Photos: Civil War Reenactors at Arlington Church

by ARLnow.com July 16, 2012 at 2:45 pm 7,270 61 Comments

On Sunday a group of Civil War reenactors set up camp outside the Mount Olivet United Methodist Church at 1500 N. Glebe Road, part of a “living history” event intended to draw attention to the church’s role as a field hospital during the war.

The event included a display of medical tools and practices from the Civil War era, talks by actor portraying historic figures, and the opportunity to mix and mingle with the reenactors, who discussed the ins and outs and camp life.

Among the reenactors was Seth Black, a Thomas Jefferson Middle School student and avid Civil War buff who portrayed a wounded Union drummer boy, according to the Sun Gazette.

Photos courtesy Fred Dunn

  • novasteve

    I’ve always wondered, do they do Blitz reenactments in the UK?

    • Johnny

      Blitz is too recent for the previous-lifers to re-enact. But if they did re-enact the blitz, they’d probably wear accurate costumes. Civil War soldiers famously had really bad shoes. These re-enactors look pretty durn comfortable.

  • Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn

    Why do people only reenact the Civil War? Where are the WWI reenactors portraying the Battle of Dunkirk? Where are those who will reenact the Cuban Missle Crisis? I think there is a real gap in coveage out there.

    • Bob Stevens

      Well, first, the Battle of Dunkirk was a World War II battle. There was a living history demonstration (aka reenactment) of World War II at Sully Plantation this weekend.


      • Neutrino

        Oh my God, get over the Civil War. The south is like a guy who spends his whole adult life talking about having almost won state in high school

        • No, not really.

          • Gen’l Grant


        • novasteve

          You mean like Al Bundy?

          • JamesE

            4 touchdowns in one game!

        • Ballston

          This is an excellent metaphor

    • Mary-Austin

      Because they are reenacting something that took place at this.
      Much of the Civil War was fought in Virginia hence the reenactments here.
      None of World War II was fought in this area.

      • Jane-Dallas

        The folks at the Pentagon might disagree.

        • Mary-Austin

          Somehow I don’t think a Pentagon reenactment would be all that exciting. There wouldn’t be an audience anyway.

          • drax

            A room full of clerks processing paper at desks for hours. Fascinating stuff!

    • drax

      List of WWII reenacting groups, courtesy of Google:


    • The Dude


  • KalashniKEV

    Hmmmm… pretty sure they didn’t have the M-1943 Rigid Pole Field Litter back then…

    (and is Pink Dress texting?!?)

    • observer

      LOL yes she is!!!


      • UptonHiller

        No, she is mourning, with some sort of historical black mourning fabric.

      • GrandArmyofTexts

        How r u? I am in NYC, wanted to see a show, but draft riots got in way. Not kewl.

        Im good. Battle soon. Stonewall thinks he can beat Pope – LOL!

        • Arlingtonian

          Stonewall Jackson died on May 10, 1863. The Civil War draft riots in NYC took place in July of 1863.

          People who attend Civil War re-enactments often know that Stonewall beat Pope in 1862. Long before the NYC draft riots.

  • Mary-Austin

    There are some cute Civil War reenactors there. Who knew?
    I might have to pick it up as a hobby!

    • Clarendon Skank

      There’s plenty to go around (especially if they are Serbs).

      • Mary-Austin

        I don’t think there were any Serbs involved in the Civil War.
        Besides, I’m not really into the Eurotrash guys.

        • Vinh An Nguyen

          Wait…re-enactors have to be of the same racial stock as the originals? Damn, that lets me out.

        • drax

          Yes, Serbian-Americans served in the U.S. civil war.

      • Grindr

        JEB Stuart is 4385 feet away.

      • WeiQiang

        Good to see you around … can I grab you a Diet Coke?

      • KalashniKEV

        Here’s how the re-enactment goes:
        Serbia was winning the Yugoslav Civil War. NATO intervenes to make them lose. Clinton bombs the living HELL out of them in to shift the focus off Monica (Columbine is what does it though), Nasir Oric goes free, Slobodan gets tried by the Kangaroo Court at the Hague, and the kiddos come to Arlington to be lifeguards.

        THE END.

        • Dude Where’s My Car

          One rarely sees people eager to re-enact the mass murder, genocide, and “rape camp” parts of those wars.

          Plus you know old Slobo kicking the bucket in his cell at the Hague, right before he goes on trial for genocide and other war crimes, bit of an anticlimax there.

          • KalashniKEV

            Why is it anti-climactic? As if you didn’t know what was going to happen there???

            The ICC is a court searching for a jurisdiction (a very scary thing!). It was originally founded as the IWCT to go after the perpetrators of Rwandan genocide- but they caved to PC pressure since it looked like a bunch of rich colonialist Euros catching and incarcerating brown people around the world (that was the original idea).

            The Yugoslav Civil War was a huge boon for them as far as getting traction… they finally had foreigners to punish!

            (and there is only one possible verdict for those who stand before the ICC- unless there is political utility otherwise)

    • observer

      Didn’t know you swung that way, “Mary-Austin”

      • Mary-Austin

        what way?

    • BlueSkies

      If they’re really into staying in character, they probably haven’t bathed for a while. I’m just sayin’.

      • Mary-Austin

        I would give those two Confederate soldiers carrying the stretcher a bath…just sayin’.

        • Clarendon Skank

          Something you don’t need to worry about with lifeguards.

        • WeiQiang

          Well, you know they’re good boys … staying in the crosswalk and all.

        • observer

          you’re into dudes, M-A???

          • Mary-Austin


  • ArLater

    Glad I didnt have to wear all that in this heat yesterday.

  • JamesE

    I’m jealous of that beard, it is glorious.

    • True

      I think it may be Car Free Matt. Neck beard.

  • Karl Rove

    Some of those old coots look like they may have been around for the real thing.

  • Hattie McDaniel

    I stopped by, but people kept ordering me around.

    • always right

      that ‘s what libs do.

      • Hattie McDaniel

        Except it was the red staters I was talking about.

  • Casey
  • widstc

    Image 9 is the Ballston mall santa…seriously

    • John Fontain

      Now you’ve smashed the hopes and dreams of all the young kids who are regular readers of ARLnow. Shame on you!

      But yeah, you are right.

      • Casey

        If little believers are reading ArlNow my Santa post is the least their parents should be concerned about.

    • FrenchyB

      That’s the real reason the Union was victorious – St. Nick was on their side!

    • Wizard

      He also works part time gigs as Gandalf & Dumbledore.

  • Richard Cranium

    The sign behind the 1st image says there was a re-enactment of the “Sleeping Sentinel of Chain Bridge” at 12:15. Sounds riveting.

  • Andy

    When I was little I used to think it was called the Silver War.

    • Amos

      Kinda like the War between the Steaks.

      • Emily Litella

        I remember when they wanted to make Puerto Rico a steak.

  • Volo

    The event was quite well done. To bad there aren’t any pix showing the exhaustive display of medical equipment they had set up indoors. Battlefield dressings! Scary dental implements! Fake leeches! Fascinating stuff…

    • Volo

      I of course meant “too bad”

      • School Marm

        Sure you did.

  • always right

    what if the south won? that would be a more interesting reenactment.

    • observer

      If the south had won, I would still be a slave and not able to go see the “reenactment.”

      Sounds “interesting.”


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