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Clarendon Whole Foods to Add New ‘Arlington Pub’

by ARLnow.com August 21, 2012 at 4:30 pm 12,027 98 Comments

The Whole Foods Market at 2700 Wilson Blvd in Clarendon is building a new “beer room” overlooking the store.

The “Arlington Pub” will be located on the second floor area of the store and will offer local draft beers, wine by the glass, bottled craft beer, growlers and an organic coffee bar in a “pub style atmosphere.” The pub will also offer “tasty nibbles” for patrons. All beer will come from a 200 mile radius.

Whole Foods is planning a grand opening celebration for the pub on Thursday, Sept. 20. The event, which is open to the public, will feature raffles, beer mug giveaways, beer and food tastings, and meet and greets with brewery representatives.

“Pull up a stool, fill up a mug and join Whole Foods Market Arlington in celebrating the official opening of Arlington Pub,” the store said in an invitation to the event.

The coffee bar will open at 8:00 a.m. daily, and the pub will remain open until 9:30 p.m.

Photo courtesy Erin Johnson

  • Id

    Get hammered while you shop.

    • doesn’t everyone do this anyways, though?

      • awesomepossum

        Another pub? This is America. Just call it a bar, Arlington.

        • Jay

          A ‘saloon’ is even more uniquely American !

        • NPGMBR


  • Quoth the Raven

    I wish they would put the Jamba Juice back in.

    • John Fontain


      • CW

        Whoa, there used to be a Jamba Juice?

        • Sam

          It was where the express lanes are now.

          • Juanita de Talmas

            Actually it was more like where the wine section is now.

    • wut

      me too! I miss that juice bar so much

  • Captain Obvious

    I was surprised when they renovated the store a few years ago that they didn’t install a wine bar upstairs like the one in the Fairfax store.

    • Clarendon

      They had said they were going to do that, in addition to a coffee bar with an exterior walk-up feature. The wine bar was going to be the self serve variety. The new Obey Lee place has that.

      I like beer better so this is good.

      • self serve wino

        honestly i’ve only had one small glashhh

    • Captain_Obvious

      You are the fake Captain Obvious

      • Zarathustra

        And you are the obvious Captain Fake.

        • Zarathustra


      • Captain Obvious

        Actually, I’ve used that name consistently on this site since the site began. But by all means, post away as Captain Obvious! It helps throw the scent off of me.

  • nobroadband

    Glad to hear they are finally doing something to fill up that parking lot.

    • Brian

      Yep, that Whole Foods is the biggest pain to drive past. This should help improve the situation…sheesh.

      • James

        The cross street between Wilson and Clarendon (Edgewood) by the parking lot should just be removed and their parking expanded. The amount of back up traffic that stretches up Clarendon needs to be resolved.

        • Erik

          About a decade ago the leadership of that Whole Foods location tried to buy that street from the county. The county was quick to come back with a ‘no’ to that proposal.

          • Thes

            I’m sure the Market Common shop owners would not support closing off access from Wilson to their stores like that. Closing a busy street to make it into a parking lot? In the middle of Clarendon? Not a good idea.

          • Erik

            All that wasn’t there 8, 9 years ago. Was just an empty field.

          • Hmmm….

            What was there before A-Hole Foods?

          • Well

            I don’t understand why so many people try to park in the parking lot when there is free parking (with validation from Whole Foods) in the parking garage right across the street from the Whole Foods.
            Lazy people, can’t walk an extra 200 feet.

          • Hmmm….

            People hate parking garages. Hard to see, and more opportunity for creeps to hide out.

          • Clarendon

            That lot would be so much better if they had designed the entrance/exit more conducive to walking. The WF is pretty small and crowded in the store, I’m kind of glad there isn’t more parking.

          • NIMBY the Chicken

            That is the biggest play in Arlington… get 2 free hours for buying a smartwater and do all your midday shopping/dining.

          • bobby

            it’s the getting run over by Aholes in BMWs while trying to cross the street with your shopping that puts most people off

          • WeiQiang

            A-holes in BMWs? I thought those people were busy speeding through Lyon Park?

