Arlington, VA

Tagolio Pizzeria & Enoteca (549 23rd Street S.) in Crystal City has closed after its owner pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery against an employee.

Tedros “Teddy” Tzehaye, a 40-year-old Springfield resident, was accused of rape by a female employee in September. The alleged incident took place at the restaurant between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m. on a Thursday, according to a police report. Alcohol was involved, we’re told.

The woman was brought to the hospital for an examination and Tzehaye was arrested on Sept. 27 and charged with forcible rape. The charge was later amended to assault and battery, to which Tzehaye pleaded guilty. The plea was an Alford plea, has learned, which means that Tzehaye asserted his innocence while admitting that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict.

Tzehaye’s attorneys declined to answer questions about their client’s side of the story. Prosecutors also declined to comment on the record.

Tzehaye is out on bail, awaiting a final sentencing hearing scheduled for May 7, 2013. Prosecutors have recommended one year of probation and no jail time.

A tipster says Tagolio has been closed “for several weeks.” The restaurant’s phone number has been disconnected.

Tagolio was noted for its coal-fired pizza and earned generally positive reviews on Yelp.

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  1. Time for a pizza joint owner roundup!

  2. When is the trite comment maker roundup?

  3. Where were you when the haters were hating? I was right here standing up to them.

  4. Under which screen name?

  5. Our hero!!!!

  6. I don’t do it to impress you.

  7. We’re just not smart enough to get his sense of humor unfortunately.

  8. Speak for yourself.

  9. When the moon hits your eye Like a big pizza pie, that’s amore When the world seems to shine Like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore

  10. South Side Chris

    Somehow I doubt this arlnow article will make their “Tagolio In The Press” page.

  11. I think it should be replaced with a certified 100% rapist free Froyo place.

  12. Hi. Please reconsider the use of the term “forcible rape”… rape is rape. It doesn’t need a qualifer. Much appreciated.

  13. Unless you’re talking about statutory rape.

  14. Also, threat of force or coercion counts as “forcible” to me. It means non-consensual.

  15. That’s a legitimate point.

  16. Not exactly. Statutory rape is only “rape” because the victim is deemed unable to be able to consent despite being willing. In some states what is legal in another can be considered rape in another. But statutory rape isn’t the same as forcible rape, yet it is still considered rape. I think terms like “forcible rape” are used to distinguish from hide in the bushes rape with someone that could be a more of a he said she said thing.

  17. He said-she said is about uncertainty about whether it was forcible. If she is right, it was forcible. If he is right, it wasn’t rape at all, forcible or not. So no, all rape is either forcible or statutory.

  18. What about fluid definitions of rape? Like withdrawing consent during the act? How long do you get to stop? I hear there are places that have post act consent retractions. I believe the reason that that Wikileaks guy is being charged with rape was because he didn’t use a condom despite the women willingly having sex. Would you describe that are forcible rape?

  19. Either there is consent, or not.

  20. Probably not ARLnow’s choice. That was the charge.

  21. It’s not inaccurate or inappropriate to refer to it as forcible rape in this sort of context as that’s the legal definition and the charge. There are different legal definitions (e.g., aggravated, statutory) of rape just like there different degrees of murder or theft. To refer to “legitimate” rape OTOH is a completely different deal.

  22. Never heard of statutory rape?

  23. If anyone who is concerned about what terms are used to describe things, and want a good laugh, read this. Guess which affiliation politically do you think they have?

  24. I think the preferred term is “rape rape”

  25. If he were Mike Tyson he would come out of this more famous, and richer!

  26. incorrect-

    you seen mike tyson lately?

  27. Yes, they had above average food but even if they stayed open, I would not patron an establishment run by a rapist. “Alfred” plea or not, this man deserves much more than one year probation or at least, doesn’t deserve to be out on bond.

  28. What’s an “Alfred plea,” did he claim to be Batman’s butler?

  29. How does one “patron” an establishment?

    Sorry, Michelle. You’ve got a good point.

  30. You “patron” an establishment by ordering tequila.

  31. jajajaja

  32. Not to be nit-picky, but he’s not a rapist. At least, that’s not what he was convicted of. An assaulter and batterer? Yes.

  33. Good point.

  34. If anyone you love, or even you, are raped, I hope you enjoy the same awesomeness of those poking fun of the situation here.

  35. Why are you wishing crime upon this individual (QTR) when he is accurately pointing out the legal reality of the situation? Do you not understand that due process and all that jazz is like one of the most basic axiomatic concepts upon which this country was founded?

  36. Why would he plead to anything if he was innocent? Would you?

  37. I swear this thread is bringing out some of the least intelligent comments I have ever seen. Can you not even read? QTR specifically pointed out what the man DID plead to? What, were you expecting the guy to plead to a charge that wasn’t in play? You were expecting him to say “yeah, go ahead and add that other charge back in too” after the proesecutor had dropped it?

