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by ARLnow.com November 8, 2012 at 9:50 am 4,239 38 Comments

Dems Planning for the Next Campaign — “The campaign for 2013 begins tomorrow,” the chairman of the Arlington County Democratic Committee told local Democrats at the committee’s meeting Wednesday night. Next year there will be a gubernatorial election in Virginia and House of Delegates races in Arlington, among other races. Arlington Democrats ran the table on Tuesday, winning every race, with the exception of a state constitutional amendment question. [Sun Gazette]

Bergmann’s Discussion Deferred — The Arlington Planning Commission was forced to defer consideration of a proposed 10-story redevelopment of the Bergmann’s Dry Cleaning site after Hurricane Sandy delayed the mailing of notices to local residents. The Waverly Hills Civic Association, located about a mile from the development, has expressed opposition to it. [Arlington Mercury]

Tech Tutoring at Library — From iPads to social networks to computer software, the Aurora Hills Branch Library is offering 45-minute one-on-one tech tutoring sessions for residents. Appointments are now being taken for Monday, Dec. 3. [Arlington Public Library]

  • Ballston

    What is this crane building? I can see it from my office window, but have been wondering what it’s working on

    • John Fontain

      RIP Crunchwrap Supreme. I will forever hold you close to my heart.

      • drax

        I mourn for all seven layers, but especially 2 and 5.

        • John Fontain


      • Ballston

        You just made my morning super depressing

      • JamesE

        *Pours out Mountain Dew Baja Blast, RIP Taco Bell.

        • John Fontain

          Poured from a 40 with Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise playing in the background.

  • JimPB

    Kudos to ARLCo library for tutoring on using IT devices.

    Hope the tutoring includes protecting against viruses, spyware and hacking.

  • ballsteve

    Let’s not begin to try to do any work as a result of the elections, it’s election season again, baby!

    • drax

      That’s how it works in Virginia, since our state holds elections in odd years for state offices. Not the Democrats’ fault.

    • Sam B

      Political parties themselves (e.g. Democratic Committee) aren’t the elected officials. They aren’t responsible for any governing. They are administrative and manage the party.

  • Captain_Obvious

    “Republicans are sometimes just plain mean,” Garvey said. “They really can’t get much meaner, less inclusive or more myopic.” Yep, that’s your county board member, Libby Garvey !!

    • JamesE

      She must read Steve’s posts here

      • drax

        +99 quadrillion

      • Tabs

        I bet she does.

    • SomeGuy

      That’s a rather mean and uninclusive position she’s taking against many of the constituents she’s elected to represent.

      • CP

        I bet some Republicans voted for her, too.

      • drax

        When you actually read the story and put the quote in context, she’s referring to the national Republicans and their message, not everyday Arlington Republican voters. And she has a very good point that Republican leaders should listen to if they want to win elections.

        • Captain_Obvious

          How do you put into context calling a group of people “meanies”? Is she 8 years old ? Does she think we are all small-minded people ?

          • CP

            The context is derived from the her audience at the time, so draw your conclusions from that.

          • Captain_Obvious

            Her audience is Arlington. Not only is she calling some people who may have voted for her “meanies”, but she also uses an extremely immature word that elementary kids call each other. Conclusion: She’s naive and stupid and treats people like they are children.

          • drax

            She was referring to the message of the national GOP. They acted like children, so the word was appropriate.

          • CP

            I think that sums up a lot of Arlington dems quite well.

          • WeiQiang

            you, sir, are a cockypants.

          • Josh S

            You’re just a big meanie! Calling her all those icky names!! Boo on you!!!

          • drax

            It’s which group she called meanies that is the context. She was referring to the guys who made the GOP’s national ads, not Arlington voters. I’m not judging what she said (more context!)

          • Captain_Obvious

            I got that, and I get the point about the GOP party in general, but she’s an elected official labeling a group “meanies”; and some of these “meanies” probably voted for her. Not very smart, IMO.

          • drax

            No, she’s not labeling any Arlington voters “meanies.” Not when you actually read the article and use…context.

            She should have been more careful in her words so that people like you wouldn’t abuse them, but the fact remains–she didn’t mean what you’re saying.

          • Captain_Obvious

            Wrong dynaroo. She called Republicans “meanies”…do you think there are no republicans who voted for her ?

          • SomeGuy

            drax, did you give the same forgiving benefit of context to Mitt Romney on his 47% comment?

          • drax

            Yes, actually.

            Romney was an idiot for saying that 47% of people who don’t pay taxes are lazy, because most are working people who just don’t make enough to pay income tax, and most of the rest are retired, and most unemployed people wish they had a job. And it was hilarious to see a Republican complain about taxes being too low.

            But it was unfair to criticize him for saying it was his job not to care about those people. He meant not to care about getting their vote, not that he wouldn’t represent them as president. The context of the statement, and listening to all of it, showed what he meant.

    • DCBuff


  • Patrick

    Why would anyone care what the Waverly Hills Civic Association thinks about the redevelopment of a site a mile away from their neighborhood? As a North Highlands resident (i.e. someone actually directly affected) I strongly support the redevelopment of the Bergmann’s site. That area has been turned into a wasteland as all the houses next to the Bergmann’s have been boarded up and abandoned. The sooner that site is redeveloped the better.

    • 350sbc

      Yes, I agree with you. Walking by that area at night is sketchy because the trees absorb the streetlights, thus providing lots of shadows. Time for that entire block to be demoed.

    • DeportEmAll

      The Waverly Hills folks are concerned the Bergman’s redevelopment plan may set a precedent for a possible future “redevelopment” of the Lee Heights Shops. Which would truly be a horror to behold.

  • nunya

    what’s up with the creepy race with the devil rv that parks there?

  • Chad

    Shouldn’t that read “Dems Scheming for the Next Campaign”

  • Mike Hunt

    Im against the development, let them build in the corridor.


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