            Now I’m confused.

          • EPinBC

            It was the hardware and outdoors department of the Sears that was across the street.

          • karzai

            Right, I think it was called Sears garden annex or something like that.

          • YTK

            That was the best place to get tools — their garden shop was great too.

          • Brian

            Fresh Fields

          • Artie Fufkin

            Bread and Circus

  • Didn’t they just have an assault take place there?

    I’d not add alcohol to that mix… I mean the drinkers will need to come downstairs to get home…

    Trader Joes must be taking a bite out of their gross.

    I can see why, I’ve gone so often to that store that i’m kinda bored of it… they’re really trying hard to keep the customers in there.

    • Marie Antoinette

      Yes, because if you drink alcohol, you assault people.

      Thanks for the chuckle Mr. Gump!

    • Mary-Austin

      Somehow I can’t really picture that guy downing craft beers in a pub attached to Whole Foods.

      • awesomepossum

        Craft malt liquor maybe?

  • JamesE

    Down a couple of micro brews then go take a nap on a bench outside Barnes and Noble


    Finally a place on the Ballston-Rosslyn corridor where a person can get a beer! They’re really filling a void in the market….sigh.

    I can’t think of a less relaxing place to kick back with a beer. That place is so crowded (both cars and people) it raises my blood pressure just to be near it.

    • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

      well- if they are serving local brews and are having samples available as well, it may actually be a cool place to try one beer or sample a beer prior to purchasing a 6-pack of it.

      • JNCJJjr

        Finally a place on the Ballston-Rosslyn corridor where a person can get local brew or sample some beer! They’re really filling a void in the market….sigh.

        • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

          sorry that you dont have a nice life

          • JNCJJjr

            Sorry you don’t know much about the area.

      • SteamboatWillie

        Agreed. And I hope the outpouring of negative comments here means that all of these folks will stay away, leaving more room at the tap for me to sample beers and buy growlers.

        • Growlr

          what’s a growler? seriously

          • SteamboatWillie

            It’s a glass container, usually 2 liters, that is used for holding draft beer. Google search for the image. The best kind have the German swing top with a gasket seal to allow longer freshness. The longest I would allow mine to sit before drinking is one day, maybe two in rare cases, but I wouldn’t trust the screw tops to last but one.

            Below is link to a description and the image is a screw top.


          • Growlr

            tenguverymuch. must invest.

          • SteamboatWillie

            Iota has the best ones, but they cost $20 unfilled. Fireworks sells the screw tops for $6 or $7 I believe. Great to have if you want to bring a sample of craft beer to a party or just for your own enjoyment at home, etc.

            Not sure what type of growler Whole Foods sells or the price, but all three of the aforementioned establishments will fill any growler with whatever is on tap, and the price is usually in the $12-$20 range for the fill.

  • Ralph

    Yawn, Clarendon…

    Oh wait!

  • Nag

    ya brah!

  • Legitimately Rapt

    I christen it The Douchatorium.

  • JimPB

    Coffee from 8 AM. Alcoholic drinks from ????

    • His Master’s Voice

      A-Whole Town

  • WhySoUpset

    The Fair Lakes Whole Foods makes the Arlington Whole Foods look like a 7-11. Why did we get so short changed? Why god, why!!!???

    • Buckwheat

      You should check out the Whole Foods in Austin with their corporate offices upstairs. Wine bar, beer bar, BBQ cafe, seafood cafe, walk through beer barn, something Vegan for somebody, chocolate bar with running fountain (Yum!), taco bar, yogurt bar, pizza place, etc. Can’t imagine anything else!

      • Hmmm….

        I heard the salad bar has a happy ending.

    • karzai

      Ok, but Fair Lakes is Fair Lakes, and Clarendon is Clarendon. The price for an equivalent amount of space is not the same… It’s nice to be able to walk to Whole Foods, even if it is a less ambitious version than the one in Fair Lakes.

  • Brad

    I’d rather have a Wegman’s

    • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

      plenty of houses for sale in Dominion Valley!!

