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Earl’s Sandwiches Expanding to Ballston

by ARLnow.com August 23, 2012 at 5:00 pm 6,892 62 Comments

Earl’s Sandwiches, located at 2605 Wilson Blvd in the Clarendon/Courthouse area, is expanding with a second location in Ballston.

The restaurant will be replacing an existing deli across the street from the Ballston Metro station. Co-owner Steve Dugan told ARLnow.com that he hopes to open in early September, after a couple days of renovations. Dugan was unable to confirm the exact address of the restaurant due to a confidentiality agreement.

Earl’s of Ballston is applying for a license to serve beer and wine, according to Virginia ABC records.

Earl’s in Courthouse offers sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and wraps, as well as soups, chili, fries and salads. Most sandwiches are made with fresh-roasted meats and range in price from $7 to $9.

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  • Rick

    Gives new meaning to pop-up restaurant if you don’t tell anyone where it’ll be til it opens.

    Are location guesses permissible?

    • John

      “across the street from the Ballston Metro”

  • James Moron

    That’s actually very welcome news

  • Chris B

    Earl’s serves seriously good food. Not fancy, but well-made. Recommended.

    • Tre

      +1. Fish Fry Special

      • awesomepossum

        I’ve heard the roast beef is great, but I found it too pricy to ever try.

        • Live a little

        • daniel

          I get out of there in the $11 range for lunch. That’s pretty average when you look at all the other options….even chains.

    • Clarendon

      When I’m feeling like something healthy I get that pork sandwich with the fries inside.

  • Sam

    This may be the best news I’ve heard all week.

  • JamesE

    Directly across is subway, 1 block away is the new York deli, probably that

    • gnarlington

      My guess is the NY deli a block away on Fairfax. Went there once. The sandwich makers were terrible, the menu/sandwich size options were confusing and it was expensive.

      I love Earl’s, it would be a great addition to the neighborhood!

      • TomTom

        I hope so. Tried that “NY Deli” once too. Walked out after realizing the insane pricing

        • BrianKal

          And it’s a big-ish location, so room to serve alcohol

        • JamesE

          I thought the prices were fine but it literally took the people working the counter 30 minutes and multiple repeated questions to make one sandwich.

  • Thes

    Earls is an outstanding example of a good locally-owned business. They do only a few things, they do them very well, and they work hard at them. They are customer oriented, as well, and have over time made small but key adjustments to their business plan. They used to be closed on Sundays, a practice which is terrible for any business located in a residential area. However, now they have a lunch line out the door 7 days a week. They used to have only 2 or 3 kinds of cheeses, which, for a non-kosher deli, is really inexcusable. But now they have more. Hopefully the owner will be able to spend enough time at the Clarendon location to keep it up to par while the second location opens.

  • Jon B.

    I agree on the good news. Love going down to Earl’s so a walkable location will be great!

  • James

    Earls path to sandwich domination continues. First Court House, next Ballston, later THE WORLD.

  • chris (no not that one)

    New York Deli isn’t directly across from the subway. Directly across from the subway is the really bad chinese restaurant, Subway, 7-11, Pizza Roma, that burger place, and First down.

    Across the street in the Quest building is Cosi and Potbelly. Across from Cosi, closer to the metro is a family owned deli. Across from it is a Quiznos.

    All around there are family owned mini marts that also serve sandwiches.

    • Chris B

      And don’t forget the Marvelous Market which is always empty, even at lunch hour.

      • Jon P

        The marvelous market is .. is not marvelous at all.

      • Rick

        Hey I’m in here on my laptop reading emails…

  • BrianKal

    Can’t ARLNow or someone who knows how it works do some investigative reporting and see where permits were filed for?

    • Jeff

      Have at it.

  • Earl’s rocks

    Can’t wait. Nice to have a new option that is sooooo good, since I’ve had to curtail my Chick-Fil-A eating b/c of the CEO’s stupidity.

    • Rick


      • Neve

        Ugh is right. I rolled my eyes so hard when I saw the comment.

  • Jon P

    I bet is the Deli next to Tivoli.

  • Henning Gers

    Strictly for tourists and passers by.

    Known by locals and workers as “Hurls”, and for good reason.

