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Call for Submissions: Arlington Pet of the Week

by ARLnow.com December 27, 2012 at 12:00 pm 3,167 24 Comments

Dogs relaxing in the shade at the 2011 Columbia Pike Blues FestivalStarting next week, ARLnow.com will be introducing a new weekly feature intended to highlight some of our furriest and friendliest neighbors.

Each week, we’ll pick a new “Arlington Pet of the Week.” From dogs, cats, birds, fish and everything in between, the feature will include photos and an explanation of what makes that week’s pet so special. The owner of each Pet of the Week will receive a gift card to a local pet store, in addition to the recognition of just how awesome his or her pet is.

If you think your little guy should be a contender for Arlington Pet of the Week, email one or more photos of and a 2-3 paragraph write-up about your pet to [email protected]. Please also include your name and the neighborhood you live in. All material sent to ARLnow.com may be used for publication.

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  • novasteve

    Pet of the week? What about of the year? My cat stinky wins, hands down.

    • xard

      off topic (again)

  • Rya

    Oh prince of pet worth does this on a daily basis. This should help arlnow.

  • Swag

    So begins the descent.

    • BBMS

      Oh come on. You know you can’t wait to read about how some dog’s favorite toy is “other dog’s toys”.

  • VA SQ Denizen

    Obligatory Molly reference

  • Chris

    Is this really necessary guys? Will there be a way to filter out the non-news items from the RSS feed?

  • Captain_Obvious

    What about kid of the week?

    • Swag

      Bro of the week.

      • novasteve

        How about bar with Tavern in the name of the week?

  • I believe that this qualifies as “everything in between” The link has a picture of me and my pet. He is just soooo cute when he thinks he’s all grown up and can think for himself. He always votes just the way I want him to. I can’t wait until he gets a conflict of interest problem of his very own. Maybe Lib can help with that.

  • CrystalMikey


  • Dezlboy

    As long as the pet of the week is limited to a photo and caption AND no comments, I’m fine. Otherwise, I’ll be “forced” to read inane animal comments. Oh, well, er, nevermind. 🙂

  • novasteve


    I don’t believe this topic would have the Jacob Zuma seal of approval, unless it’s a non dog pet.

  • woof

    lighten up, i like the idea – if you don’t you can alwys just not click the link….

  • Grace

    Do a service and run animals at the local shelters or in rescue that need homes. Check me unsubscribed. Most of your news is old and incomplete anyway. What a shameless way to increase your readership.

    • The plan is to run a shelter animal who’s up for adoption one week per month.

    • We are the first to report most major stories in Arlington, so I’m not sure why you think our news is “old and incomplete.”

  • I agree — give these guys a break. Geesh, some of you commenters are brutal! And I will be sending in my cat pic! 😉

  • Volo

    Once is fine, but please don’t subject me to this week after week! If you need to resort to cutesy gimmicks like this to generate content, then I obviously don’t need to continue reading…

  • what a bunch of whiners. Arlnow does a great job with all sorts of news and information. If you don’t like it, don’t read the story, but just stop complaining about EVERYTHING!

    I don’t know how Arlnow employees don’t go insane with the usual rubbish people write.

    The idea is nice and will be a nice change to the sad stories we read so often.

  • Mutts Rule

    Love this idea. Including pets available for adoption through a local rescue or shelter is a fantastic idea. Used pets are the best!

  • JLS

    I like the idea. People take pride in their pets and I’m sure some have interesting stories. I really like that you’ll be featuring a pet up for adoption as well. Pets bring so much joy to people…and it sounds like some of you could use a little unconditional love. Maybe you wouldn’t be so cranky.

    • Tabs



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