‘Burger 7’ Coming Soon to Lee Highway

by ARLnow.com July 6, 2012 at 11:45 am 9,792 69 Comments


A new burger restaurant is coming to Arlington.

“Burger 7” is coming to the 2500 block of Lee Highway, next to a 7-Eleven store in the old Chickpeas Restaurant space. Burger 7 has an existing location at 7505 Leesburg Pike, in Falls Church and, in addition to the Arlington location, will be opening an Alexandria location later this year.

Burger 7 bills itself as a restaurant that’s “committed to bringing you a juicy gourmet burger that will take you to burger heaven.” According to the company’s website, Burger 7 uses certified Angus beef, which is ground fresh daily. The beef is said to be sourced from humanely-raised cattle that has been fed an all-vegetarian diet and which has never been given hormones or antibiotics.

Other menu items at Burger 7 include french fries cooked in olive oil, sweet fries, onion rings handspun shakes made with organic milk and grass-fed all-beef hotdogs.

No word yet on when the Lee Highway location is expected to open. Calls to the phone number listed for the company were not answered.

  • South Awwlington

    Burger Overkill. Next.

  • Ballston

    Can’t deny that picture looks awesome.

  • Wilbur

    That location has seen a LONG string of failures

    • Good Grief


    • dave schutz

      You have in mind the Wesley Clark for President National Headquarters?

  • Seriously

    I know the running burger jokes is tired but this is ridiculous. Are you serious with another burger place? Ughhhhh!

  • Michael H.

    Grass-fed beef is better, because it contains more Omega 3, instead of the inflammation-promoting Omega 6 fatty acids. But since I don’t get over to Lee Hwy that often, I’ll probably never try this place out.

    • Don’t mistake “all-vegetarian diet” with grass-fed which is quite different. Vegetarian usually means corn and soy feed which is not good for cows to be eating because it lowers their CLA levels than cows that eat grass, their natural diet.

  • Helpful Suggestion Guy

    To succeed, they need to serve the patties in between layers of cupcake, substitute FroYo for mayo, and cook the whole concoction in a wood-fired oven.

    Serve with a micro, or better yet home, brew.

    Boom. Done.

    • WeiQiang

      /\ this /\

    • CourthouseChris

      Hey what’s the dig on homebrews? (you can’t sell them by the way) Isn’t the yuppie elitism you rightly disparage separate and distinct from the DIY ethos?

    • Andy

      And if it’s all served at a vibrant farmer’s market, in collaboration with a pretentious beermonger, then we’ve reached yuppie nirvana!

    • Or have a Medical Marijuana dispersal facility right next door…

  • Sharon

    Their burgers are actually really good. They’ve been my favorite burger spot lately (over Elevation, BGR, etc).

  • CW

    I want an “onion ring handspun shake”! Yum!

  • BallstontoRosslyn

    stupid place to put the next “NEW” burger place. Next to the high class customers of 7-11, or should I say the ones who stand around outside 7-11’s? There’s almost no possible foot traffic over there either. And I doubt drive-bys will stop on purpose.

    • CW

      There are about a thousand units of apartment housing within a 5 minute walk of that location (all the buildings north of Lee between Spout Run and Veitch) and nowhere to eat. I think it’s a great idea.

      • BallstontoRosslyn

        Yes, there are, but not typical foot traffic.

        • CW

          Well, I’d be inclined to walk five minutes for a burger.

          But anyhow, not sure of the split between 7-eleven and that place, but the lot is actually pretty big (about 20 spaces I think) and not usually very full; they will probably get car traffic just like Mario’s and Ray’s do.

        • Clarencourt Neighbor

          Plus, the owner co-owns Tarbouch (http://www.washingtonpost.com/gog/restaurants/burger-7,1206358/critic-review.html) which is right down the street, also in an undesirable location with little to no foot traffic. But Tarbouch seems to do very well (I’ve never been, but it always looks crowded), and hopefully his customers will head up the street and help this place to do well, too!

          • Aaron

            Tarbouch has really good food. The service can be a teensy bit slow, which along with hookah, encourages lingering on the patio on a nice day.

          • Seriously

            I will respectfully disagree. I found the food mediocre at best.

          • CW

            Seriously, I’ve been meaning to ask, what in the WORLD goes on at Tarbouch late at night? I go by there at like midnight on a weeknight and there are literally hundreds of people outside…

          • Clarencourt Neighbor

            Yeah! I’ve seen too! Sometimes there is soccer on, if I’m jogging by late at night — I’m guessing watching international games live, maybe?

          • Zip

            I believe people go there to smoke hookah, but seems to be a LOT of people for that to be regular hookah

          • Good Grief

            Tarbouch also has a large parking lot to alleviate the need for foot traffic.

        • dk (not DK)

          What is typical foot traffic? Maybe there’d be more of it if there were more places to walk to?

        • Joe

          The Italian Store doesn’t get foot traffic either…

    • John

      No foot traffic or parking. Burger’s are everywhere. I give it 6 months.

      • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

        There is a lot right next to it.

        • drax

          But John said there’s no parking. He must have checked first. Nobody just assumes stuff. That parking lot next door can’t exist.

    • Henry Spencer

      I wish something like that had been there back in the day when I lived in the Park Adams. That space was a kind of scary diner type place then.

