katie Pyzyk July 5, 2012 at 3:50 pm 6,123 31 Comments

Construction is progressing at World of Beer (901 N. Glebe Road) in Ballston, and it should be open in a month.

Owner Evan Matz said the original goal was to open by the end of July. That’s been pushed back to August 6, however, due to a few delays including the late arrival of some supplies due to last week’s storm.

Earlier this year, the County Board approved a request for outdoor seating and live music at the establishment. Free live entertainment will take place on Wednesday through Saturday evenings.

Matz said although there will be televisions for sports fans, WOB will be different from the other restaurants and sports bars in the area. Instead of a focus on sports and food, Matz said the focus is on providing good quality beer with a social atmosphere.

“We don’t carry Michelob, Budweiser, Miller, Pabst Blue Ribbon. We don’t do two dollar pitchers. It’s not that kind of place,” Matz said. “We’re giving Ballston and Arlington a place to enjoy that has better tasting, better quality beer.”

If WOB gets 1,000 Facebook fans and 500 Twitter followers, it will throw a special pre-grand opening party for all the fans next month.

World of Beer is currently hiring friendly, energetic people for all positions at the Ballston location. Those interested can download an application online and email General Manager Sarah Miller at [email protected] for more information.


    Speaking of delayed progress…what’s going on with the Z-burger that was supposed to be coming to Virginia Square last summer? Construction has been going on for what seems like forever.

    • Small Favor

      Unfortunately, Z-burger was shot. Mein apologies.

    • James Moron

      Slowest progress ever. I can’t imagine those clowns are paying rent during construction. Stadiums have been built in less time.

    • John Fontain

      They are starting to put in curbs for limited on site parking and sidewalks. I don’t think any of the interior build out has begun. It looks like it’s still going to be a while.

    • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

      The $10 burger concept may have finally peaked!!!!

      Just like pogs, every fad meets its end someday.

    • Delayed? How about Brooklyn Pizza?

  • BallstonNOTBoston
    • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

      and what about that bronx pizza place – is that still happening?

      I saw a guy that resembled the Situation at the pool yesterday, he could be a solid spokesperson.

    • zimmy

      I walk by this place several times a week and they haven’t done a single thing to the interior in about 6 months. Right after this was announced there was a flurry of interior construction activity, but then it suddenly stopped and they haven’t touched it since.

  • novasteve

    Too bad Arlington doesn’t have a single bar like the one he describes World of Beer not being like.

    • porkchop_milkshake

      Try the forest inn. It’s along those lines.

    • Aaron

      Yep, it blew my mind that someone dumping this much money into an alleged investment has no idea what the market here is like here. I’ve had high hopes for WOB, but if the CEO thinks there are $2 pitchers of Miller to be found in Arlington County, does he know how much he will need to pay to keep a good server or a dishwasher?

      • Clarendon

        His comments don’t portend that he understands the market here very well. It also seems like the concept is more of a bar, which is not really allowed in Virginia (i.e. they have to have a certain percentage of sales from food). If they have good bar food that would be something though. This is their first location in Virginia it seems. I do like beer so I’ll give it a try. I might ask them where those $2 pitchers are while I’m there!

        • Casey

          Actually Va. now sort of kinda have bars now. Breweries (think Lost Rhino, Catoctin, Port City, etc.) are now permitted to sell pints of their beer on site rather than a “tour” for $5 with a tasting afterward and growler fills to go. I suspect breweries will start building traditional bars now on site rather than walk up service. No food sales required.

      • ACDC Hack

        The two dollar pitchers are readily available through the time portal lounge…..keeping them cold bringing them from the bar to the table is another matter……

    • Brian


  • Mc

    Beer mentioned. Entertainment mentioned. No mention of food. Apart from fulfilling their legal requirement to offer, what can people expect?

  • d

    They don’t serve food. They offer takeout from other restaurants or u can bring your own

    • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

      so all BWW has to do is charge 10 cents less than WOB and they can dominate that corner. Think of all the 24 year old deloitte and DOD contractor bros they can make money off of.

    • E

      There will be food – brats, hot dogs, pretzels…beer food!

      But yes, other restaurants will deliver too!

      • trev

        no pizza?

  • Delays

    If we are still talking about delays, what about Chipotle at Lee Heights?

  • CW

    Hmm, so basically their plan is to be like Fire Works, Rustico, Galaxy Hut, Whole Foods, Westover Market, Arrowine, American Tap Room, Spider Kelly’s, Whitlow’s on Wilson, Rock Bottom, Liberty Tavern, Lyon Hall, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Greene Turtle, except without food.

    Got it.

    • Zip

      Rustico is the only place you named with a good beer selection

      • ballsteve

        Lyon Hall has good beers too.

        The website on this place reminds more than anything of RFD in Chinatown. A sort of big chain looking menu and atmosphere, but with a good beer selection.

        Over/under on how long it lasts?

      • CW

        Depends on your definition of “good beer selection”. I was using the definition provided by the WOB owner, which is basically things other than mega-brews.

        • ccres

          Been to the one in Florida and they have a pretty fantastic beer selection. It’s a weird concept though because it definitely feels like bro party town but with $10 beer instead of a Bud Light.

          • CW

            Can you give an example of something they have on draft that I cannot find at Rustico, Fire Works, or Galaxy Hut?

  • novasteve

    Do they not carry PBR to limit the amount of people there who have prescriptionless glasses?

  • anonymouse

    Great… In addtion to the horrible outdoor music at Carribean Breeze and the drunk hipsters at 1:00 AM screaming at the top of their lungs, I’ll have to listen to live music four nights every week at World of Beer. I’m never going to sleep with my windows open again, am I?

    • Someone has never lived in a city before.


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