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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com November 19, 2012 at 9:15 am 4,360 18 Comments

FCVFD Donating Ambulance to Sandy-Stricken Community — The Falls Church Volunteer Fire Department is donating its reserve ambulance to the community of Island Park, New York, which was hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy. Today, volunteer firefighters will be driving the 2002 Freightliner ambulance up to Island Park, where it will replace an ambulance lost by the Island Park Volunteer Fire Department during the storm.

County Kicks Off Rosslyn Planning Process — Arlington County has begun an effort to create a comprehensive new long-range plan for Rosslyn. Dubbed “Realize Rosslyn,” the plan will seek to “transform this 1960s car-centric area to one of our region’s great urban centers.” Through a civic engagement process, the county will create “an enhanced urban design framework,” refine and improve transportation options, recommend a new “building heights strategy” and develop “a more cohesive, functional parks and open space network.” [Arlington County]

Officials: No Plan to Sell Reeves Farm — County officials say there’s no plan to sell the historic Reeves farm, despite reports on WAMU and in the Arlington Connection newspaper suggesting it might be heading to the auction block. “The board is not interested in selling the farmhouse at this point in time,” said County Board Chair Mary Hynes. [Sun Gazette]

Board Updates Special Events Policy — The Arlington County Board on Saturday voted unanimously to update the county’s special events and demonstrations policy. The new policy “encourages such events while ensuring that the County recovers its support costs,” the county said. [Arlington County]

  • Don’t remove the Lit RCA sign!

  • Ted

    Rosslyn ‘planning process’? More of the same – create massive amounts of parking for non residents to drive to-from work one-per-vehicle while putting Arlington residents on a ‘car free diet’.

    • YTK

      Rosslyn has always been a dank god-forsaken dark mismatched area. I hope this new project brightens it up.

  • Westover

    Awsome donation by the Falls Church Volunteer Firefighters!!!!

  • SteamboatWillie

    Without knowing the feasibility of such an undertaking, I would love to see a transformation of the waterfront area near the Key Bridge Marriott. Restaurants, bars, shops – and water taxi service to Nationals Park during baseball season.

    • Great idea, but the National Park Service owns the coastline there so it’s not easy. The entire coastline is a national park. The feds pretty much own all the banks of the Potomac in Arlington.

      I think there has been talk of a boathouse and/or dock, which would be great. A water taxi would be cool.

      • SteamboatWillie

        I thought that NPS ownership was the likely obstacle, and that’s a big obstacle.

        • I think geography is the bigger obstacle…where would you put it? there’s just a steep drop to the parkway then a few feet from the parkway to the river.

    • Start by dismantling that high-rise, Brutal 70s-style Gateway parkitecture and bring it all down to street level. Remove all the ghastly skywalks. Didn’t anyone read “The Patttern Language” regarding human-scale streetscapes?

      • They’re working on that, but it takes time.

      • Leave the skywalk over Ft. Myer Dr….that one is useful.

  • BackupFail

    Library computers are still down. Per a librarian at Central, the main server went down and the the backup didn’t work.

  • Rosslyn is where they dump Buildings that just didn’t turn out right.

    In DC all building facades must be parallel with the sidewalk/street. Rosslyn has no rule, so we have what appears on the street to be lots of crooked buildings.

  • I think the 90’s and 2000’s architecture is worse than the 60’s architecture. Some of those older buldings are kind of interesting like this one:

  • Revitalize Rosslyn: Run a trolley along Lee Hwy from Falls Church to Rosslyn, parallel to the Metro lines. Duplication of effort saves the day!

    Question: how could ANYONE call Rosslyn car-centric when there is never any parking there??

  • FYI, the people at 2100 Clarendon Blvd who make planning decisions almost all live outside Arlington, as do the real estate developers, consultants, trusts, and so on. Arlington residents have no control over what gets developed and redeveloped in Arlington. The County Board has ceded total control over the process to non-residents.

    • You’ve made this claim before. Please back it up with evidence posted here.


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