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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com December 13, 2012 at 9:05 am 3,339 14 Comments

Arlington to Hold Online Snow Chat — Dave Hundelt, Arlington County’s Streets Manager, will be answering questions about snow removal online today (Thursday). The discussion is scheduled from noon to 1:00 p.m. [Facebook]

Metrobus Driver Arrested at Pentagon — A Metrobus driver was arrested by U.S. Marshals at the Pentagon Wednesday morning. The driver, of the 9E Pentagon-Huntington line bus, was wanted in connection with a 2010 murder. [Washington Examiner]

Joe Allbritton Dies — Joe L. Allbritton, owner of Arlington-based WJLA (ABC 7), NewsChannel 8 and Politico, has died. Allbrittion, whose initials are the call letters of WJLA, was 87. [Politico]

Arlington Ranks Sixth in Household Income — Arlington County had a median household income of $98,060 in 2011, which was 5.1 percent higher than a year prior, according to new census figures. Arlington’s 2011 median income is the sixth-highest of all counties in the United States. [Sun Gazette]

  • fedworker

    I would like to know how snow removal will work when we have trollys. Will AC just trick out the trollys by attaching a plow onto both ends and ‘self-plow’ as it makes its way up and down the Pike Corridor? Enquiring minds want to know.

    • novasteve

      Imagine the cars slipping and sliding into the street cars. We have really bad drivers here who didn’t learn how to drive around streetcars. These aren’t mostly dedicated streetcar lanes like they have in europe. This is going to end in tragedy. My question is how many lives is the Board prepared to sacrifice for their feel good moment?

      • drax

        It’s going to cost LIVES!

    • I am interested, too. After finding nothing on the Arlington streetcar, I tried finding more information on how streetcars in other cities deal with snow, but found very little information (most of it historical).

      Since the streetcar will be using the main road (i.e., no special streetcar-only lane), I predict they will use the regular snow removal trucks. I know the Metro rail uses specialized cars to de-ice the tracks, but I do not expect a similarly specialized streetcar to be used. Because Columbia Pike is a main road, snow removal will already be a priority, and I expect that the biggest issue will be navigating the South Jefferson Street hill.

  • Hyperbole much?

    You also need to ask what they plan to do if the streetcars are taken over by zombies! Oh the humanity!

  • ArLater

    Please provide examples or data that shows in Europe there are “mostly” streetcar lanes. And guess what where there arent “mostly” street car lanes, cars and street cars co exist without the world ending! I have been to a bunch of European cities and seen street cars and cars on the same street. Why in the snow would a driver have anymore of an urge to crash their car into a street car compared to a bus lets say. If a car loses control in the snow and skids out they have just as likely a chance hitting a bus, car, or street car. We have drivers who didnt learn to get around street cars but are experts at getting around buses or anything else for that matter?

    • ArLater

      **My post was in response to Steve, Nova.

    • novasteve

      hate to break the news to you arlater, but a streetcar weighs a lot more, so if you get hit by a street car, or hit a street car, you are much more likely to get brutally killed than if hit by a bus. It’s physics. I’m mostly familiar with Germany, and the S-bahn basically has it’s own dedicated area that cars can’t access for the most part.

      • Josh S

        Steve, were you ever a used car salesman? Cause you got a crazy answer for everything that sounds almost as if it might be just plausible enough to make sense.

      • Buckingham Bandit

        S-Bahn (Stadtbahn, or city rail) is a heavy rail system, essentially like Metro. It has nothing to do with streetcars (strassenbahn),.

        • DCBuff

          Actually, the U-bahn is more akin to our Metro, and the S-bahn is a bit more like VRE. But yes, neither are really like streetcars found in Europe or proposed here.

          • Buckingham Bandit

            I respectfully disagree. I found the U-bahn to be like the NYC subway (intracity travel), S-Bahn to be like Metro (hybrid subway and commuter rail) and the DB trains in the greater Berlin/Brandenburg area to be like VRE. But I think we’re largely in agreement.

  • 120

    Poor Metro. One bad thing after another.

  • bobbytiger

    Sorry, but no tears for Joe. He took what I considered the best bank in DC thru a hostile takeover, and sucked the blood out of it. It is because him, and little else, that the Riggs failed. RIP?


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