  38. His behavior was apparently as improper as his pizza.

    Is there anyone out there in Arlington County who can serve up a PROPER SLICE?


  40. Goodys, Italian store, bozzelli’s… In no particular order.

  41. I was there on election night. Must have closed shortly thereafter. There had been significant staff turnover in the last few months.

  42. Wow. When I sent the “tip” about it being closed and asked what was going on I NEVER expected this was going to be the answer. I really loved this place and there is one particular waitress that serves us all the time. I worry for her now. I hope she’s okay and has another job. Same for the really nice bartender who also made a great impression.

  43. Oh, I’m so disappointed; they had the best pizzas. I really liked the one with gorgonzola and arugala.

  44. That one was my favorite too.

  45. my favorite pizza is the one where i’m not going to get RAPED by the owner. Allegedly.

  46. The owner is a rapist plain and simple I meet him on servel occasion and he always came off improper there is a reason it’s closed she was rapped on the floor it that place who would want to eat or worked there after that. He wi pay one way or the other 20,000 in fines!!!! No means No!!! Rot in hell you basterd.

  47. The owner is not a rapist. He is an assualter. There is a reason why they brought it down to an assualt charge. This is a case where the guy was wrongly charged. Coming off as improper is not a criteria for guilt, I have met the guy he was not improper in any way. Also how do you know it was on the Floor? Just coming up with stories however way you want too?

  48. Not really I only state fact honey so check yours!!!

  49. He wasn’t wrongly charged people plea down all the time for a lesser sentence if you didn’t do anything wrong at all why take a plea ask yourself that? And it was an Alford plea at that which means if you know anything about the law which I do means they had enough evidence to convict him of the charges. THE END!!!!!

  50. What Fact do you have?
    Fact is, he is not a rapist.
    Fact is, he did not plead guilty to assualt, he did the Alford plea.

  51. any intentional touch that is unwanted is assualt. So… if he is charged with assualt, he is probably thinking that the police have enough proof that shows that contact has occurred so he probably plead Alford for the assualt.
    However that doesnot mean he raped her, nor that he is a rapist.

    Now this case is a “he said, she said” situation. we cant state FACT by letting our imaginations go wild

    Oh yeah … btw I dont think you know anything about the Law either

  52. He did the Alfrod plea to the ASSAULT AND BATTERY..NOT TO THE RAPE.
    Kim and others alike, I understand you want to ruin people’s name by calling him rapist, but think before you talk. Evidently, you do not know anything about the Law.

    No prosecutor with evidence for rape will agree to lower the charges to assault and battery….They must have found inconsistency with the girls’ rape claim. Why not charge him with Sexual battery? In addition, prosecutor is recommending probation, no jail time. This is in VIRGINIA, trust me, if it was a rape case, they would not let him go let alone agree to assault and battery.

    I have met him, and he is always kind, funny and proper. He always wants to make sure his customers are being properly served. What ever motivated this girl to accuse him with such serious charge is beyond me, but I know that he is not capable of of such charge.

  53. I know the victim as well and I know she would never lie so when I say I fact sweetheart you should check yours she is a very sweet trusting women. She did not deserve this at all she worked for him that does not give any preivliage to see. I was spearing details but its public record so Jack you can go suck an egg cause you know nothing. And the way your speaking you might be a rapist too. Oh by the way I’m a lawyer so don’t tell me what I know about the law until you pass the bar. No i am not licensed in VA because I don’t agree with most of their laws.

  54. You are sadly mistaken. The victim chose to not put herself through what could be years of trial, although she probably would have won due to he fact there was a video tape with some obthe assault on it, which is why the state of VIrginia chose to arrest him & make a case of it. They would not have if they did not have enough evidence. Rape is a very personal crime and no good prosecutor would push a victim into going to trial it was her choice, not to and they would not force someone to go trough painful trials. And just so you know there was a hefty settlement for which she requested it be donated to a rape victims non profit organization. So she walked away empty handed and instead donated the large amount of money e agreed to pay to avoid trial. No one who is raped wants to confront their rapist in trial & she was thinking about her life and the fact that she wants this behind her. If she lied what was her reason? She walked away with nothing & she could have taken that money but she chose to donate it anonymously donated in the assistance of other victims. She chose to never have that money in her possession. No one in there right mind would put themselves through what one goes through when they say they were raped; let’s not be too quick to been extremely wrong.

  55. Btw. It’s usually the people you would never think would do something like that, that do. Nice or not he committed a crime. Why would he pay $20,000 and agree to take a charge if he knew he was innocent?! Any innocent persons oils have fought that to the death. I would have, at all costs to clear my name. He did not.

