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by ARLnow.com September 10, 2012 at 8:25 am 3,643 36 Comments

Boat Capsizes Under 14th Street Bridge — A boat capsized under the 14th Street Bridge just before Saturday afternoon’s storms. D.C. police rescued 19 people from the water. No injuries were reported. [Associated Press]

Work on Memorial Bridge Begins — The National Park Service is beginning a project to repair the concrete deck, curbs and sidewalks of the Memorial Bridge today. Drivers can expect lane closures on the bridge between 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on weekdays, and throughout the weekend. [WJLA]

Yorktown Routs Wakefield — The Yorktown High School Patriots defeated the Wakefield Warriors 59-6 on Friday night. Arlington’s other high school, Washington-Lee, defeated Fairfax by a score of 13-7. [Sun Gazette, MaxPreps]

Upgrades Planned for Reagan National — The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is planning to spend $45 million to upgrade the aging Terminal A at Reagan National Airport. Planned upgrades include wider security checkpoints, more baggage handling areas, updated ticket counters and better bathrooms. The MWAA is also studying the possibility of adding more parking spaces at the airport. [Washington Examiner]

  • internet tourettes

    National Airport please…

    • Steve R

      Get over it, please….

    • Hollywood

      um no…

    • wow&flutter


    • CW


    • Josh S

      Is this about the name?

      No one actually calls it Reagan National, right? “Which airport are you flying into?” “National.” Boom. End of story.

      At least Reagan was simply appended to the name so it’s easy to ignore. Much more outrageous is Sears Tower being renamed. Or Candlestick Park (ok, it’s back to Candlestick now, but sh*t that was devastating (even if the place is and always has been a bit of a dump)). Or, more generally, the loss of place names in general that are other than advertisements for corporations. It’s a crying shame, really.

      • Hollywood

        Actually most people say “Reagan.” This is supported by a personal, anecdotal study conducted in my mind with a sample size under 20. Boom.

        • JA4

          I still say “National.” And I always will. It’s nothing against Reagan at all… I also say “Cabin John Bridge.”

        • agreed

          It has zero to do with political persuasion, but I worked at the airport in a retail location for years and every single employee and regular customer refered to it simply as the location “at Reagan” if anything I heard “the airport” and never National or another abbreviation. Not sure if it’s a locals/non-locals OR if it’s folks who don’t know that historical it was National before being Reagan National, but still.

          I don’t care one way for another but I just LOVE comments that start with “No one ever…”

      • Mary-Austin

        Plenty of people call it Reagan.
        The percentage of people who have come here after the name change is probably pretty high.

      • Id

        I say, “Reagan.”

    • NoVapologist

      Do you call Kennedy airport Idlewild?

      • Josh S

        Good point.

        You’d think I would have learned by now that lots of people don’t think like me. I still think it should be twenty twelve, not two thousand and twelve, but I think it’s a losing battle…….

      • Id

        Or, excuse me, I am flying into Thurgood Marshall Airport.

    • The Bible

      There cannot be enough monuments to the president who tripled the National Debt during his presidency!!!

  • Ben

    How about instead of more parking – more terminals so US can get rid of those stupid buses…

    • drax

      You want them to build an entire new terminal? Just so you don’t have to ride a bus for a few minutes, or take Metro? Where would they build it? How much will it cost us all?

      • drax

        Ah, wait – you must mean more gates.

        Again, where?

        • Ben

          Rebuild Terminal A to give more gates, put a small gate section near terminal C (where the parking lot is) etc.

          I think if they got clever they could fit in more gates.

          • Regis

            There should also be a lot of space beyond Terminal A, past the last pier where all the general aviation used to park. Unless some of the airlines are using that for maintenance.

          • CW

            Terminal A is amazing, my favorite airport terminal anywhere, leave it like it is.

          • drax

            Because we have piles of money lying around to rebuild entire terminals just so someone can walk to a gate instead of getting on a bus sometimes.

          • Regis

            Don’t know who you mean by “we”, but there are always piles of money laying around somewhere. That’s why you never look out over this area without seeing a few construction cranes.

          • drax

            By “we” I meant the taxpayers, and they sure don’t have piles of money lying around.

            (Cue a trolley and/or Artisphere comment).

    • BrianKal

      Its regional planes, a regional terminal is quite different from mainline. Most aiports bus to the ERJs and CRJs

  • Ben, by US do you mean US Air? Do they take you on buses to an airplane at National? I’ve never seen that. That would drive me NUTS!

    • Ben

      Yea – for their smaller CRJ jets you take a bus to a spot in front of the maintenance hanger to board.

  • dang!

    thank doG ! Terminal A is like going back in time especially when compared to B &C

    yeah that whole take-a-bus-to-your-plane biz stinks
    Gate 35B hte USAirways shuttle service bays…they stack up about 10 plane loads of folks in that waiting area, you can hardly hear anything and then its a mad dash down to line up to get on….a bus ? …you ride out to the place and then up the stairs to your flying cigar can
    Thanks for flying UScareways

    • CW

      Hmm, weird, last time I flew the USAir Shuttle it was just a normal jetway.

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        I don’t think dang! meant “The Shuttle.” 35B takes you to a bus to one of the smaller RJ’s or even prop planes that they fly to smaller airports – Nantucket, for example.

        • dang!

          You’re right – I mean all the little regional hoppers that UScareways makes..not “The Shuttle” which has its own area

          gate 35B feels more like a bus terminal than an airport lounge ! and sometimes those bus rides to the plane feel like they are just going to drive us to our destination instead of fly, because the contract of carriage doesnt say we have to arrive in a plane!

  • ohhh that is just sad. I don’t fly US Air, so I’ve never had the pleasure.

  • OldYeller

    Good news. Terminal A is totally ghetto. If it weren’t for JetBlue, I’d never enter the place.

    • CW

      The food could be better. A second Five Guys location in A would kill. But Jetblue, Airtran/Southwest, Air Canada, Frontier – I’ve had great experiences there with all of them.

      • BrianKal

        A was cool to see the awesomeness/grandeour of air travel back in the day. Took an early morning F9 flight to DEN and was fun, much different than B/C

  • Not a fan

    Does exterminating the mice that live by the gates count as an “upgrade?” After watching them scuttle around near the seats by the windows, I no longer sit there. Or put my carry-on bag on the floor while charging my electronics there.


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