  • Justin

    Great. Another burger concept, encouraging more fat Americans to eat more red meat.

    • CW

      Actually, grass-fed beef has an entirely different nutritional profile and consuming it would make one more akin to the healthy Argentines, who live long lives despite eating hundreds of pounds a year of the stuff.

      • JohnB

        Doesn’t say ‘grass-fed.’

        • Aaron

          Correct, but if even their hot dogs come from grass-fed cattle, then it would be rather weird for their burgers to be sourced from somewhere else.

          • JohnB

            No it wouldn’t. It would be rather weird for them to go to the expense of buying grass fed beef for their burgers and not advertise it. More likely the cattle are grass raised and grain finished to provide for a higher fat content required by the American palate. As for the hotdogs, hotdogs are made with leftovers so the higher fat content isn’t an issue for taste.

      • Justin

        Nice try. Argentines eat steaks. Not disgusting ground burgers.

        • CW

          It says they grind their burger meat daily. Do you not understand how burger meat is ground? Ask to hang out with Michael Landrum sometime; he reads these boards and would probably teach you. Here’s a hint – it doesn’t involve whole cows going into the grinder.

          • William

            You’re both right. Having lived in Argentina, they eat an amazing amount of beef. However, there is a huge difference between an Argentine steak and an American hamburger piled high with cheese, mayo, bacon, mushrooms sauteed in butter, etc. and with a mound of fried stuff on the side and an even bigger coke.

    • Swag

      Crazy as it sounds, I’ve found that grass-fed beef just flat out tastes better. It’s probably just my imagination tho.

      • dk (not DK)

        +1. Totally worth the price.

    • U ROY

      You got that right. pharmaceutical companies get paid! Eat up Arlington!

    • Jillian

      There are plenty of gyms in the area, and yet there are still fat Americans. I don’t get your point.

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    Anyone know the status of the Z-Burger in Clarendon?

    • karzai

      Isn’t it actually much closer to Va Square? Construction at Z Burger seems to be going well now. The whole outside is finished. they need to do the interior and their kitchen work…

      Also, Dittmar seems to have started work on the two-building apartment complex just up wilson from Z burger site.

      • Analogy

        Virginia Square is to Ballston and Clarendon -as- New Jersey is to New York City and Philadelphia.

        • Joe

          Ballston is to Clarendon as New Jersey is to New York City

          • NrNy2ArlVa

            Arlington is to dc like New York is to new jersey……..and whether its Clarendon or Viginia Square it’s all Arlington to me, but hey unlike New York to new jersey, it doesn’t cost 12.00 to go between the two.

  • Swag

    lol, “said to be”

  • Clarencourt Neighbor

    I am especially excited about the spec on the building pictured above; it looks like they are going to do some significant renovations on the building, which is currently a horrible eyesore. This neighborhood is in dire need of buisness like this; really hopeful also for the proposed renovation of the Bergmann’s site to include retail space.

    • karzai

      I second your comment entirely. That building has been a run-down series of joints for as long as anyone can remember. a build-out like the one planned will brighten up that spot enormously. Hopefully, the used car lot right near there will be redeveloped at some point, too.

      • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

        is this near that new townhouse/condo development on the Village side of Lee highway?

      • Mom and Pop

        But the used car lot is locally owned!

  • ConstantCritic

    What exactly IS “Anus Beef” anyway???

    • Omniferrous

      Don’t ask… just put some mustard and hot sauce and it tastes like regular beef.

  • dk (not DK)

    I’m hungry.

  • drax

    “A new burger restaurant is coming to Arlington.”

    Scott has this phrase saved so he can paste it into a story about once a month.

  • Alex

    Another burger place? Really? Too many generic food establishments opening…

  • Elmer

    Arlington: Ever more places to go to drink and eat out.
    Oh, how the oppressed 99% do suffer.

    • marie antoinette


  • So Whatcha Want

    Yo! Go open your own establishments!

  • Westover

    They are pretty good, but they are slower than Five Guys, and not as good as Elevation Burger.

  • nom de guerre

    Has anyone had the burger at Sam’s Corner that features locally sourced, all organic hand fed Waygu beef, that is ground fresh daily on the premises served on a toasted brioche bun, with smoked Gouda cheese and your choice of heirloom tomatoes, sweet onions and micro-greens? Shallot aioli and stone ground dijon mustard infused with a buttery chardonnay are also available. I hear you can arrange delivery to the Amazon locker through a proprietary smart phone app.

    • Richard Cranium

      I’ve heard they only use vegetarian-raised heirloom tomatoes. Thank goodness for that.

  • Clarendon Lover

    The vast majority of folks bashing Tarbouch seem to misread the dynamics for the restaurant’s success. The food is not the primary driver of the establishment, but it’s hookah selection, menu, indoor/outdoor seating and location/proximity for Arlington Persians and Middle Eastern residents as a gathering point create a perfect storm for success.

  • Buckwheat

    “all-vegetarian diet”

    Cow’s are naturally vegetarian for Christ’s Sake!

    Thank goodness, I hit a cow pie on the road a few week’s ago riding my motorcycle. It would have been much more disgusting if they were carnivores like me!

  • Glen Carlyn NOW

    Now if they would sell Froyo too…

  • Daniel

    I miss Rita’s Place that was there forever. I still haven’t found a place with a gyro as good as that place served.


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