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Lotus Grill Now Open in Shirlington

by ARLnow.com January 8, 2013 at 2:35 pm 2,141 35 Comments

A new Vietnamese restaurant has opened in Shirlington Village.

Lotus Vietnamese Grill & Noodles, at 4041 Campbell Avenue, started serving customers on Monday. The restaurant, which seats about 40, is located in a 2,100 square foot space next to Extra Virgin restaurant.

The menu offering include: crispy spring rolls, summer rolls, green papaya salad with beef jerky, lotus stem salad with prawns, vermicelli, phở noodle soups, bahn mi sandwiches, and various rice dishes. The restaurant has a small bar that offers beer, wine and liquor.

Lotus Grill is open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Carryout service is available by calling 703-566-2173.

  • novasteve

    Wish more vietnamese places would open in N. Arlington, or better have never left. or do the people here think the places that left were worse than the various “Tavern” or Bistro replacements we got in Clarendon?

    • HJ

      I miss Cafe Dalat, though it went way downhill in its latter years.

      • novasteve

        What was the one that was really near hard times cafe? I loved their curries.

        • DCBuff

          Little Viet Garden was closest to Hard Times and had the best outdoor seating in Clarendon. But I doubt the generation of brown flip flops views the loss of Clarendon’s Vietnamese influences the way some of us do.

          • novasteve

            Yes, nothing honors diversity like chasing it out of the county while lamenting the county is diverse enough. And to top it off, we have tons of really bland places to eat now. Maybe they can run Pho 75 out even though it’s not in a “trendy” area like Clarendon.

          • confused

            plenty of VN places in nearby Eden Center. It seems odd to try to lock a relatively short lived phenomenon (like VN dominated Clarendon) in place forever.

          • novasteve

            Eden Center isn’t in arlington. That suggestion is like saying to those who dont’ think there’s enough of certain ethnic minority group in Arlington that not to worry, there are plenty of groups X and Y in PG county, which is close by.

          • Arlingtoon

            Fortunately Little Viet Garden has reopened in Georgetown, at 2934 M Street, right across the Key Bridge.

            It was a great place in its old location — loved their “Viet Garden Steak.”

          • altoid

            Nobody chased the vietnamese out of Clarendon – it was your beloved market forces. Or are you in favor of some kind of social engineering to keep them there?

          • novasteve

            Do you think clarendon has improved as a result? You used to be able to get good food, things were cheaper. Now you have everything with “Tavern” in its name, patronized by douchebags, and is extremely overpriced, with very boring, cookie cutter type food.

          • Cyrus

            novasteve, how do you know these establishments are patronized by douchebags? That is unless you patronize the establishments yourself. Then, by default, that makes you a douchebag.

          • confused

            eden center is just over the county line – quite close enough for someone wanting to sample the cuisine. If its not the cuisine but the population that is at issue, I think the population was moving west anyway, and OTOH there are still VN people living in Arlington.

          • confused

            “it was your beloved market forces.”

            Ah, the dilemma of a cultural conservative who is an economic conservative, when they clash. I beleieve daniel bell called it the cultural contradictions of capitalism

          • John K

            Eden Center, just over the county line, is not walkable for most Arlingtonians. Plus, surface parking is the anti-Christ, if I recall correctly.

  • Newtdog73

    My wife and I were there opening night. The food was great but the service was a bit disorganized…..to be expected for a couple weeks I suppose.

  • jed

    Though a bit turned off buy $12.50 pho, it’s nice to have this option in S-ton. Its small space and white linens remind me of the Vietnamese place next Busboys and Poets that closed.

    • scott

      This is a much better location than the other failed VN place in Shirlington by Busboys. The Bear Rock Cafe space has been empty about a year at least

  • Guin

    Husband and I were there on Sunday. They didn’t have the full menu then. I can’t wait to try something other than pho.

  • anonymous

    Just got back from lunch there. They definitely had a lot of kinks in their service (lost our order after 45 minutes, got drink orders wrong), and lunch took an hour and a half. However, the food was decent, but was quite expensive. $10 for a beef pho seems on the very high end of things, but it is still convenient to have a pho place right outside my office now.

  • O.C.

    Right next to Extra Virgin? Hmm. Can these people guarantee that the “meals tax” you pay on the $12.50 pho actually goes to Arlington County? Because Extra Virgin certainly hasn’t distributed to Arlington the “meals tax” they collected.

    • novasteve

      Restaurant taxes are regressive and thus racist.

  • Marcia

    YEAH! Shirlington need a vietnamese place! Can’t wait to try it!!!

    • fedworker

      Shirlington used to have a Vietnamese restaurant which closed in the expanded area of Busboy and Poets

  • n

    we ate there on 1/6 and felt the food was over priced and not great. The jumbo shrimp were tiny. The service – it was their 1st night – was predictably terrible. Better and cheaper Vietnamese food available elsewhere. Hope Lotus evolves quickly but for now, we are staying away.

  • Walter Sobchak

    I did not watch my buddies die face down in the muck so that- Wait, beef jerky?

  • MissKittenCat

    I’m glad Vietnamese and Thai is coming back to Arlington! We have one to many Bistros and FroYo places in Arlington. Golden Pho cow is good in Bailey’s Crossroads, but the Eden Center is hands down the best. Will have to check out Lotus and compare because $10 for Pho seems a bit pricey.

    • Alex

      Arlington has tons and tons of Thai already. But more options are better I suppose.

  • JJ

    Btw, Vietnamese-Americans are almost all South Vietnamese (at least politically) – the side that we fought on.

  • LexxiFoxx

    I ate dinner there, was pretty good.

  • Pholicious

    First of all it’s properly pronounced “fuh” not “foe.” Second, Lotus Grill is way overpriced. For that price, I should be getting top quality eye round in my steaming bowl of soup. Instead, I got a fairly bland bowl of luke warm, bland broth with barely any meat. NoVa is blessed with so many great Vietnamese restaurants, this just is not one of them.

  • JohnInNova

    It’s hard to beat the Vietnamese offerings of Eden Center…… and, I always find a place to park there.

  • David

    This Plc is the best in shirlinton food is wonderful

    • Loan

      Eden center is a chaos place. Lotus Grill Restaurant is far better than that. Its place is clean. I’d rather pay extra bucks for the way they handle my food. Just my opinion.

  • Loan

    Eden center is chaos place. Lotus Grill Restaurant is far better than that. Its place is clean. I’d rather pay extra bucks for the way they handle my food. Just my opinion.

  • Dex

    Service is ridiculous!waiter forgot to serve one of our orders. Manager apologized but seems it was funny for her that one of her waiter forgot to serve it…waited another 30mins for dessert to be served after waiter said,”your dessert is on its way NOW”..manager did not offer anything. She needs training on service recovery. Will not recommend this restaurant, VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, pricey and space too small.


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