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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com August 20, 2012 at 8:42 am 4,022 42 Comments

North Rosslyn Profiled — The neighborhood of North Rosslyn has been profiled by the Washington Post. The neighborhood is a bastion of “tranquil residential life” in the shadows of Rosslyn’s high rise office buildings, the Post’s Eliza McGraw wrote. [Washington Post]

Children Participate in AHC ‘Olympics’ — About a hundred children who live in affordable housing managed by AHC Inc. participated in their own version of the Olympic Games last week. The competition included both academic contests like “word weightlifting” and “math distance medley,” as well at athletic events like wiffle ball, soccer, jump roping and the 100 yard dash. [Sun Gazette]

Hawk Found Dead — A hawk was found dead over the weekend in the Radnor-Fort Myer Heights neighborhood. It had apparently flown into a window. [Ode Street Tribune]

Flickr pool photo by Enigmatic Traveler

  • bob

    It would be nice of the Post’s map of north Rossyn was somewhat accurate.

    I don’t think the trailers went up until 2000 or so. Definitely not 1996.

    And nothing about the jets? Or the incessant fire alarms? Or the crappy school they force the kids into?

    • c

      Which “crappy” school are you talking about?

      • James Moron

        I believe the “crappy school” is the lottery ticket of Arlington – allowing parents to choose Key, Science Focus or Traditional. It’s coveted.

        • Arlington Mom

          It’s Key and Science Focus, parent’s choice. The Wilson School isn’t really a school.

          • c

            I don’t think either of those schools qualifies as “crappy.”

      • emily

        Sit your ass down is not a school
        .they are community centers

  • courthound

    Sad. Fortunately it doesn’t look like my red-tailed friends.

    I did see what looked like a vulture circling around Courthouse last Friday. It lit on the roof of the old Verizon building. I’ll send up photo if I can find the time.

  • R.I.P. hawk

  • Narrator

    More likely, a dove pushed the hawk in to a window hard enough to kill it…. The impending November election has polarized all creatures.

  • Matty

    “Local retail is lacking; residents complain about a lack of grocery stores serving their neighborhood.”

    Who are these people complaining about lack of grocery stores? We have a Safeway in the dead center of Rosslyn, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in a 15 minute walk and Giant is a 5 minute drive. A lot better than my friends in DC that have to have their groceries delivered…..

    • Rick

      I’d rather to go a funeral than that Safeway… The Cherrydale one is better and that’s not saying much.

    • Justin Russo

      That Safeway is about as useful as not having a grocery store.

      When does the organic grocery on the old Bergmann’s site open?

      • Rick

        Bergmans is still open, so I can’t imagine anytime soon.

  • B22201

    It would be nice if the Post’s write-up was accurate. Evidently the North Rosslynians don’t go near Wilson School as much as us Southies as those trailers have been gone for a few months now leaving a nice empty field.

  • Southeast Ben

    In other related news, a black widow spider was killed by a bicyclist on her way to work this morning from Ballston to Dupont.

    • SomeGuy

      A cyclist was probably behind the hawk’s death too. They should test the body for trace amounts of lycra fibers. Having been a long-time reader of the comments here, I’ve learned that cyclists are the root of most, if not all, evil that plagues this county.

      • DarkHeart

        Or was the cyclist on a penny farthing wearing tweed?

      • lectricbass

        Hey man, I yelled “UNDER YOUR LEFT” and the hawk dove left! Not my fault he didn’t know the rules of the trail!!!

  • Frank

    These morning notes are pathetic. A dead hawk? There is so much going on in arlington and northern virginia (not including DC/MD) this is the best you can come up with?

    I’ve been reading your articles for over a year but their has been a recent lacking of substantial content here.

    These are morning links:

    Where is the arlington small business page? I just started a business here and am looking for clients and B2B services to find them, you have zero bits of information for me to draw leads on. Whats going on here?

    • jackson

      Small business networking isn’t really the main purpose of this site.

      • Frank

        Jackson, thanks for your comment, it really helped.

        • Ralph

          Good morning Frank, how is your day going?

        • Rick

          To go off-topic is one thing, but try and keep it civil please.

      • Aaron

        Breaking News, Opinions & Community Happenings…. If one does not meet those generously broad criteria to be of interest to the users here, there’s always the option of (heaven forbid) paying ArlNow.com to post some kind of advertisement for your enterprise alongside the actual content, which routinely includes the life and death of various local fauna.

    • Aulani

      Frank, show some respect, a hawk has just died and you want to talk about small business in Arlington?!?!

      RIP little hawk buddy…

    • Banksy

      I’d rather hear about the status of wildlife in Arlington than someone’s self-serving whining.

    • nunya

      Frank, Feel free to tell us about your business. I’m sure you’ll receive quite a response.

    • YTK

      Hey Frank, if you have problems finding leads why not join one of the MANY Arlington and Northern VA small- business groups?

      So sorry the hawk ruined your networking

    • Rick

      I think most people prefer this site look or feel nothing like Greater Greater Washington. There are plenty of people here who don’t want to light cars on fire and only travel on foot or 2 wheels. If this were a county-sponsored endeavor, than maybe there would be business resources. I suggest you try the county website and the chamber of commerce.

    • CrystalMikey

      Really man…if it’s so pathetic, you can stop reading it.

    • Sergeant Hulka

      Lighten up, Francis.

      • Josh S

        Why this hasn’t become an Internet meme like U mad bro or that’s a clown question bro is so surprising to me. Maybe cause the movie is 30 years old? Otherwise, it is perfect in so many situations. Every time there is an ARLNow story about crime and someone inevitably posts about how if it had happened to them they would have smashed the guys head in, I am reminded of Sgt Hulka.

        • Captain Obvious

          It’s funny, because the poster’s name is Frank.

  • Point of order

    I would not complain that there is no grocery store serving my neighborhood; however, I would say that we lack a good grocery store. That Safeway has horrible selections/prices, rude managementt, and is the most depressing place in town. Do they still get my patronage. Sigh, yes.

    • SomeGuy

      Agreed. That Safeway is depressing. And one of the few upbeat people in that store left and started clerking at the Giant on Washington Blvd. I’d often wait in his checkout line just to hear him bullsh*t with the other customers in front of me.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    The articles mostly true ““tranquil residential life” till the AC board get’s through with it and transforms it into RBC 5.0

  • Azamat Bagatov

    We worship the hawk.

    • Rick

      And potassium.

  • Complete Streets Proponent

    I am so ashamed of this picture of Shirlington Station!. I have transited this destination for more than thirty years but have ceased upon the “renovations.”
    ” This wheelchair user was assured it would be accessible, both before and after construction. I have never entered the building and am not able to due to the railings installed post construction. These were advised by ECNV for the blind patrons . . . I am told. These railing reduced the distance to enter in violation of the ADA guidelines. (In lay terms, my wheelchair is too wide and I can’t strep off the curb.) Furthermore, I believe this is illegal to use the funds for personal benefit. ECNV is not a reliable source for ADA advisements and only serves for its personal gain. IMHO

    As yet, there exists no effort to correct the violation.

    • JohnB

      Um…what is ECNV and where is this quote from?

  • Bad Apple

    Any info on this morning’s ACPD fest at East Falls Church metro station? Saw on Twitter that they halted Orange Line service and searched an entire train, but no details on why.

    • Trained Observer

      ACPD searched the Orange line train at EFC station looking for the bicyclist that murdered the black widow spider.


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