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Registration Open for Crystal City Diamond Derby

by ARLnow.com September 13, 2012 at 4:00 pm 3,472 17 Comments

The area’s only bicycle derby that occurs inside a garage is returning to Crystal City.

The Crystal City Diamond Derby will take place on Saturday, September 29 from 4:00-10:00 pm. The venue is the underground parking garage at 2345 Crystal Drive, which will be transformed into an urban cycling course.

Riders of all abilities can try out the courses, some casual and others competitive. The Kids’ Derby and D&Q River Ride are free, but there are fees to enter the Open Course Challenge, Team Competition and 4X Comps. Registration for the various events is available online. All participants must have their own bikes and helmets.

Spectators are welcome in the viewing areas, and can check out other activities such as the new cycling inspired fashion shows. There will also be street art, music and food and drinks. The evening will close with the presentation of awards, around 9:40 p.m.

Photo via diamond-derby.com. Disclosure: The Crystal City BID is an ARLnow.com advertiser.

  • matey

    I would go…but I expect that somewhere in Arlington there will be some paint drying that would provide more exitement.

    • agrred

      + 1. And that Ragnar Relay is stupid too.

      • ArLater

        Why is the Ragnar Relay stupid? Are you just some fat a$$ who sits on his couch all day? Stupid to be in shape and run 20 plus miles. yup…

    • Schoolmarm

      Or possibly a spelling class?

    • DynaFlash 8

      If we could merge The County’s fixation to paint Puke Green stripes on the streets and the aforementioned “street art” available at this event, then you would have some paint to watch dry.

      I agree, more interesting than riding a bike in a facility that will have stale exhaust and petroleum fumes. You can’t escape that underground garage perfume.

  • Fat Guy in Spandex

    Oh boy, this is going to be great!

  • Michael H.

    The spring Diamond Derby was fun. Interesting how some people can determine how enjoyable it is without ever attending or seeing it.

  • B22201

    Thought it would be cool. . . but then read that your bike has to have brakes on it.

  • Elizabeth

    Went this spring — it was weird. Only three or four people biking with most people just standing around. They were definitely overserving — saw a couple people throwing up on the sidewalk outside later that night.

    • MB

      Oh, right, definitely only three or four people riding – http://www.flickr.com/photos/blacknell/6827294496/in/set-72157629197860440

      • Elizabeth

        Sorry, when I was there (for an hour or so), I only saw three or four people riding — I was in between events, which made for a weird lag time. I expected there to be heats the whole time because standing around in a parking garage is boring. No need to get defensive.

  • butwait

    There’s alcohol! That changes everything!

  • CW

    Definitely not a legit alleycat, you can tell by the presence of derailleurs in those pics.

    • D'oh!

      Definitely not a legit anything.


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