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Five Arlington Companies Make Inc. 500 List

by ARLnow.com August 23, 2012 at 3:10 pm 5,212 20 Comments

Five Arlington-based companies have made Inc. Magazine’s prestigious Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

The highest on the list, at #80, is Innotion Enterprises, which has 43 employees, $35.8 million in revenue (as of 2011) and a 3-year growth rate of 3,500 percent. The company, based in Ballston, offers information technology services to the federal government and asset management services to real estate firms.

Another Ballston-based real estate management firm, Matt Martin Real Estate Management, ranked #116. The company had $31.4 million in 2011 revenue, a 3-year growth rate of 2,669 percent and has 110 employees across the country. It provides services to the real estate industry, and to the General Services Administration and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Evoke Research and Consulting, based in Rosslyn, ranked #283. The company had $8.9 million in revenue in 2011 and a 1,291 percent growth rate. Evoke employs 49 people and offers project management, budgeting, contract, portfolio management and business management strategy services to government clients.

Ballston-based Global Telesourcing is #441 on the Inc. 500 list, with $8.4 million in revenue (in 2011), 847 percent growth and 410 employees. The company provides outsourced inbound and outbound sales call centers, utilizing native-level English speakers at a facility in Monterrey, Mexico. “We achieve results and quality scores that typically outperform domestic U.S. competitors, but at a dramatically lower cost,” the company said in a press release today.

Courthouse-based A+ Government Solutions rounds out the Arlington list at #468. The company provides management and IT consulting services to government clients, specializing in health programs and human resource management. A+ had $24.5 million in revenue in 2011, a 821 percent 3-year growth rate, and has 128 employees.

Bill Colton, president of Global Telesourcing, said making the Inc. 500 list is an honor for growing companies.

“We are thrilled to make this list,” he told ARLnow.com. “It’s the ‘gold medal’ for entrepreneurs and is particularly meaningful to have earned the honor during one of the most challenging economic environments in a century.”

  • Mary-Austin

    Whoever said government doesn’t create jobs doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It has made Arlington, and Virginia in turn, very rich!
    And these are “legitimate” jobs btw haha.

    • Do Not Get Me Started

      zackly. in addition to the gov’t jobs, it is gov’t money that keeps the bigs like NG, LM, CACI, SAIC & BAE in dough, as well as all the firms down the food chain.

    • Chris M.

      I actually think it’s kind of sad. We have added $10 trillion to federal debt in the last 12 years (both parties). That is why we have never had to deal with a recession around here. That means the benefits we are currently consuming in this area will be paid for mostly by the grand kids of everyone else in the country. That is a pretty parasitic way to develop economic growth if you ask me.

      That is not even taking into consideration all the resources that companies waste on lobbing. That is another big money game around here.

      • thelevyisdry

        Exactly. This area dodged the recession at the expense of everyone else in America. I love to hear homeowners around here reminisce about what a close call it was to nearly lose 3% of their home value. They don’t realize that this area is still perched on the bubble. It never popped here, but nothing lasts forever.

      • Id

        It’s not growth it’s dependency. What happens when the Federal money stops? It’s equivalent of a military base closing killing a town. Those down the chain die because of lack of self-sufficiency.

  • Car Elevator Installer

    Republicans love to use government money to create jobs as long as it is funneled through the Pentagon or Department of Homeland Security. They just hate programs that help out students and poor people or protect our air, water, food supply, or the environment.

    • Quoth the Raven

      Yes, ALL Republicans hate all of those things.

      • Citizen

        Can’t be supportin’ none of that pesky science stuff neither.

    • Id

      Do you really think Republicans human beings with children and interests in the future of their children and families want to destroy our air water food supply and the environment? Don’t you think the consequence would be equally devastating to human beings regardless of color, race, creed, or political views? You got to put the Kool Aid down.

  • Trans-Vaginal Sonogram Manufacturer

    And they almost put my business on the list of fastest-growing companies as well.

    • Presidential Teleprompters, Inc.

      We’ve seen a huge boost in our business in the last few years.

      • Mary-Austin

        Thanks for the service you provide. Now we have a president that doesn’t sound like a babbling fool thanks to you.

        • Presidential Teleprompters, Inc.

          The best way to thank us is with a referral for new business! If you could help us generate some sales leads in the vice president’s office, that’d be great.

      • Paul Ryan

        Thank YOU!

  • YTK

    Why didn’t FroYo make the list? I’m stunned!!!

  • alksdl332

    Wow, $35.8 million and just 43 people? I’m guessing that is mostly from the asset management side as otherwise, you’d be averaging $416/hour which just doesn’t happen for IT services.

    • CW

      Wouldn’t it just be more likely that they use a crapload of outsourcing/subs/temps?

  • bemused bystander

    At what level does a “native-level English speaker” speak what native language?

  • JohnB2

    LoL at “A+” as a legit business name.

    • HP2000

      Easy JB2… I pushed for “C-” but “A+” puts us at the top of the alphabetical lists.


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