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Pupatella Pizzeria Expanding into Adjacent Storefront

by Aaron Kraut July 27, 2012 at 10:30 am 5,398 35 Comments

Pupatella Neopolitan Pizzeria (5104 Wilson Boulevard) is expanding its dining area, hours and menu.

Two years after opening the 1,400-square-foot storefront, owner/couple Enzo Algarme and Anastasiya Laufenberg are taking over the next-door space left by Union Halal Butcher & Grocery. The move will almost double the store’s footprint and allow for a total of about 75 seats with a second dining room.

It’s a long way from the made-to-order food cart the two began operating near the Ballston Metro in 2007.

“It’s been really nice to get to know people from the neighborhood and feel their love and their support,” Laufenberg said. “I’m really looking forward to having a more comfortable space for them to come and eat.”

More space will also mean more hours. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the pizzeria is open for dinner only.

Laufenberg said once the couple finishes hiring new staff, they’ll be open for breakfast (coffee, donuts and other Italian morning treats) and lunch (sandwiches and pasta dishes).

“It won’t be as crammed and we’re excited because we think it’ll be more relaxed,” Laufenberg said.

  • ARLrez

    Yesssss!!!! Finally, more elbow room.

  • pupatella, great name

  • Good news! This place is deeeelicious.

  • JamesE

    Thank god that safeway lot never tows (yet) because parking is scarce.

    • BreakPause02

      Unrelated to your parking comment (but, yes, it does suck), I’ve never noticed anything other than ordinary with Wilson west of Glebe while heading over there.

      It sucks more or less as any other road in Arlington, but not any worse.

  • FrenchyB

    Saw this on their Facebook page the other day – glad to see they’re do well.

  • Chris

    Coffee and Italian morning treats. OMG – yes! So glad to have Pupatella in Bluemont.

    • Elmer

      And a great public walking trail behind the place to walk it all off.
      That’s livin’.
      Move to Bluemont and enjoy!

      • Chris

        Agreed! The trail is why I chose Bluemont.

  • DKrause

    Anybody know if Union Halal is moving to a new space?

  • Arlanon

    LOVE this place. Great news!

  • DB

    Good job guys!!!!!

  • blah


  • I hope the breakfast menu includes cornetti filled with jam. It would be awesome to walk there for a good espresso or cappuccino and a cornetti on Saturday or Sunday morning.

  • Simon

    Great news Enzo!! Keep up the good work.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    Great news!

  • T:GEOA

    Is there something there besides the pizza that is worth trying? Pizza was OK, but nothing to write home about.

    • JohnB

      You should try the hater-aid.

    • Hurley

      I agree, I failed to see what all the praise was about. It was good but it did not blow me away like it seems to do to other folks.

      • I agree as well. The one time I had it, the crust was very chewy and the cheese was sparse. I wanted to like because good pizza is hard to find in this area. Maybe it will be better being able to eat-in vs take-out.

    • george

      As with most pizza and definitely with Pupatella’s, it needs to be consume at the restaurant fresh from the oven. Once it sits and is steamed in a box, the quality is doomed. That’s one reason why pizza by the slice is often so good – they stick it back in the oven, that re-crisps the crust as well as re-heats the top – and then you eat it pronto off a cheap paper plate.

  • AMC

    So excited for them, just want them to be open for lunch!!!! So bummed because we love making it there for lunch!

  • John Fontain

    Their new business hours are as follows:

    Monday: Mostly closed
    Tuesday: Maybe open, maybe not
    Wednesdsay: Depends on the weather
    Thursday: Open? Are you crazy?
    Friday: We’ll see
    Saturday: If you’re in luck
    Sunday: Closed

    • CW


    • Chris

      Hilarious. This is a part of its charm, not the best part, but a part nonetheless. Also, it is funny that they don’t take pick-up orders when it is too busy. The things you put up with for great food!

    • B Div

      What are you taking about?

      They’re closed on Sunday and Monday.

      They’re open every other evening.

      What’s so difficult?

      I am delighted they are expanding – lack of space inside was the only (slight) problem they had.

      • PearDPea

        Yes, they seem to be open regular hours to me. Not at all like Sam’s Corner. It was quite busy when I walked in at 830 last night. By far the best pizza in Arlington to me although I recognize tastes vary.

    • JohnB

      Sounds like the new Sam’s Corner!

  • James Moron

    That will give the hipster with the sweet sunglasses more room to be awesome.

  • cranky crankypants


  • Mc

    Pupatella rocks. Very happy the are growing – they work hard so can’t complain if their summer hours are shorter.

  • GC NOW

    We ate there a couple of weeks ago and it was great. REAL pizza and the gelato was a great way to finish the meal. The place was packed too, but it added to the atmosphere. The only real downside is the parking was abysmal.

    Next door, Fetoosh looks like it’s getting remodeled. Any word on when they’re reopening?

  • CW

    Strangely poor verb tense choice here in this article. They HAVE expanded…i went by that strip tonight and the new spot was full.

  • Great news!

    Congrats guys! Love this place!

  • Andrew Mueller

    I dont get there nearly enough, but i have only had awesome experiences when i have been. The rice balls are slightly amazing but the pizza is only barely fantastic. I would put Enzo and Anastasia’s shop at only 400-500% better than delivery…but then again, we’ve always got Marios for authentic pizza, right?! And they stay open literally forever!


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