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Bikeshare Fares Well But Cyclists Cautioned of Hazards

by Katie Pyzyk October 31, 2012 at 3:30 pm 3,569 19 Comments

Capital Bikeshare is back in business following Superstorm Sandy, but cyclists are warned that hazardous conditions remain on the streets and trails.

Capital Bikeshare did not experience damage to any of its bicycles or docking stations, we’re told. The system did shut down for about 36 hours to prevent people from biking in dangerous conditions, and to protect the workers who have to travel around the metro area to re-distribute bikes where they’re needed.

The system began running again on Tuesday afternoon, and workers spent some time playing catch up on bike re-distribution.

Although larger obstacles such as fallen trees or downed wires still pose a problem for cyclists, BikeArlington’s Chris Eatough said such hazards are relatively easy to spot and shouldn’t take too many people by surprise. The lingering issue that might catch cyclists off guard is wet ground covered with slick leaves.

“The main thing we’ve heard and that I’ve noticed is slippery conditions. A lot of leaves came down along with everything else. They’ve come down so heavily saturated that in many cases they’re matted to the trails and roads,” Eatough said. “It’s definitely something to watch out for. That could take you off your bike before you even know what’s going on.”

Cyclists are reminded to control their speeds and use extra caution when turning. As always, cyclists should use a light when traveling in the dark. Eatough said the light is particularly important to have as darkness sets in earlier, especially with daylight saving time beginning on Sunday (November 4).

Cyclists looking for the latest biking conditions, including those on the trails, can check in online with the Washington Area Bike Forum or follow BikeArlington’s Twitter feed.

  • WeiQiang

    Before CaBi starts with “do not attempt to jump fallen oak trees” and “do not try to cross the Potomac on other than a bridge”, can they start again with “wear a helmet”, “do not text or compose e-mail while the bike is in motion”, and “obey traffic signs and signals”.

    • TuesdaysChild

      How about “do not wear iPod”? I see that frequently.

  • Mick

    Those who need to be told are probably impervious to the message warning them about trail hazards.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    Really, the Nanny state at it’s finest, we have to take the decision out of peoples hands whether it’s safe to BIKE. Just goes to show not to DEPEND on gov’t for anything. So if I was living the car free life – no metro, no bus, no bike.

    • drax

      A guy who depends on the state to supply him with bikes is complaining about the nanny state. Buy your own bike and ride whenever you want, genius.

      • Puddinhead


      • happycyclist

        suburban not urban is a Cabi user?

        • drax

          I don’t know, but he was speaking for them in the hypothetical. So was I.

          • happycyclist

            okay – I wonder how many real CaBi users would spout antinanni state rhetoric.

            In my opinion CaBi is probably a wise use of state resources – in DC the govt commitment will become smaller relatively when they put ads on the stations – IIUC thats not legal in Arlington?

    • Damon

      So, am I missing something? Are you saying it would be better if we asked the Nanny state to build us highways but not CaBi? Do you think drivers are less dependent on government than CaBi users? Do you have wings and so you therefore don’t need any government transportation programs of any kind in order to get around? Sorry, I just can’t believe your comment is really about dependence on government. It seems to me that your comment is really about setting government spending priorities, and you oppose CaBi. So, following your logic, though, let’s get rid of CaBi and then we can … drive more since that reduces dependence on government. Is that it?

  • Sam the Cat

    How about texting while riding? Is that cause for concern? It ‘is’ a bicycle and therefore not subject to flipping over.

    • drax

      Even bikes may be affected by the Arlington Gravity Anomaly.

    • BoogshireFarm

      That just means they’re subject to tippin’ over instead of flippin’ over.

      • WeiQiang

        it’s called an “endo”

        • Puddinhead

          The government should have installed anti-endo devices on the bikes – you can’t depend on them for anything.

  • Ted

    My residential neighborhood was not designed to be an activity and recreation area for the region. Also, why are bicycle racks not being constructed for neighborhood residents who own bicycles?

    • happycyclist

      my understanding is that CaBi bikes are often used for commuting, errands, etc. I syou nabe not designed for those things?

      And IIUC ArlCo is pushing more bike parking.

    • drax

      Your residential neighborhood also wasn’t designed to be a major highway, but cut-through car traffic might cause it to be someday. Bike traffic is alot better.

    • Gramps

      And neither was my lawn, so get off!!!


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