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Arlington Names New Parks and Rec Director

by ARLnow.com December 4, 2012 at 9:40 am 9,533 101 Comments

Arlington County has hired a new director of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Jane Rudolph, 36, comes from New York City, where she spent 10 years in the city’s parks and recreation department. Most recently, she worked for the New York-based Environmental Defense Fund.

The former head of the county’s parks department, Dinesh Tiwari, left the department in June to work for the City of Alexandria.

Arlington County issued the following press release about Ms. Rudolph’s hiring.

Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan announced today that she has hired Jane Rudolph as the Director of the Dept. of Parks and Recreation (DPR); Ms. Rudolph will begin her service with the County on Jan. 7, 2013.

Ms. Rudolph has an extensive parks background and will provide leadership and guidance to DPR and all of its projects. She spent almost 10 years in the New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation. While there, she served as Chief of Staff and oversaw all aspects of the largest urban parks system in the nation. She also liaised with a variety of organizations for major license and management agreements, along with representing her agency on non-profit boards.

“Jane brings a deep knowledge of running an urban parks system, and will be a great asset to Arlington County,” commented Ms. Donnellan. “She is creative and enthusiastic, and I am so pleased that she will be joining the Executive Leadership Team for Arlington County.”

She succeeds Shannon Flanagan-Watson, who was named Acting DPR Director when former director Dinesh Tiwari retired from the County in June 2012. “Shannon did a terrific job; she stepped into the director position and hit the ground running, managing day-to-day operations as well as advancing long-term goals,” said Ms. Donnellan. “I can’t thank Shannon enough for her seamless leadership at DPR.”

Ms. Rudolph also has extensive knowledge of public affairs, negotiations with various agencies and state and city politics from her time with the Environmental Defense Fund and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Federal Affairs.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in History from Vassar College and a Master’s of Administration with a focus on Public Finance from New York University, Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service.

Ms. Rudolph enjoys hiking, tennis and sports; she and her family reside in Arlington and are avid users of the Arlington County parks system.

  • Ron Swanson

    Knope! My office… NOW!

    • Tom Haverford

      Hey girl, wanna hit the Glitter Factory after work ?

      • Chris Griffin

        Ha Ha Ha! TV references.

        • Ralph Wiggum

          My earwax smells like boogers.

    • Benghazi

      Fap fap fap city!

  • Becoming Indifferent

    Would it kill Arlington to promote from within just once?

    • JohnB2

      At least she already lives here and knows a bit about ArlCo parks. Better than someone who has no clue at all. But yeah, it has to be frustrating for current employees.

      • Wayne Kubicki

        Anyone curious as to whether she left the NYC Parks/Rec position voluntarily?

        • Frank

          If you can’t make it there, you can try to make it anywhere.

        • arachne


      • Becoming Indifferent

        As a former county employee (Library), I can confirm that is is extremely frustrating!

      • DCBuff

        How does living here equate to knowing “a bit about ArlCo parks” and how does this somehow qualify them for a top position in ArlCo gov’t? If we are hiring from outside the parks department, I’d rather have somehow who had a career in parks and recreation (not from NBC) even if they’re from Ohio or something.

    • novasteve

      I’m sure the year round homeless shelter will have lots of talent to draw from.

      • Hank

        Whoa, whoa, who is this man? Did Mr. Meow have water spilled on him thereby creating a gremlin?

    • spaghetti

      You mean like our current county manager?

  • Arlington Cat

    How does she feel about Arlington’s childless couples using baseball fields as dog runs?

    • B22201

      The same way us child-less couples feel about children running around in the dog parks.

      • Captain_Obvious

        haven’t seen that.

        • B22201

          You’d be surprised how many people show up to the dog parks like it’s a petting zoo for their kids.

          • Captain_Obvious

            if you’re upset about kids petting your dog, then don’t let them.

          • CW

            People pet your kids? You should probably call the cops.

          • Flipper

            Same people who get made when a dolphin bites their kid?

      • MC 703

        I like to smoke cigarettes while I watch my children sprint the length of Shirlington dog park a few times. Then I encourage them to get all rambunctious in Four Mile Run.

        • Quoth the Raven

          So it’s your kids who have been interrupting my bocce games!

    • childless couple

      Sorry we don’t want to adopt you…..we prefer our dogs

  • Arlington Cat

    The same way we child-less couples feel about children running around in the dog parks.

    Fixed it for you.

