DEVELOPING: FBI Raids in Rosslyn Area

by ARLnow.com December 5, 2012 at 11:20 am 8,437 66 Comments

(Updated at 12:05 p.m.) The FBI conducted several raids in and around Rosslyn this morning.

An office at 1901 Ft. Myer Drive was raided, as was a townhouse just north of Rosslyn. So far, the FBI Washington Field Office is mum on the details.

“We are serving search warrants at multiple locations in Arlington this morning,” said spokesman Andrew Ames. “There is nothing public at the moment that we can share.”

A source tells ARLnow.com that the FBI was searching offices of the Rosslyn-based University of Management and Technology. The house that was searched is owned by the private university’s academic dean, according to property records.

UMT’s U.S. website was down, but is now working, and a Hong Kong-based website for UMT is still active. The school offers degrees in criminal justice, homeland security, information technology and business administration, among other areas of study. It advertises itself as “military friendly,” and accepts military personnel using the G.I. Bill. The school also accepts foreign students using F-1 visas and sponsored J-1 visa international exchange students.

According to a U.S. Department of Commerce web page, UMT has “deep roots in the Federal sector” and academic dean Dr. J. Davidson Frame is a “world-class leader in project and acquisition management.”


  • Student

    It’s about time. Is University of Phoenix next?

  • JohnnyLaw

    There were a LOT of ACPD cars moving around the Bluemont and Carlin Springs areas early this morning.

  • bob

    At this point even the FBI is interested in the cess pool that is Rosslyn Heights. To bad they don’t raid the 7-11. I saw the arab dude with a maserati that lives in the condo towers with some fine looking woman.

    • Curious Resident

      Cess pool that is Rosslyn Heights? Please explain further.

    • Larchmont

      bob, the dope of north arlington.

      • PattiS

        Stop – I know Bob, and you’ll regret picking on him. I once called him the “fattest, smelliest, oldest white virgin I know” and I still feel kinda bad about that.

  • Stop

    Bob, if you’ve got some pertinent information, share it with ACPD, don’t post racially motivated crap (and unfunny to boot) about some “arab dude” on here. It’s not appreciated.

  • Captain_Obvious

    calling someone arab is not racist.

    • drax

      Depends on what else you say.

      • Captain_Obvious

        true, but bob said “arab dude”…not racist.

    • 2013

      I agree with you that calling someone “Arab” is not racist. But you know full well that the intent was to stereotype.

      • Captain_Obvious

        its the same thing as saying “black dude”, “white dude”, “asian dude”…

    • MC 703

      Not racist, just a really dumb, useless comment.

  • Ballston Resident

    Stop – you are right on the mark about the racially motivated posting from Bob, it is not appreciated or wanted. I would add that Student should not defame University of Phoenix without more specifics.

    • Student

      Thank you, Ballston Resident, for being the decider of all things appropriate. Your immense wisdom and profound judgment are critical to maintaining law and order. It certainly proves that your University of Phoenix certificate was well worth it, no matter how much you spent on it.

  • Captain_Obvious

    jeez, sensitive people here…

  • computer shopper

    I know this doesn’t really relate to this story but if we widen the topic to something sketchy …..

    Has anyone else gone into that used laptop store behind the NSF daycare playground? Just south of Randolph and 9th? I went in there the other day because I need a laptop for light email and browsing and thought a refurbished old one might be a good choice. The sales guy flat out told me that I wouldn’t be interested in their stuff because they were 6 year old lap tops. I found that very odd.

    • FrenchyB

      That is strange. I’ve never actually seen anyone in there.

    • CrystalMikey

      Talk about a front.

      • Rob42

        I’ve always wondered what a “front” is for. Is it just for laundering money? Do they generate a bunch of fake revenue so the “investors” have a legit source of cash?

        • Nobody

          Nice try, would-be criminal.

          Want to try looking up “money laundering” in the dictionary while you’re at it?

          • FrenchyB

            Or just ask the guy selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door.

          • Joe Hoya

            My cousin’s a cokehead.

      • Stereotype

        Speaking of possible fronts with zero proof to back it up — what about Ravi Kabob on Glebe and Pershing? What kind of restaurant in today’s day and age only accepts cash? That always seemed very sketchy to me. They do have some pretty good food though.

        • Penrosey

          A restaurant trying to avoid the fees the CC companies charge them

        • Grant

          What about the rest. at the intersection of Old Lee Hwy, Lee Hwy, and Military Rd? I NEVER see any cars there.

        • Scott

          Look up their health inspection reports and you won’t be back. One of my co-workers caught a photo of a mouse running around the floor last time he was there.

    • b-money

      Can’t say I’m terribly surprised. I’ve never seen a single customer there.

    • CW

      How about the cell phone repair place next to NoVA MMA? Who repairs cell phones? Everyone has insurance, or you get a replacement through your carrier. Never seen a person in there. Open weird hours too.

      • Alex

        If one doesn’t have insurance and bought an expensive smart phone, it can be worth it to have the screen replaced rather than having to buy a whole new one.

      • drax

        Broken screen replacement.

      • Eric

        You’re talking about WiGo Clinic. I dropped my iPad and it went dark. I checked out this place on Yelp. I took it in and got the screen replaced in about four hours. $120.

      • addctd2badideas

        I didn’t go to that cellphone repair place, but I went to the one in Ballston and saved hundreds on a replacement.

    • Alex

      I’ve heard of them, but I’ve never heard of anyone doing business with them.

    • Boris & Natasha

      Who wants to know?

      • Rocky & Bullwinkle

        Not us!!

