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Which Wich Sandwich Shop Coming to Ballston

by Katie Pyzyk October 10, 2012 at 12:20 pm 6,961 40 Comments

A new restaurant is getting ready to move in at 4300 Wilson Blvd in Ballston.

Which Wich is preparing to move into the neighborhood, apparently into the space previously occupied by the recently closed Daily Grind.

The chain touts more than 50 customizable sub sandwiches, including a few breakfast options, as well as salads and shakes. The restaurants highlight their unique way of ordering, in which customers use markers to write their orders on brown paper bags, and the sandwiches are delivered to them in those bags.

The Ballston location will be the third in Virginia. A company representative said it’s too early to know an exact opening date, but the goal is early in 2013.

  • Becoming indifferent

    Never knew we had a Daily Grind in Arlington. I’ve been to one in Front Royal and thought it was quite good. Wish I had known.

    • speonjosh

      Pssst. There’s no copyright on the name “Daily Grind.”

      • Becoming indifferent

        The logo is the same.

      • Was the same company, but this location was horribly mismanaged and terrible.

        • Becoming indifferent

          Thanks for confirming.

          And thanks for your worthless comment speonjosh.

  • Tabs

    “The restaurants highlight their unique way of ordering, in which customers use markers to write their orders on brown paper bags, and the sandwiches are delivered to them in those bags.”

    That’s not unique. The Brown Bag does the same thing.

    • Stacy

      Where is Brown Bag?

      • CW

        It’s a local semi-chain. I’ve been to the one downtown (Farragut square-ish), but I don’t recall writing anything on a bag. Terrible, overpriced sandwiches anyhow.

        • drax

          Interesting – Google shows one in Rosslyn.

        • Tabs

          It’s newish–the “writing on a brown bag.”

          Don’t like it; preferred the old environmentally friendly way–crayon on wipeable laminated menus.

          But I disagree re: the sandwiches. There are some tasty ones.

          • CW

            Hmm, might be time for another try then.

          • tabs

            Try the big apple turkey or the buffalo chic. Their salads are good.

  • JimPB

    Will the ordering on and delivering in a brown bag change if and when ArlCo follows Montgomery County MD and others in imposing a charge on bags (5 cents each in Montgomery County).

    • CrystalMikey

      That’s not for just plastic?

    • CW

      Can someone please disable the PolicyBot?

      • Quoth the Raven


  • novasteve

    Arlington, the USA, needs aplace like they have in London where they just sell prepackaed sandwiches, from prawn sandwiches to chicken tikka. And no, Pret A manger sucks and is overpriced. Talking about like Harts the Grocer.

  • Great News

    Best news i’ll hear all day. Ballston is becoming a mecca for great lunch spots – Earls, Protein Bar, Wich Wich are all great additions to Pot Belly and Big Buns.

    • Skyline

      Back in the early 90’s I worked in Ballston and remember occasionally going into Clarendon for something different because the choices were slim (but the did have a Schlotzsky’s back then). We moved to Skyline from Ballston aound 2005 and I miss it because of the bustling lunch time that had developed then – now there is so much more.

    • Dude Where’s My Car

      Unsolicited testimonial: I recently ate at the Earl’s in Clarendon for the first time, and it was pretty much the best turkey sandwich I have EVER had. Possibly the best sandwich, period. A turkey sandwich can be so flavorless and bland these days, but the one at Earl’s was exquisitely savory.

      I hope the Ballston Earl’s can keep up the quality.

  • nom de guerre

    Speaking of sandwiches, today’s Sam’s Food Truck daily special is a Cuban sandwich featuring thinly sliced, slow roasted Berkshire pork shoulder with Serrano and Iberico hams, melted Gruyère cheese and artisan, small batch dill pickles on a grilled pan de agua.

    • Tabs

      Which ‘wich will we want Wednesday?

      • WeiWeiQiang

        With Halloween coming up, will we have to decide which witch ‘wich to which we switch?

        • LPS4DL

          Two witches watched two wrist watches. Which witch watched which wrist watch?

  • Cletus Van Damme

    I’ve ate at one in Houston. The food sucks. That’s my opinion. Try it for yourself and develop your own.

    • Virginia^2

      I ate there twice in Texas recently and it was delicious both times. The ease of ordering and efficiency was pretty great, too.

    • Love Which Wich

      I’ve eaten at a Which Wich many times and its been phenomenal each time. Please try it for yourself and you’ll see that its great.

      • Cletus Van Damme

        ^ Come on? Really? At least disguise your registered name if you’re going to troll.

  • Peasant

    Will it turn me into a newt?

  • NIMBY the chicken

    The ARLnow universe has taken its toll on their website… it stinks!

  • Arlingtoner33

    Use to go to a Which Wich when i lived in Arizona…average at best, i wouldnt go out of my way for it tho.

  • Korie Chappman

    now THIS is why my fartbros and me live in A-TOWN! real sandwich places, REAL pizza, REAL culture! top it off with the newly remodeled mcdonalds off wilson and im lovin it! heck yeah! PKA for life brothers! join us at clarendon ballroom friday to tip off the fall seazon broze!

    • WeiWeiQiang

      bros not clos [du bois] !!

  • Deadite

    The website seriously makes this place look like Sheetz, only with paper bags replacing the touch-screens. Sandwiches look the same, and they’ve even got quirky lingo and everything. I’ll probably still check it out before writing it off, though.

  • Arlie

    Can we just get a Wawa?

    • +1,000

    • Faye Jissette

      This ain’t the sticks.

      • Arlie

        Oh I forgot, we are better than that. We prefer to pay top dollar for bland food around here.


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