    Children running around in dog parks is an issue?

  • SHLady

    Where are childless, dogless people supposed to go?

    • Captain_Obvious

      the Apple store ?

      • SHLady

        I said dogless, not godless.

        • Captain_Obvious

          whole foods ? Ballroom ?

        • drax

          I thought Steve Jobs was God.

  • Dairy Farmer

    Maybe she will be the savior for Reevesland!

    • Arlington

      Yes, the status quo for the Farmhouse is beneath the County’s standards…. we can do better!

  • Dungston

    I’m the opposite. I like to watch my kids smoke cigarettes while they sprint around our dog park. They’re not rambunctious at all once the nausea wears off.

  • TuesdaysChild

    Sounds like a super choice!

    • Anonymous

      I know Jane. She is super.

      • BasilReader

        See Jane. See Jane fix dog runs. See dogs. See dogs run. See Dick walk his dog. See Jane and Dick raise property values.

        • Captain_Obvious

          see Jane and Dick not cleaning up after their dogs.

      • BobRoss

        But how does she feel about PBS painting shows?

  • Buckingham Bandit


    I’d like to know about the gap in her resume from the end of undergrad (1998) until the beginning of grad school (2002)

    • Captain_Obvious

      does it matter ?

      • Buckingham Bandit

        Obviously she was either doing something she didn’t want in her resume, or not doing anything at all. As a taxpayer, I feel entitled to at least know her professional history.

        I have no interest in her personal affairs, in case you are curious – that is her business alone.

        • Captain_Obvious

          maybe she was working part-time, odd jobs, etc that don’t pertain to her current work histroy, hence, no need to put it on the resume ? Do you put all your work experience on your resume, even when you were a kid ? No, cause that’s pointless.

          • Buckingham Bandit

            My resume begins with my years as an undergraduate, which began immediately after high school, and is filled from there on out. If I had any gaps, they would be accounted for.

          • Wendy

            Maybe she was in their Parks Dept in some other capacity, because her resume does not add up to the 10 years there that the article claims.

          • Captain_Obvious

            her resume doesn’t have to account for gaps, she can explain that in person during an interview.

          • KalashniKEV

            Gaps in Resume = Shaaaaaady

            No interview with me for this young lady.

          • Buckingham Bandit


            Don’t see why she couldn’t list it then. Perhaps she thinks that any job that isn’t grad school or some sort of management-level position is beneath her.

            I know I wouldn’t want that attitude in a public servant working for me, but I’m just a taxpayer so I guess I better just shut up and pay for more vibrancy. It’s amazing how defensive some people get when I bring up a standard question that comes with a job application.

          • Captain_Obvious

            No, its amazing the assumptions you are posting. Its amazing you care so much about what someone has on their linkedin account. You strike me as the kind of person who takes facebook too seriously.

          • fedworker

            Maybe working for the ‘family.” Kapeesh? Afterall, she’s from NYC. Just sayin.

        • drax

          1. A LinkedIn profile is not a resume.

          2. You are not looking at the full profile – some info might not be shown since you are not logged into LinkedIn and not connected to her.

        • Joehoya

          She was not doing amateur porn videos. I do not want a rumor like that to get started.

          • Beevis


        • Anonymous

          There is also a difference between a resume submitted with a job application and what someone puts on Linkedin. If I were applying for a job, all years would be accounted for in my resume. I don’t put it all in Linkedin, though.

        • Arlington Taxpayer

          That is not her resume. That is previous experience that she chose to highlight on a social networking site. Her resume may have no “gap” at all. You don’t know because you haven’t seen it.

    • Arlington Cat

      Four years? maybe marriage an a kid or two?

    • Josh

      She was touring with the Dead, dude. No big deal.

  • Buckingham Bandit

    *2003, for grad school.

  • Bacon

    “I’d like to know about the gap in her resume from the end of undergrad (1998) until the beginning of grad school (2002)”

    if this were Fairfaxunderground.com, and immediate reponce to his question would be something like

    “pole dancing.”

  • drax

    I really really hope she doesn’t read the comments here.

  • KalashniKEV

    What’s the salary?

    • drax

      Don’t worry, whatever it is, you think it’s way too much.

      • Arl-oh Guvry

        Isn’t the salary of every county employee publicly available? Some places, they publish them every year.

  • David

    A retrospective of the major county positions that have turned over (once or multiple times) in the past few years would be quite an interesting article. County Manager, Planning, Parks, Artisphere, Zoning.