    • Greg

      You’ve got to be kidding me. Their sandwiches are fresh and well-made. Look at the number of people giving positive comments on here which, for ArlNow, is rare. Take your negativity elsewhere.

    • not your bro

      Whatever man, there’s always someone who’s gotta hate.

      Earl’s is awesome.

    • SMDC

      I’m glad someone pointed out that the sanwiches aren’t very good….

    • Josh S

      Yeah, either a troll comment or someone who hasn’t been recently. The food is good there.

      • SMDC

        I was there last week. My fiance couldn’t finish the sandwich. It was terrible.

        • Cletus Van Damme

          Earl’s is seriously good food. I always enjoy comments like this because my next question is, did you let them know that something was wrong with sandwich and give them the opportunity to make things right? No? Then shut it.

          • SMDC

            Nothing was wrong except the meat was poor quality and the bread was a weird texture. This isn’t based on one order. Ok? Thanks.

          • Greg

            Curious. What sandwich did you get?

  • bred

    I noticed today a little sign on the door of the Daily Deli on Fairfax near Randolph St, and the Ballston Metro station saying that they were closed for renovation (again!) and would be reopening soon. Could this be the spot?

  • Jeff

    Mmmm…. Monty… mmmmm….

  • Greg

    I love Earls! One of my favorite things to do is to get the cranberry and turkey sandwich, then head over to Java Shack to get a coffee drink. I’m looking forward to the Ballston location.

    • CW

      I can think of better ways to blow twenty bucks, but to each his own.

  • Love Earl’s! Glad to see it moving closer to my home

  • dogwalker

    About time a good deli came to this end of the orange line! I LOVE EARLS!!! If it truly is going in where NY deli was, I could not be happier. The last 2 restaurants were worse than terrible.

  • little birdie

    I believe its BRGR Shack that is being replaced.

    • tweet

      The deli across from the metro disguised as a burger place!

      • TJLinBallston

        Could it be that hideous pizza place that no one ventures-in more than once? Worst pizza inside the Beltway. Even the 7’11 in that little strip sucks. Hurry, Earl’s, hurry!

        • Rick

          Pizza Roma > Pizza Autentica. Although that’s like saying getting stabbed > getting shot.

          • Brian

            Not true. Ate at Roma once and never knew what people meant when they said food tastes like cardboard until I ate there. Lived in Ballston 5 years now, never been back

      • Kitty

        Well, it was a deli (Eat ‘n’ Run), under two different owners, before becoming BRGR Shack.

      • little birdie

        Just like I said. BRGR is out and Earl’s is moving in.

    • Persian that wears too much cologne

      Hopefully it does b/c BRGR Shack is a complete miss when it comes to burgers they cant even get the basics right there

  • TJLinBallston

    Earl’s will own Ballston! How many times have I driven to Earls from Ballston just to get a really decent sandwich? This is the best news we’ve had all summer.

  • South Awwlington

    disappointed in not seeing Nom’s lunch specials. Always a highlight.

  • karzai

    Earl’s is fabulous. Not only is it good, not only is it family owned, but it’s also always open and easily accessible to both business people as well as the resident community. What a dramatic contrast to a specific business that used to be in Clarendon that closed recently. (And shall remain nameless even though various people here will likely jump on me yet again based on this).

  • Chris

    I want Earl’s to stay open later

  • treemonkey5000

    i am not a fan of earl’s. they could start by ditching those cheap an crappy cisco sesame buns for a quality roll of some kind.

    ive also found their roast beef and turkey to be of poor quality and several occassions – but hey

    • Pancho

      Don’t you be talkin’ bad about Cisco.

      If you meant the food distribution company, it’s called SYSCO.

      • treemonkey5000

        ah yeah, not the video conferencing guys, they rule. earl’s sysco sesame buns on the other hand, highly disappointing

        • Farfle

          They’re Big Marty rolls. You can buy them at Giant.
          The rest of their bread, however…

  • Bacon Lover

    I just hope they open this one for breakfast! I always thought that the original was missing out on lots of bacon egg and cheese lovers.

  • Persian that wears too much cologne

    Pork and Fries. END OF STORY!

    Nothing else on that menu even comes close to this baby!


  • Sara

    An employee at brgr shack told me Earl’s was going in their location and they were closing. This was about two weeks ago.


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