Hikaru Sushi in Courthouse Closes

by ARLnow.com October 1, 2012 at 2:50 pm 7,238 41 Comments

A small Japanese restaurant in Courthouse has closed.

Hikaru Sushi, at 2200 Wilson Blvd, closed its doors over the weekend, we’re told. The restaurant’s sign has been taken down, the phone lines have been disconnected, and workers could be seen removing kitchen equipment on Saturday.

One resident reported via Twitter that the owner of the Hikaru told customers that he was moving and thus decided to close the restaurant. We were unable to reach the owner for comment.

The restaurant enjoyed generally positive reviews on Yelp. It recently sold a Groupon deal that expired on Sept. 19.

Photo via hikaru-sushi.com. Hat tips to @shtickstickler, @ClarendonScene and @Tamarabrams

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Thought ARLnow went dark. Hadn’t been able to get my news fix for hours.

    and still modereated 🙁 I must have been a very bad boy.

    • nom de guerre

      I was unable to access it since approx. 11:30 am until now.

  • SMDC

    I enjoyed this food at this place…very convenient, but hated the request in the bathroom that customers NOT flush toilet paper, and instead throw in in the garbage.

    Really, really grossed me out.

    • novasteve

      Are you serious?

      • SMDC

        100% serious. It was gross.

        • drax

          Same thing at that empenada/gelatto place across from Whole Foods. Gross. It’s a plumbing thing.

          • malaka

            I thought they only did that on Greek islands. Yuk. New buildings in Arlington should have first world plumbing you would have thought?

          • drax

            These aren’t new buildings though. And it’s not just about the buildings, it’s the sewer system they are connected to. It may be very old.

            In fact, some third world plumbing, where it exists, is alot better because it was built very recently.

    • CW

      There are a lot of countries where this is standard practice.

      As far as I am aware, though, Japan is not one of them.

      • JamesE

        due to bad plumbing

      • SMDC

        This was intended as a reply, but posted below: In my experience, neither is the US one of them.

        It just seemed rather unsanitary…

        • JamesE

          Never take a #2 in a public bathroom!

          • CW

            LOL, words to live by.

        • David

          That seems odd, I would think plumbing standards anywhere in the US are up to par, I can see them saying no sanitary waste other that paper, perhaps that is what they meant. Was just in Central American they do not have plumbing to handle paper.

          • SMDC

            The sign specifically states no toilet paper due to plumbing issues. Seems unusual in Court House. But, there isn’t another restaurant in that particular building — perhaps that’s the reason.

          • drax

            Well, no, we can have bad plumbing. All pipes get old. Roots invade pipes, they clog up, they break and leak, etc. Or the plumbing in a particular building is done poorly.

          • Clarendon

            I was in Crete for a month and the hotel there was the same way. Had a special little trash can for the used toilet paper that they emptied daily.

    • John K

      Ew. It’s suprisingly necessary in large parts of the world, but I would have thought it unnecessary for anything standing in Arlington…

      • CW

        Yeah. Dog murals and sandwich boards are a threat to the public safety and integrity of our community, but no need for the pipes to be able to handle TP.

        • drax

          Did the dog mural fight take money away from sewer maintenance?

          • John K

            Well, something did. I’m happy to blame it on the dog mural fight. Perhaps it was the fancy bus stops they’re putting in.

  • Larchmont

    Bummer. It was a great lunch spot.

  • novasteve

    🙁 Never went there but walked by about every day. Please, no froyo to replace it. I think either Hikaru underwent a name change or took over from another business not that long ago.

    • SomeGuy

      Was that location a Panda Express at one point?

      • Tai Shan

        I think you’re right.

      • Novanglus

        It was called Panda Maxx, not related to the chain.

  • Chris

    I was just there on Friday night, it seemed pretty normal to me.

  • SMDC

    In my experience, neither is the US one of them.

  • Westover2

    Just went here using the Groupon, had a great time and sushi was good. We were looking forward to returning, I guess not anymore. 🙁

  • Jason S.

    I want there once, they had ramen banners in front, but not ramen. I never returned (yes, I was that bitter).

    It’s been for sale for a long time, I wonder if somebody is moving in.

  • Zach

    I suspect this storefront is highly likely to become a frozen yogurt shop. I don’t know how the various chains have allowed a gap that runs from Rhodes St. to Edgewood St. in the Arlington fro-yo landscape.

    Anyway, Hikaru was not very good. Asahi Sushi in the plaza is much better.

  • Novanglus

    Can’t say I’m surprised. The food was great there and we were getting take-out Sushi regularly. But many times over the summer we’d call in our order and be told that it would take 60-90 minutes (for sushi!). Sounds like they lost some staff and couldn’t (or didn’t want to) replace them.

  • Stew Magnuson

    Death location. I have seen many restaurants come and go at that spot.

  • westcoastgirl

    please, please, please all i want is Jamba juice to come back to Arlington.

    • CW


    • Quoth the Raven

      Great idea. +100000000

  • Peter

    How many Arlington restaurants closed or stated they are closing during September? Ten?

    Where is Chef Robert and Restaurant Impossible?

  • citydweller

    Can Perfect Pita please move here- a larger location would be awesome.

    • Willie Horton

      You know there’s one right across the street, right?

      • citydweller

        Well of course I know- but they really need to move to a larger location. That little shop is swamped everyday.

        • Dukakis’ tank chauffeur

          Love me some pita


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