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Blue Line Closed Between Pentagon and Rosslyn This Weekend

by ARLnow.com January 11, 2013 at 2:55 pm 22 Comments

Blue Line train by BrianMKAThe Blue Line will be split into two sections this weekend due to track work between Pentagon and Rosslyn.

Metro is performing “NTSB-recommended track circuit replacement, fastener replacement and joint elimination,” according to the agency’s website. Buses will replaces trains between Pentagon and Rosslyn from about 10 p.m. Friday to system closing on Sunday.

Trains will run from Rosslyn to Largo Town Center at regular weekend intervals, Metro said. The other segment of the Blue Line — starting at Franconia-Springfield — will take the Yellow Line bridge over the Potomac to Mount Vernon Square.

Those using the free shuttle bus between Pentagon and Rosslyn should allow 20 minutes of additional travel time, Metro said.

Photo by BrianMKA

  • Cy

    Damn, I am gonna have to drive to my Asian lady now. I’ve been seeing this Asian girl, my first time with one, has been really good.

    • malaka

      yes. we heard you yesterday. No need to drive. Perhaps you could just, you know, GET A FREAKIN ROOM!

      • Cy

        She has nice room. Soft.

      • SomeGuy

        This is the first I’d heard of it. Do tell more.

    • sebastian Melmoth

      well better you driving her than DWA.

      • Alex


      • malaka

        Driving while aroused?

        • Douglas Parker

          That one is more gender specific but can be a serious problem too I’d imagine.

  • General Petraeus

    So will the buses only run between Pentagon and Rosslyn Metro Stations? What about Arlington Cemetery? Will I need to drive to visit the Unknown Soldier or God forbid rent a CaBi bike to get around.

    • Regulation

      No bikes allowed in the cemetery.

      • cyclist

        Bikes are allowed on certain roads at certain times.

      • ARL-VA

        It’s likely that a Cabi station will be added in the Cemetery this spring. So obviously bikes are allowed, at least in some areas.

    • Sebastian Melmoth

      i’m sure the Unknown Soldier will understand if you can’t make it this weekend.

      • General Petraeus

        I have a date this weekend. That’s our rendez vous point.

    • Buckingham Beauty

      Or you could walk from Rosslyn, either down Meade and swinging by the Netherlands Carillion or via the Mt. Vernon trail. Great exercise.

  • Deadite

    Here comes the downpour of comments whining about necessary track maintenance in 3… 2… 1…

    • Steve

      It’s been 8 minutes now, and nothing.

    • Ben

      Well in all fairness if they had been doing proper maintenance all along these weekend shutdowns wouldn’t be necessary.

      It’s a bad sign when NTSB has to recommend something in the first place.

      • Joey

        That tends to happen when you kill a bunch of people with your train.

        • fedworker

          And on that note…how about dem streetcars?

      • drax

        NTSB makes lots of reccomendations, for every mode of transportation. Often its something that nobody could anticipate. So, no, it’s not a bad sign, it’s part of the process.

      • ARL’er

        Every transportation system needs regular maintenance. Parts wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. That’s just how it goes. There might be a higher number of weekend closures because of deferred maintenance, but there will always be at least some closures for maintenance.


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