    • LeePasserby

      On a similar note, how about Joe’s Collectibles on Lee Highway by Cowboy Cafe? Only one review available online and it doesn’t really do anything to diminish its perception of sketchiness/oddity. Curious what’s really being sold in the back.

  • Cecil

    Was Cam Newton working the counter in the laptop store?

  • mr_bilbo

    “At this point even the FBI is interested in the cess pool that is Rosslyn Heights. To bad they don’t raid the 7-11. I saw the arab dude with a maserati that lives in the condo towers with some fine looking woman.”

    Everyone, calm down. Bob’s comment was satirically motivated. And even if not, it ought to have been.

  • Kris

    Does anyone know anything about what happened at the school; the University of Management and Technology. @Student… can you explain more?

    • Student

      Like the University of Phoenix, they may be accused of assisting in improperly obtaining financial aid. The University of Phoenix paid the government over $75 million to settle the charges against them. UMT may also be accused of using deceptive enrollment practices, a charge the University of Phoenix was found guilty of in 2010.

  • ipitythefool

    Wait … an Arab dude with a Maserati? Ever heard of this natural resource called “oil”? I hear there is a lot of that stuff in the Middle East. Maybe he found him some while hunting with his dog like, Jed Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies.

    • Captain_Obvious

      and that’s WAY more racist than bob saying “arab dude”

      • Pete

        Maybe, maybe not. Depends on what else you say.

        • Captain_Obvious

          the what else he said was oil. He’s basically saying that since the dude is arab, he is tied to oil money….

      • ipitythefool

        Nah. More stereotypical than anything. There is a line between racist, ignorance, and stereotyping. I have lived in Dubai and nice cars and extravegance are the norm for some. After a while you don’t bat an eye lash at that type of stuff. Unfortunately, poverty is also a norm in a lot of these places. But I think generalizing people for being rich really qualifies as racist.

        I’m a brown guy who’s actually experienced a lot of racism growing up in the south and trust me, real racism isnt so nice. But what do i know? If you were offended my apologies (sincerely).

        We’re a stones throw from our nation’s capital so anything can happen and we are always on guard. There are a million thoughts go through our minds when we see a story like this. Personally I think this might be fraud related. If it were anything terrorism related we’d see FBI anti-terrorism trucks out in force.

        • ipitythefool

          *doesn’t really qualify as racist. Sorry mistyped.

        • Captain_Obvious

          I’m not offended at all. I was merely stating that what you posted sounded more racist than what “bob” wrote earlier.

  • Vince

    Anyone know what’s up that lamp store on Old Dominion/Lee Highway – next to Koons Toyota? NEVER a person in there, windows always covered, never a car in the lot and still in “business” after 20 years.

    • Crazai

      Sort of like Sam’s Corner.

    • computer shopper

      I actually went in there looking for a specific type of lampshade. They were rather helpful, but didn’t really have what I needed. Then again, I went in there mainly to find out if they actually did have someone working there.

  • nom de guerre

    The used laptop store, cellphone repair place and the lamp store are all run by the owner of Sam’s Corner.

    • Glebe Roader

      And, P Brennans.

      • nom de guerre

        Speaking of P Brennans and Irish fare, today’s Sam’s Food Truck special features thinly sliced, Guinness braised corned beef, freshly made sauerkraut infused with organic juniper berries and bay leaves, Gruyère cheese and Russian dressing on marbled rye bread and then grilled to perfection.

        • Sammie

          That’s the dogs bollocks that buttie is.

          • jg

            don’t let nom hear you say dogs bollocks or that will be the next special at the food truck

      • FrenchyB

        Uh, no.

      • Richard Cranium

        And the Carriage House.

    • LeePasserby

      Sounds like a great ArlNow investigative piece to do a little reporting from time-to-time on some of these odd holes in the wall in our neighborhood. A few of them may turn out to be some hidden gems.

  • Former UMT Employee

    You guys are all wrong; I used to work at UMT. Dr. Chen (President) was married to Dr. Davidson Frame (Dean) and they ran the school. The actual school was legitimate; legit coursework, professors and so forth. It was what Dr. Chen was probably doing on the side. She used to be the Project Manager for the Chinese Space Program and more importantly was in the Chinese Red Army as a Medic prior. I always knew something wasn’t right there and that’s why I left over five years ago!

    • Sid Mahanta


      I’m a reporter with the American Independent. I’m trying to dig into this story a bit, and would love to talk to you about Dr. Chen. I guarantee you it would be on background, and your name would never appear anywhere. If you’re interested, shoot me an email.

      Again: your name would never appear in anything, I’d just really like to try to figure out what’s going on here and it sounds like you have some important insights to share.

      All the best,

      Siddhartha Mahanta
      Reporter, The American Independent
      455 Massachusetts Ave., Ste. 600
      Washington, DC 20001
      (o) 202 618 8795

  • Umt student

    Your ise of the word “was” makes me nervous. Hope i don’t have to find a new school. I think very highly of the dean. Can’t imagine him involved in anything illegal.

  • John Andre

    I’ve generally been suspicious of these storefront “universities” which keep popping up but don’t field an NCAA football or basketball team. I have a name for them…the “Mugwort League” …it’s a take on the Ivy League! Some prominent Mugwort League “universities” include: Strayer, Westwood, Kaplan, American Military, Franklin etc., etc. They say they’re “accredited” , but by whom, I’m not sure. Most of them seem to be private firms masquerading as colleges. One of them [Kaplan] is owned by the Washington Post.

  • Edmund Hartt

    Not reported: When returned, officials vehicles found up on blocks and wheels removed.


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