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TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash Brings Down Utility Pole on Glebe Road

by ARLnow.com July 12, 2012 at 3:50 pm 5,526 60 Comments

(Updated at 4:15 p.m.) Glebe Road was blocked in both directions in the area of 8th Street S., just north of Columbia Pike, due to an single-vehicle accident around 3:45 this afternoon.

A green Honda sedan collided with a utility pole, knocking the pole and numerous utility lines to the ground. As of 4:15, police had reopened one northbound and one southbound lane of Glebe, but authorities are advising drivers to avoid the area “for the next few hours.”

Metro says buses that use that stretch of Glebe Road may be delayed up to 20 minutes.

Police and Dominion crews remain on the scene. No word on any injuries.


  • novasteve

    Another driver crashing into a pole in broad daylight. Shocked the car didn’t flip as well. How about some competent drivers for once around here?

    • Mary-Austin

      right? that looks like a manual so that probably distracted them

    • confused

      do cyclists ever bring down utility poles?

      • Scofflaw?

        I’m confused too. From what I read in the comments on ARLnow, I thought only cyclists cause accidents and kill people. Car drivers NEVER kill anyone or cause crashes. Never.

        • JohnB2

          You obviously haven’t been around long enough to know the dreadful curse that manifests itself as the automatic transmission.

        • John

          Confucius say……. Hello

  • V. Putin

    OMG! How will the streetcar go around this?

    (There, I saved ya’ll the trouble.)

    • Hikin the pike


      Now work in Donaldson Run, the Artisphere and Chris Zimmerman and we have a complete article.

      • CantforgetTrevor

        work in Trevor in here and we have a complete article!

      • 5555624

        The streetcar will get around it by detouring via Donaldson Run, after making a quick stop at the Artisphere to pick up Chris Zimmerman (wearing brown flip flops), and stopping at Sam’s Corner for lunch.

        • WeiQiang

          Clown comment, bro. After take-off from the seaport at Donaldson Run, Chris Zimmerman will instruct the pilot of ArlCo ONE to divert from the previous flight plan to Paris and stop ON Glebe Road to pick up the streetcar and deploy it at the Pentagon Metro, where it will arrive in time to pick up two hundred puking children who became nauseous after seeing the ‘Mobile Learning Centers’ – illuminated by Musco “Dark Sky” lighting – parked across the street from their homes.

          • nom de guerre

            NICE. If you somehow could have woven in bollards, 75 new jobs, LEED Certification, a live entertainment permit and the volunteers who clean the interior of Arlington County ONE and polish the fuselage you might have earned one FREDTERP.

          • Enlightened


          • chris

            Advanced Towing, You missed one!

          • WeiQiang

            5000 cars/day

          • Bocce court?

          • Just you wait…

            …until something like this happens in the northbound lanes of S. Carlin Springs Rd. at 50 during the morning drop-off time after the “choice” school is completed. How on earth will anyone be able to make it from south Arlington to Ballston to play bocce before work?? (not that anyone would want to, mind you, since obviously the garage by the bocce field is filled with perverts). If we only had slip lanes, it would solve EVERYTHING.


          • Dezlboy

            There is no such thing as a clown comment, only a clown question.

          • nom de guerre

            There are many clown comments around here.

          • 5555624

            I think you meant “there are many clowns around here.”

    • Jon

      By not derailing five blocks onto Glebe

      • nom de guerre

        two blocks

  • Jon

    *two, my bad

  • nom de guerre

    My sources tell me that Norma Stitz was involved and the air bag deployed, resulting in a compound suffocation.

    • VASqGuy

      On star, I see your fun bags have deployed. Are there any injuries?

  • haha

    i bet dominion electric is pissed!

  • Ballstonienne

    So it looks like they are putting out cones to allow one southbound lane to open. What’s the deal?

    • JohnB2

      They’re probably splitting that side of the road using cones to allow one lane in each direction.

      • Ballstonienne

        I figured they would have to leave that lane closed for a truck to get along side the pole, but whatever. I just got an email alert from Arlington saying the road is back open.

  • Bill

    Our power in Alcova Heights went out around 3:25pm presumably because of this accident. Power came back on a minute later.