      • Buckwheat

        I visited a friend there 2 weeks ago. Might as well be in West Virginia. I’m not going back.

    • Capt Omar

      I’d rather have a Piggly Wiggly.

      • NIMBY the Chicken


      • SteamboatWillie

        You’ve never been to any of the three Piggly Wiggly stores in my small hometown. If you had, you wouldn’t be wishing for this.

      • Freddie

        hey, that’s the name of my new go-go bar

    • yep yeppers

      +one gazillion

  • Old School Clarendon

    Anyone remember when this store was Bread and Circus, back in the late 90’s? It was staffed by young hippie/ grunge neighborhood people. Clarendon has changed so much since then.

  • TJFan

    Does this mean they will be doing away with the upstairs seating area entirely? I like buying my lunch and eating up there….would hate to see it go.

  • cp

    Great food, horrific parking. I quit going there years ago after one too many miserable experiences looking for a space. The on-property lot is downright scarey with too many cars competing for too few spaces while pedestrians walk haphazardly around you. The other option is not viable. . .who whants to haul their groceries across a busy street to a crowded, cramped parking garage? I recommend the place only if you live within walking distance.

    • shunky

      Yeah, if only there was a crosswalk right there to provide safe passage. Oh, wait……

  • karzai

    Hopefully something will happen with the land parcel just north of the Whole Foods, which used to house Bob Peck used car lot. they tore down some small buildings on that parcel that had a gift shop, I think Shoefly was there a while, and CD cellar was there too. And now it just sits vacant with weeds and stuff. Those stores could have stayed if no one planned to build on that location this long.

    • Stalking Instructor

      You can look at the county permits site to see if they have issued permits to a particular business/developer for a particular purpose.

      • karzai

        Usually it would be broadcast on this blog if a developer filed a site plan amendment to build something there. Seeing nothing, I’ve been assuming no deal has been done for the parcel yet.

    • Karzai’s Mammy

      Isn’t that where Sam’s Corner is relocating to?

      • karzai

        I am in negotiations to buy the Sam’s Corner logo and turn it into a fro-yo franchise. Because clearly there is not enough fro you in Clarendon. Or, I might go with pizza. Haven’t decided yet.

        • Josh S


        • Jane-Dallas

          A store specializing in outfitting those who compete in triathlons would be a slam-dunk.

    • YTK

      It could become a FroYo Store.

  • Eamon De Valera

    That settles it! I am having my bachelor party there!

  • Mc

    I’d rather Whole Foods improve the quality of their prepared foods. The Clarendon location is much worse than other WF locations I’ve been to in the DC area and elsewhere. Given the limited space at this location, it feels like a wasted gesture, when there are so many other places to get coffee and beer in the neighborhood. Feels like the Clarendon WF is out of touch with neighborhood needs.

  • Ricky

    How many times have you been grocery shopping with your wife or girlfriend and wished you were at a bar….

    • Lucy

      WAAAAAHHH 8-(

  • George

    They have some nice looking women in that store!

    • bi-curious george

      menz too

      • Grindr

        menz is 342 feet and 1877 feet and 4081 feet and 1.2 miles away.

  • YTK

    Dang– they better add some height to that cutesy little fence that surrounds the eatin — now to be boozin-as-well area.

    Look at it this way Mc– after tetossing down a few beers, the clientel won’t care how the food is prepared there.

  • YTK

    TOSSING, not tetossing– I was sober when i wrote this too

  • Buckeye122

    I wish Arlington had a Wegman’s. Sigh. Who needs another craft beer pub? Snore.

  • McDeviltoast

    Maybe judgments should be held off until it actually opens? Snarky comments are fun sometimes, but a litany of negativity on every single news article? It’s boring. This isn’t the Haters Ball is it?

    • YTK

      You are so right– I’lll drink to that! Let’s meet at …WHOLE FOODS!!!!

  • Ryan

    Very excited for this! Just make sure that not 100% of your draft beers have centennial hops. Tasty sure, but it gives some of us headaches. I’m hoping for a malty porter or stout as we head into Fall. I vote for an Oatmeal Stout.


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