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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com July 26, 2012 at 8:48 am 3,276 42 Comments

Meriweather Pleads to DWI Charge — Washington Redskins strong safety Brandon Meriweather has pleaded no contest to the charge of driving while intoxicated in Arlington. As part of the plea, Meriweather was assessed a fine, a driver’s license suspension, and a 180 day jail sentence — though the jail time was suspended. ARLnow.com was the first to report in April that Meriweather had been arrested for DWI following a traffic stop on I-66 in Arlington. [Washington Post]

Heat Advisory Issued — A heat advisory will be in effect from noon to 8:00 tonight. Heat index values are expected to reach around 105 degrees, which brings the risk of dehydration and heat-related illnesses. [Weather Channel]

District 45 Special Election Scheduled — The special election to replace Del. David Englin, who resigned in June, will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell announced the special election date yesterday. [Virginia.gov]

Green Pig Bistro Reviewed — Washingtonian Magazine reviews Clarendon’s Green Pig Bistro (1025 N. Fillmore Street) and dubs it a “hipster farmhouse.” In addition to the food, the restaurant’s staff also receives attention in the article: “That dude with the mohawk and baroque tattoos? That’s the sous chef.” [Washingtonian]

Flickr pool photo by Wolfkann

  • nunya

    hipster farmhouse. soylent green is PEOPLE!

    • WeiQiang

      are you saying that it should have been ‘hipster farm house’?

      are there real hipsters in Arlington? I’ve visited their habitats in NYC and I don’t recall seeing anything like that in ArlCo. Maybe a couple neighborhoods in DC.

  • Thomas

    Green Pig. We went back in May, nothing special going on over there.

  • CO2isYourFriend

    another very hot day.

    Remember folks, its JUST SUMMER. Nothing more.

    Even if you can’t remember a summer like this one.

    • Thomas

      haha, i know! next report will be, cold temperatures in the winter!

      • CO2isYourFriend


        snow PROVEs there aint no global warming.

        As does the occasional record low temp.

        That there are many more record high temps this year (and last several years) than record lows – well thats just a COINCIDENCE. Surely it is.

    • PositiveFeedback

      Electricity usage directly correlates to temperatures. CO2 emmissions correlate to electricity usage. Well, at least he plants are smiling. At least the ones getting some water.

      • CO2isYourFriend

        yeah, for positive feedback.

        But moere AC and dying plants is small potatoes, compared to ice sheet melting (yay for dropping albedo) and eventually, siberian permafrost melt – then we will get to enjoy our good friend, massive methane release! yay!

    • Josh S

      There is no need to rely on memory.

      Facts are facts.

      May was “the 327th consecutive month in which the temperature of the entire globe exceeded the 20th-century average, the odds of which occurring by simple chance were 3.7 x 10-99, a number considerably larger than the number of stars in the universe.”

      And “this spring was the warmest ever recorded for our nation – in fact, it crushed the old record by so much that it represented the “largest temperature departure from average of any season on record.” “

      • ArmLancestrong

        Put some cheese on me, I’m steak-ed

  • novasteve

    Hipster farmhouse. How Arlington.

    • Josh S

      Dude, you seriously need to get around more. Arlington is only hipster in comparison to, like, Woodbridge.

      • Fixie Mike


      • Orange Rider

        I need good non-hipster recommendations. I would love a list of places to go, and why they are non-hipster. TIA.

        • WeiQiang

          Recommendation? Try Trip Advisor or Washingtonian

          Why non-hipster? Because it is in Arlington

        • Josh S

          You can probably start with the following states:

          South Dakota
          North Dakota

          There are no hipster locations anywhere in those states. Minnesota is also seriously lacking in hipsters, but has not yet been declared a hipster-free zone.

          You might think that Oklahoma would be hipster-free, but you’d be surprised. Short-sleeve western-style plaid shirts are remarkably versitile. Especially when worn two sizes too small.

          Many states that would otherwise have no hipsters (Texas, Iowa, Arkansas) have cheap state universities which are a natural breeding ground for the hipster. If you stay out of the university towns, you’ll be sure to avoid ever seeing a hipster in those states. (Although to be really safe, you probably should have a guide when travelling through Texas – hipsters sometimes make attempts to colonize cool-sounding western towns, like San Anton’.)

          Obviously, the west coast is off limits. NYC.

          Safe travels.

          • Orange Rider

            I’m sorry, I mean in Arlington.

          • Josh S

            Oh. Uhhhh, anywhere except perhaps the Galaxy Hut and CD Cellar. Murky Coffee was borderline hipster but the Northside Social Club, or whatever? Hah. No. Not hipster. Well, OK, there are a few hangers-on……

          • drax

            There are definitely hipsters in Minneapolis.

          • sunflower

            i would also expect them in wisconsin–madison anyway

      • novasteve

        Fine, i sometimes confuse hipsters with douchebags. Arlington is a mecca of douches is it not?

        • drax

          Hipsters and douches are very different.

          • Frank Rizzo

            See, that is where you are wrong.

      • Thomas

        right on, novasteve sounds pretty out of touch if he thinks arlington is hipster.

        • CW

          How did the hipster burn his tongue? He ate pizza before it was cool.

      • JamesE

        Arlington is BROster

  • Buckingham Bandit

    Is it standard to get the jail time revoked? Or is it just that jail time is the penalty for regular people?

    • UA

      Standard to get it suspended.

  • CW

    That Washingtonian would even comment on a chef having tattoos and a mohawk shows that they must be prettty out of touch with the times.

    • Phyllis Richman

      well, I just wasn’t jiggy with that young man and all his inks.

      • Faye Jissette

        Damn girl, I didn’t know you were still alive.

        • Tom Sietsema

          Neither did I.

  • Josh S

    Bravo to Wolfkann – fabulous picture.

    • WeiQiang

      + f2.1

    • HenryBennetXIII

      Basking in the glow of the BAE sign ….

  • Becoming indifferent

    Tom Sietsma’s review of Green Pig in the Post wasn’t as glowing, and I tend to trust his reviews much more. And, his writing is much better than what is found in the Washingtonian–I don’t find my intelligence insulted when I read Sietsma.

    I plan on trying Green Pig myself sometime. But I can’t see how any place that far off Clarendon can thrive. Maybe a trolley will run through there, too!

    • Southeast Jerome

      the liquor sto’ do ok

    • CW

      I’ve been once for dinner and once for brunch and thought it was very good both times.

    • South Awwlington

      I have they have delicious bitters. Enjoy the ride!

  • JohnB

    Eaten at Green Pig twice now and both times were good. Not to die for crave every night good, but it will definitely make it into my usual rotation. Nothing hipster farmhouse about it either. Just interesting ingredients with interesting preparations that result in a menu that makes it hard to choose and meals that make you want to come back all without breaking the bank.

  • Hattie McDaniel

    To the senior citizens that run Washingtonian, anyone under 40 is a “hipster”.

  • nota gain

    Can we charge him a commuter tax for drinking and driving in Arlington. Woops! this is not in effect as yet. When it is, can VA and MD tax those DC folks who commute to work in VA and MD? If DC had decent food stores in the district, their citizens would stay there and give up tax to DC. Surely Grey could put a shadow group on this possibility.


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