    I’m sure I left out one or two. How does that compare to other jurisdictions?

    • Buckingham Bandit

      Maybe it relates the quality of the hires, but apparently I’m a monster for wondering why there’s a 5-year gap on her resume immediately after college.

      • B22201

        Hopefully it was out doing something cool like riding a motorcycle from Alaska to the tip of Argentina, planting trees, and digging wells along the way. That, or working on a fishing boat in the Bering Sea during the summers, and getting in 120+ days a year of skiing in the winter.

        But, it was probably something lame like making coffee for some politician somewhere while hoping to become the next President.

        • Dirty Old Man

          I kind of hoped that IT WAS pole dancing……at least that would have been interesting and would have probably taught her a number of useful skills for dealing with the board……

        • Josh

          She was touring with Phish

      • Captain_Obvious

        why don’t you “friend” her on Linkedin and ask her directly ? It’d be much easier than speculating…

        • Libby

          …but significantly less fun!!

      • drax

        You still haven’t seen her resume. A LinkedIn profile is not a resume.

      • Tom

        Apparently, a lazy monster who can’t do your own research. She shows up as a Parks Department spokesman in news articles from at least 2001 (thank you Google). Clearly she worked there before going to A Better New York and then returned to take the more senior position that she actually listed on LinkedIn.

        So, would you care to apologize now, or are you going to continue to make insulting and unsubstantiated accusations?

        • WLO

          You take this internet thing pretty serious, don’t you?

        • Buckingham Bandit

          I have nothing to apologize for. Ever since the Petraeus incident, I simply demand transparency from public servants.

          • Josh S

            Your frame of reference is one month?
            OK then.

          • Captain_Obvious

            “a month ago, I didn’t care about transparency, but now that we have a new Parks and Rec director, I demand to know her entire work experience, address, phone #, SSN, bra size…”

        • Libby

          I vote for continuing the insulting and unsubstantiated accusatins. But that’s just me.

          • Libby


      • Josh S

        Don’t flatter yourself, BB, no one cares *that* much…..

  • YTK

    THANK GOD!! A little bit of New York know-how to put some life back into this burgh.

  • Jason Kahara

    A Vassar girl. Nice 🙂

    • DeanWormer

      Didn’t Fawn Liebowitz go to Vassar?

      • Flounder

        Fawn’s roommate was a hotty

  • bman

    What is here yearly salary?

    • bman

      *here = her

      • bman

        look here


        Class Title: Parks and Recreation Director
        Bargaining Unit: None Assigned
        Class Code: 0720
        Salary: $46.20 – $93.89 Hourly
        $3,696.00 – $7,511.20 Biweekly
        $8,008.00 – $16,274.27 Monthly
        $96,096.00 – $195,291.20 Annually

        • South Arlington Resident

          Well I’m glad to know that my car tax will help give someone else a cushy lifestyle.

          • Arl Repubs

            **bluster bluster**$195K is in no way, shape, or form “rich” in Arlington. So I don’t know what you’re talking about!**sputter sputter**I’m sure she’ll be forced to live in close proximity to her neighbors! Hardly cushy at all!!

          • Captain_Obvious

            and $195 is the top of the scale…she may not earn that now.

          • occasionally a fact

            Why assume she’s getting the max?

        • KalashniKEV

          Wow… she could potentially be making BANK!

          ARLnow, any way we could shake this info up?

          • Mary-Austin

            She still will probably not be as overpaid as you.

          • drax

            VIBRANT BANK.

  • Flogging the dead horse

    Will she own the Artisphere?

  • Arlington Cat

    She earned a Master’s of Administration with a focus on Public Finance from New York University, Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service. Robert F Wagner??? Wasn’t he on Hart to Hart? I remember being on location with Robert Wagner about 25 years ago, and his short term memory was completely shot back then.

    • DCBuff

      Need to get your Robert Wagners right. That Wagner is RJ. Robert F. was a NYC mayor and NY senator.

  • Arlington Cat

    Mayor of New York City? That explains the Natalie Wood connection, because didn’t she grow up in New York and go by the name “Maria” at the time?

  • Jerry Hello!?

    LEO: (Interrupting) Jerry, you wanna hear something? Your cousin, Jeffrey, is switching parks. They’re transferring him to Riverside – so he’ll completely revamp that operation, you understand? He’ll do in Riverside what he did in Central Park. It’s more money. So, that’s your cousin.


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