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by ARLnow.com September 28, 2012 at 9:30 am 3,377 19 Comments

Officials Prepare for USS Arlington Commissioning — Arlington County Board Chairman Mary Hynes, county treasurer Frank O’Leary and other local leaders traveled to Norfolk on Wednesday to meet with Navy officials to plan for the commissioning of the USS Arlington, a new amphibious transport ship named after the county. The commissioning ceremony is currently planned for April 2013. [Sun Gazette]

José Andrés Food Truck Coming to Arlington — Famed local chef José Andrés (of Jaleo fame) is bringing his new food truck venture in Arlington. The “Pepe” food truck is expanding its service area from the District to Montgomery County and Arlington. The truck serves a rotating selection of flautas — a type of Spanish sandwich. [Huff Post DC]

Arlington Scores Above Average, Below Fairfax on SATs — Arlington Public Schools students in the class of 2012 scored an average of 1641 (out of 2400) on the SATs. That score is above the national average of 1498 and above the state average of 1517, but slightly below the Fairfax County average of 1654. [Patch]

Pentagon Exhibit Seeking Veteran Artists — An organization called the Veteran Artist Program is seeking art submissions from military veterans for a new veteran art exhibit at the Pentagon. Organizers told ARLnow.com that they’ve received numerous submissions from around the county, but not many from the Northern Virginia area. The entry deadline is Oct. 30. [Veteran Artist Program]

Clarendon Salon to Hold Grand OpeningCasal’s de Spa and Salon has been open at 3033 Wilson Blvd in Clarendon since June, but the business will be holding its official “grand opening” ceremony this weekend. The non-tipping salon will be offering food, libations, and music from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 29.

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  • internet tourettes

    I wonder if the ship will have “Frank O’Leary” in big font over USS Arlington?

    • NorthArlingTim

      * SPEW *

  • B22201

    José Andrés better not park his watermelon foam making self for more than 1 hour, or he’s going to get a ticket in Arlington.

    • Jackson

      Will the 1-hour limit be waived once the landlords drive all the regular restaurants out of business, or will food tricks still be blamed?

      • Eeeevil Landlord’s Local 105

        Everyone knows we hate restaurants, and that it’s in our best interest to drive our tenants out of business. We hate tenants in general. They suck.

        • B22201

          It’s only an issue if you’re in plain view. El Chilango has been parked in the same block for years now, and nobody says anything about that.

          Park in Rosslyn, and try to take business from McDonalds, and they’ll be after you.

  • JnA

    How much is the U.S.S Arlington commissioning going to cost Arlington taxpayers? Please don’t tell me it won’t cost taxpayers anything. This is the same Frank O’Leary who is making car tax decal selection and the car tax deadline into major festivals, paid for by taxpayers.

  • JimPb

    High SES predicts high educational achievement – and SAT scores, Arlington’s SAT scores don’t seem as good as I would expect,

    • Anon


  • John Fontain

    I think all children deserve to be above average. Each and every one.

    • sunflower

      only in lake woebegone

  • Ted

    Laissez fair capitalism is thriving in Arlington under the guise of Liberalism. In whose interests is it for struggling food trucks to compete with struggling restaurants? Obviously in the interests of the on-the-job retirees at 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Chamber of Commerce, BIDs, etc.

    • Frog

      You’re right, we should ban either restaurants or food trucks.

      • Marie Annetoinette

        Let them eat Cupcake!

  • duke

    Now, now. Leave Frank alone. He’s working on the USS O’Leary for when he finally retires or is voted out…

    • Voted Out ??

      This is especially true for a guy who promised not to run ever again if the voters would just give him one more term……..that was two terms ago if memory serves.

  • Peter

    If the local media (including the blogs) weren’t such a disgrace to journalism they would be calling for O’Leary to resign. Here’s a guy who’s merciless in collecting meals tax from struggling food truck owners who are competing with struggling restaurant owners; meals tax revenue that O’Leary uses to promote his own pet interests.

    • Frog

      Are you Roberto Donna (who owes the County a Half Million in unpaid meals taxes)? He collects the taxes, he doesn’t keep the taxes, you moron. Also, you sound just like “Ted” and “JnA”. Try mixing things up a bit.

      • Peter

        Anyone who writes articulate sentences on this blog is suspect. I don’t want O’Leary spending a penny of tax revenue on wasteful and unnecessary events and projects. I do want restaurants to succeed, not go bankrupt, go out of business, be in arrears on taxes. Why are so many restaurants struggling? If County employees spend their work days posting comments to blogs there clearly needs to be a comprehensive audit of county government


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