    • Aaron

      I guess that shows where all the power in the County is concentrated. If the power had gone out in (Insert Name of My Neighborhood Here) then it wouldn’t have been restored for a week thanks to those lazy Dominion employees I haven’t seen working once! #shakesfistatcloud

  • ArlingtonNative

    Dang … no way to see it is is a Maryland registered car.

    My guess is that Trevor was gettin all grabby on the driver and she lost control while fighting off his advances!
    Check his phone, he probably has video of the whole thing.

    • Bill

      I checked and it had VA plates.

  • Buckwheat

    5 feet to the left and we could have had an Arlington Geyser. But then they would have missed the pole. Better luck next time.

    What is it with these Hondas?

  • chris

    That is one lucky fire hydrant….

  • Cletus Van Damme

    My guess is that the utility pole didn’t hear the driver of the green Honda say “on your left”. When are we going to clean up our roadways and teach these damned cyclists some road respect?

    • Elmer

      Agreed. I never been in a place where so many of the utility poles won’t hop out of the way for on-coming vehicles. I mean its not like they don’t see the driver headed for them.

    • WL95

      Another source is reporting that the utility pole suffered from Alzheimer’s.

  • Wayne Kubicki

    Is that one of those new 2013 Honda Derechos?

    • G::TheNativeArlingtonian


    • drax

      Since derecho means “straight ahead,” apparently not.

  • bob

    Dominion advises the power will be restored by next Friday.

    • Cletus Van Damme

      Just heard Mary Hughes Hynes is holding a press conference in the next 30 minutes to advise that the grid needs to be buried in the city of Arlington.

      • nom de guerre

        Last time I checked Arlington was still a county.

        • WL95

          You don’t get jokes.

  • E-love

    Shocker! Yet another Honda driver who can’t think and drive at the same time…..

  • DFrank

    Rumor has it, responding officers found the driver unconscious with his pants around his ankles.

  • bury them

    If the power poles had been buried, non of you would have had the chance to make fun of the trolly, ChrisZ or Don Run! Seriously, we live in a modern civilization (though some of you aren’t so civil), it is time to bury these ugly things.

    • CW

      How about we meet halfway and just bury the lines? Burying the poles would be somewhat excessive, dont you think?

      • bury them

        It’s a deal!

        Seriously, does anyone know of any studies that show just how expensive it is to not bury the lines? I know the power companies claim that if we buried every power line in VA, the cost per customer would be around $3,000 a year. I am very suspicious of that claim, but there are costs to not burying them that they do not raise, such as; the cost to fix the power lines when trees (or cars) knock them down, the cost of trimming trees, the cost to the environment for actually cutting trees and not allowing trees to be planted (if they are under the power lines), the economic value of living in a neighborhood without ugly overhead power lines, the lost productivity when businesses are without power, the lost revenue when schools are without power and the parents must take leave to stay with their kids, all the lost food from households and grocery stores, etc. There are many, many more examples of lost costs associated with not burying the lines. I bet if the counter arguments were presented, people would be better informed and might be more receptive to the idea.

        • It’s really expensive.

          Somewhere on the order of a million per mile, based on comparable projects in the area.

          Not to mention, while it reduces outages (by about 50%), it increases duration of outages (by about 100%). Meaning that broader societal costs are basically a wash – half the number of outages, but they last twice as long.

          And of course, unless you bury everything from the power source to your house (which would never happen), you’re still susceptible to trees/etc.

          And power lines don’t last forever. Service life of buried lines is somewhere in the 20 year range, I believe.

          At the end of the day, generally speaking the ONLY reason to bury lines is aesthetics.

      • Clarendon Skank

        You can bury the pole any time you want.

        • hehe

          that’s what she said

  • tretch

    Bet he was sippin syzurp like a mug.

  • John

    Asian. Of course.

    • Vinh An Nguyen

      Oh no you dent

  • YTK

    Probably just tooling around, texting and talking on the phone and..oh, “am I supposed to be driving too?” KAABOOOOM!!!

  • For real

    Take away his cell phone (and license) and make him pay for the pole!

  • DB

    Hey Arlnow–you guys should call up ACPD’s Sternbeck and find out what caused the accident and update the post.
    Nosy Nellie’s want to know!

  • Help a fellow out here

    I want to know how fast a car has to go to knock down a utility pole like that.


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