Taxi Driver Tased Outside Arlington National Cemetery

by ARLnow.com September 7, 2012 at 12:25 pm 5,745 45 Comments

A U.S. Park Police officer tased a taxi driver who “became disorderly” while waiting for a fare outside Arlington National Cemetery this morning.

The incident happened around 11:00 a.m. According to U.S. Park Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Brooks, an officer approached a cab that was waiting for a fare on Memorial Drive, near the cemetery, and asked to see the driver’s hack (taxi) license. The driver refused, became disorderly and exited his vehicle without being asked to do so, Brooks said. There was some sort of confrontation and the officer used a Taser to subdue the driver.

Medics from Arlington County responded to the scene to evaluate the driver, per standard procedure following a Taser deployment. The driver was arrested, but Brooks was unable to say what he was charged with.

No word yet on whether the taxi was from D.C., Arlington or another jurisdiction cab.

  • b-money

    OK, which crowd will rule the comments thread – the ‘F the Po-lice’ crowd or the ‘Cab Drivers Suck’ crowd?

    • TomTom

      Cab Drivers Suck, esp the DC ones.

    • CW

      Cab drivers suck.

      I am usually very hard on ACPD but I consider this an excellent use of police resources because taxi drivers suck.

      • CrystalMikey

        Ah, but this was the Park Police

        • CW

          Ah, right, good call there. ACPD should take notes, maybe some sharing of best practices, etc.

          • dll

            ACPD has killed two people with tasers. They need to take anger management classes, not notes.

    • drax

      Um, guys, you’re not actually supposed to pick one. It was a trick question.

  • Not Me

    “The driver refused…. exited his vehicle without being asked to do so…..

    Yep, that’s generally when things turn for the worse.

    He was then given 50,000 reasons why that was a bad idea.

    • Bro

      LOL +1

    • Joe M.

      Because Exiting your vehicle without being asked to do so is enough of a threat to a LEO to justify tazing?

      (that’s my only comment on this matter. We don’t know whether the tazing was justified. we don’t have all the info. we might not be appropriately trained in identifying threats, et cetera, I know. Just saying that if the article is trying to should cause and effect, it’s either not doing a good job, of the effect wasn’t commensurate with the cause)

  • Don’t tase me Popo

    Sounds like he was charged with not listening and unlawful impersonation of cooking bacon.

    • Regis

      Obvious joke is not obvious?

      • YTK

        [Post removed per comment policy]

        • drax

          It refers to the human body being tased.

        • sizzler

          pretty obvious to me

  • Greg

    “Brooks was unable to say what he was charged with.”

    50,000 volts right? Or were the batteries a little run down?

    • AI


    • b-money


  • Id

    Don’t Tase me Bro!

    • ArLater

      Shocked I had to scroll down this many comments before seeing this!

  • SomeGuy

    Is there reason there’s no mugshot because the US Park Police aren’t as cozy with ARLNow as ACPD likes to be?

    • drax

      The story was posted 90 minutes after it happened. The guy’s mugshot might not even be taken yet.

      Or maybe the park police’s mug shot slanting device isn’t working.

    • HighViewPunk

      Someone accidentally bumped the mugshot camera into the horizontal position. They’re currently calibrating the brofile angle.

  • bert

    anyone causing a scene, esp by not cooperating with park police, at THE ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY deserves to be tased and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Rebecca

      Agree completely with Bert. He might not have really been waiting for a fair… he could have been up to no good.

    • Joe M.

      Wow. The Irony of your post is astounding. In the memorial of those who fell for our country, you propose abdicating the principles that we hold dearest, because of the personal offense you take to “someone making a scene.”

  • Rebecca

    Doubtful it was a DC cab. Getting them to come into VA is like pulling teeth.

    • JamesE

      Refusing to get out of the cab usually gets them to go. The trick is getting in first and telling them, not the other way around

    • yeah

      +1… or maybe that’s why he was so irate!

    • John Fontain

      I loved DC Cab. Especially Mr. T!

    • Kiffee

      Actually you’d be surprised – I walk by there pretty often & there are usually at least a few DC cabs waiting for a fare. I’ve always wondered how they get away with that since they’re in VA.

      • Cabbies

        I’m pretty sure DC cabs can pick up in Arlington as long as the destination is DC. Just like how you can call a Red Top to pick you up in DC.

      • Rand McNally

        Strangely, the DC border comes almost up to the Arlington Cemetery metro stop there. Washington Blvd, Memorial Circle, and northbound GW parkway are all in DC in that area. Not sure why. Maybe DC did that while we weren’t looking.

        • drax

          The border is the Virginia side of the river. Note the little canal thingie there, which is actually the river. Note it’s name – Boundary Channel.

  • craig


    • list


      • Pyrex


        • bum


          • Robert Plant


  • Thomas

    I once ate a foot long hot dog on a nude beach…. I’ll never do that again.

    • Clarendon Skank

      Was he Serbian?

  • Eww DC Cabs

    I hope it was a DC cabbie, they’re the worst! Although I have had a pretty crappy experience with EnviroCab recently

  • The Bible

    Now we have to put up with random ID checks in America?

    • The War on Terror

      You’re welcome


    UBER for the Win

    ACPD sucks as well as DC cabs. Maybe UBER can start doing police duties. They will arrest you in very nice cars, never taze you, and let you know exactly how long you will be jailed for.


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