Small Fire at Silver Diner in Clarendon

by ARLnow.com September 4, 2012 at 3:50 pm 3,658 20 Comments


Firefighters responded to a small fire at Silver Diner in Clarendon (3200 Wilson Boulevard) this afternoon.

The fire was reported in a trash compactor behind the restaurant around 3:00 p.m. The flames, which did not appear to pose a threat to the building, were extinguished by the time fire trucks arrived on scene. Firefighters used a hose to douse some of the smoldering contents of the trash compactor.

Patrons of the diner did not evacuate the building during the incident, we’re told.



  • John Fontain

    I get a kick out of seeing the Sysco truck deliver food to this restaurant, which has a large sign out front that reads “Farm to Table.”

    • Regis

      Shouldn’t you be out harassing walking school children?

    • CW

      Oh cut them some slack. At their price point, they’re not going to be making their own ketchup. And Sysco does silverware, napkins, etc. too.

      • John Fontain

        You’re right, in addition to most of the key food ingredients being purchased from Sysco, they probably also buy the condiments and sundry supplies. And I have no problem with that. They sell good quality food at reasonable prices. I just think it’s funny that they dupe customers into thinking their food supplies are coming direct from a farm.

  • the original confused

    I saw this unfold and I am very curious as to firefighters response. I saw at least four trucks, one rescue truck and two fire (squad cars) SUVS. Soon after they all responded, one truck left, then one of the fire SUVs, then another truck. I am just curious as to how it works when an alarm is sent. I am just guessing but it appears that two jurisdictions responded and quickly one left. Can any one give me some insight on this?

    • Regis

      The call probably came in as “fire at a restaurant”, so they might think they need more equipment to fight a fire that involves a whole building. Once they see the minor extent of the fire and that it is outside the structure they can put some of the responding equipment back in service. Also some of the trucks may have been nearby on another call and they will sometimes just respond upon hearing the call for backup.

      • the original confused

        Thank you, this is not the first time I have seen this in Clarendon

    • Anon

      The typical “structure fire” response for ACFD includes (but isn’t necessarily limited to) the following:

      – 4 engine companies (pumpers that carry water/hoses)
      – 2 truck companies (trucks w/ tools; large ladders on top)
      – 1 rescue company (large rolling “toolbox” with specialized equipment; this was most likely Rescue 104, typically housed at the Clarendon station)
      – 1 or 2 Battalion Chiefs (the “fire SUV’s)
      – 1 Command Aide (another “fire SUV”)
      – 1 EMS Supervisor (another “fire SUV”)
      – 1 Medic Unit (ambulance)

      The initial-arriving unit will report what they find, and a determination on the need for additional resources will be made based on that assessment, and that of the first-arriving Batt. Chief (who has overall incident command, once he/she arrives). This was probably a case of the initial arriving engine finding no “working” (i.e., active) fire and light smoke, so the other units might have been either returned to service or turned around en route pretty quickly…I wasn’t there, but that’s just my guess as to why some trucks quickly left.

      The other jurisdiction (besides Arlington) might have been Ft. Myer Fire Dept. or (maybe) Fairfax County (but unlikely, given their longer response times)….

      Just my .02…

      • the original confused

        Wow, I had no idea. It just seemed excessive to me.

        • CW

          Would you rather they all just sit around at the firehouse assuming the other guy has the call and risk no one showing up?

      • Southland Driver

        The multiple units is for multiple reasons. The first that has been stated is that you don’t know what type of incident you really have until you get trained eyes on it, so enough manpower and equipment is sent to take care of the initial worst case situation. Secondly units come from different directions, hopefully in most cases, so that if one is caught in traffic, a likely case here in Arlington, others can still get there in a timely manner. It is excessive, and that is by design, because the alternative can be disasterous.

    • drax

      Better to send too much than not enough.

  • Mark

    Seven fire vehicles for a trash compactor fire?? Give me a break.

    • drax

      Because they knew exactly how big the fire was, and fires can’t possibly spread and become larger before they get there either!

      You should be in charge!

      • Mark

        A hook and ladder for a two-story building? How about two or three vehicles to start then bring in back up.

        • JJ

          A truck company is responsible for much more that just the “aerial ladder”. You might want to have a clue to what you’re talking about before posting.

        • CrystalMikey

          Ignorance is bliss.

    • JJ

      When your house is on fire make sure to only ask for one.

  • karzai

    Irishdrunkchick, are you there? I was looking forward to your comment on how hot (no pun intended) the firefighters looked….


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