    Another really naive comment you made was that he isn’t a rapist because he was not charged: really? You obviously live In pleasant ville! Answer this, If someone drinks and dries but gets charges with reckless driving instead of a DUI, we’re they not drunk while driving? Please stop posing your ignorance for the world to be subjectified to read. Instead go watch tv, obviously a book is too advanced for you, put it on 48 hours or the ID channel and see what you learn. Also be a little morse sensitive; their IS a victim.

    Last thought, while I have a second more to educate you; how well do you really know anyone? You don’t. He may have been nice, but Ted Bundy was charming, successful and smart, & look what he did. I personally think you are either wry ignorant or a sociopath. You need to go back to living under the traj can you crawled out of. Freak

  56. First off, come up with your own unique username. I dont want your ramblings confused with mine.

    Secondly, i know nothing about this specific case, but you are reading too far into the plea deal and making assumptions. Another reason deals are made with downgraded charges is to avoid putting a witness on the stand and publicly re-living the incident. A lower charge doesnt necessarily mean a weak case.

    Now go think of your own username. This one is taken. Thanks!!

  57. I know this VICTIM and she would never lie. He should rot in hell. Glad he lost the business. Ass hole!

  58. I state fact so please check yours before you come at me with thinking I don’t know what happen because I do. He is a rapist and that the fact I’m glad he lost his business he is a rapist he should lose his balls while they at I hope he rot in hell for what he has done to her.

  59. I am not going to get into any he said she said, but ARLnow this headline is trash journalism. Yes, this statement is true (he was accused, and the restaurant did close) but bringing up accusations out of which no conviction arose is pretty low. If someone is accused and acquitted, will you refer to them as an “accused [insert criminal type here] forever?” Do we not have due process or a justice system? Why would the headline not be sufficient if it said the restaurant closed after the owner pled to assault, which actually reflects the legal reality? You afford accused criminals the courtesy of an “allegedly” every other word, so why not afford someone dignity when charges are dropped?

  60. Because he is one person that doesn’t deserve it he is a rapist plain and simple.

  61. I am really, really glad that you have no part in our legal system; that would be a scary thing.

  62. Dignity? How about having some dignity yourself! It’s plain to see, although the message has somehow escaped you, anyone charged by a state and takes a plea to a lesser charge is in fact guilty of the charge; otherwise he would not have been accused to begin with. He was given a plea due to one factor only; the victim, the girl who considered him a good friend & boss didn’t want to put herself through trial. As nice as you think he was to you, did you consider she felt that way about him at one time too? She trusted him. He was seen on tape forcing himself on her, the sex act was not on tape but he did say it was consensual. However, what got him thrown into jail was the fact that on tape the girl was fighting him off & crying. This was grave evidence that the act that proceeded, was not consensual as he stated. Also obviously they had evidence from the rape kit done at the hospital. It’s always hard to prove, even with that amount of evidence because the sex act itself was not taped, meaning he couldn’t rape her on the floor begi the bar, where the camera was pointed. But had a jury seen that tape, he more than likely would have been thrown in jail. That’s not what the vicin cared about; she thought about his kids, new wife, etc. and why put herself through reliving it over and over again in front of a court room full of people. So she made him pay. And he did. But even bough she may not get the satisfaction of giving him a permanent sexual predator tab, so as all of you simple people would believe her, or that it happened. She did allow for something good to come out of the bad. So now I’ll excuse myself from once again reminding you of your insensitivity and stupidity.

  63. Well put S I couldn’t have stated that any better myself I was just getting sick of the ignorance select few have displayed, I had to stop addressing it I stated he is a rapist it’s no way around this title. THE END!!!!!

  64. You would make a GREAT judge in 1600’s New England or maybe North Korea.

  65. She says she’s a lawyer too! Although she’s not licensed in VA b/c she doesn’t agree wtih “most of their laws.” I loved that comment.

  66. Self-taught, I’m sure, in the great American legal tradition.

  67. Actually, you can declare “THE END!!!!!”, but unfortunately you can’t enforce the “THE END”. ARLnow could close the comments on this article, that would end your rant, but you declaring it to be the end, not so much.

    Not going to spend the time to pick apart all of this as that will only generate another dozen rants and fictitious sign-in names and posts. Couple of points though-

    1. Happy to hear she donated the money to help others. Perhaps seeing the trial thru and getting him convicted of a sex crime that requires registration so that others can readily ascertain that they new guy that moved in next door is a convicted sex offender might be useful as well. Perhaps even more useful.

    2. Hard to prove isn’t impossible to prove. Women testify in court every day in rape trials across the country. No it isn’t easy, but that’s the system. Better now with victim advocates and rape shield laws et al than it used to be.

    Finally, agree with CW that the reporting here is pretty awful, and as always I think the comments section and forums would improve with limits on how many times any given user or IP address can post.


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