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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com January 11, 2013 at 8:15 am 1,355 29 Comments

Building in Ballston by Airpolonia

Another Military Daycare Worker Accused of Abuse — Another Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall daycare worker has been accused of abuse, just three months after another daycare abuse scandal broke at the base. This time, a daycare worker is accused of hitting a three-year-old child with a seat cushion. [WJLA]

Crystal City Plan Wins National Award — The Crystal City Sector Plan has won the American Planning Association’s 2013 National Planning Achievement Award for Innovation in Economic Planning and Development. “This ambitious, creative plan is already beginning to make Crystal City an even better place to live, work and play, and to help Arlington meet the serious challenges posed by BRAC,” said Arlington County Board Chair Walter Tejada, in a statement. [Arlington County]

Wine Walk This Weekend — Crystal City will host its annual “1K Wine Walk” this weekend. All but one “heat” on Saturday is sold out, but tickets are still available for most time slots on Sunday. The “1K Beer Walk” will take place two weekends from now. Disclosure: Event organizer Washington Wine Academy is an ARLnow.com advertiser. [Washington Wine Academy]

Seeking ‘Women of Vision’ Nominees — Arlington County’s Commission on the Status of Women is seeking nominations for the 2013 Women of Vision Awards. “The awards are given to individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to women’s issues, and have, over time, developed and communicated their vision for women and engaged community members and other leaders in order to realize this vision,” the county said on its website. [Arlington County]

Flickr pool photo by Airpolonia

  • novasteve

    Since arlington is a state actor and subject to the equal protection clause, what’s the important government interest being served by having this “women of vision” thing instead of a “People of vision” or a “Men of vision” thing?

    • JohnB

      “The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) consists of volunteer members appointed by the Arlington County Board for three-year terms. The Commission was first established in 1974 as an advisory committee to the County Board. In 1980, the Board redesigned the committee as a permanent commission to advise the County on a variety of issues affecting women today.”

      Zero authority and zero funding. Not a violation of Equal Protection.

      • novasteve

        It’s still done by a state actor, and unless it meets the intermediate scrutiny test of equal protection, it violates due process. What is the important government interest served by this gender based distinction?

        • drax

          Sue them then, steve. You’re a lawyer.

    • Reading 101

      “awards are given to individuals”. So what’s the problem? Are you demanding that the award be available for groups, rather than individuals?

    • Reading 101

      “The award originated in 1988. To date, 112 awards have been awarded, honoring women and men from the community who have made outstanding contributions toward addressing the inequities that women experience and improving the lives of women and girls in Arlington.”

      Still confused about the rant because the award is available to both men and women.

      • novasteve

        “addressing the inequities that women experience and improving the lives of women and girls in Arlington”

        ahum. Why isn’t there an award about the inequities that men experience and improving the lives of men and boys in arlington?

        Before you say there are no inequities with men, why do men have lower levels of college education, lower life expectancies, more on the job fatalities and are much more likely to be victims of homicides?

        • jackson

          It doesn’t get tedious to write this every time it comes up?

          • novasteve

            So your response to an allegation of an equal protection violation is this?

            I’ll laugh off any equal protection complaints from the left then.

          • jackson

            If you are truly concerned and not just tossing out the “where’s the men’s award? When is white history month?” tripe, then take it up with them:

            The Commission on the Status of Women meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7PM in the Azalea Conference Room at the Arlington County Government Main Office Building, 2100 Clarendon Boulevard.

          • novasteve

            Jackson you do have a point. All of thise double standards are perpetrated by liberals on groups they think are inferior or can’t hack it without government help. I’m very proud I’m not a liberal darling group member, because it must suck to have people think you are inferior and need special privileges to make it. It must be hard on the self esteem and I guess that’s probably why self esteem in this country is rock bottom.

          • drax

            How about an actual answer to his question, jackson?

          • Jackson

            What is his actual question, Drax? About why isn’t there an award for inequities among males? there may be, for all I know. And if he believes there is a law being broken, he’s free to bring a lawsuit. I don’t care that he thinks it’s lowering self esteem to award someone for something. There are two alterntives: honor no one or live in an “everyone gets a trophy” world. Both are silly.

  • ArlNative

    What a GREAT GREAT photo. Thank you for sharing this!

    • G Clifford Prout

      For a brief moment there I thought it was our completed super stop on Columbia Pike. But alas no.

  • (another) Greg

    I have a proposal:

    We hire Mike Tyson to do to the child care workers whatever they have done to the children. You hit a kid, you get hit by Iron Mike.

    • drax

      Sounds great! So Tyson is going to have LOTS of spanking to do.

    • JamesE

      Mike “I’ll eat your children” Tyson

  • sort of sad

    Having worked at a school that actually has a van of riders that come from/go home to the Ft Myer child care group, this breaks my heart. Mostly because, from what I saw, these kids adored the staff at the center… all they ever talked about was what they did before and after school, and who their friends were from other local schools that they met there, and never once did anyone mentions getting in trouble for something or an obscure punishment… obviously that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but there was no fear to go there at the end of the day, and my only personal interaction with the staff was the van drivers who were all wonderful and caring. They knew the ins and outs of these kids lives as much if not more so than the parents. If they dropped a kid off in the morning that seemed sniffly or sick, even if the parent didn’t express concern, they’d mention it to the office staff. They helped track notes from parents of who was going home with a friend after school or who had to stick around for a sport. The only time the thought or conversation of discipline came up was morning where a kid might’ve had an incident on the way with another child, hitting or fighting over a toy or something that happens with 8-12 kids in a van. Still, the same process would take place where they’d come in, let us know the situation (in case the tension between kids persisted or came up during the school day) and let us know if anything was done or said to discipline them. The communication was great and the staff seemed to be engaged and follow a great policy to keep communication open. Again, it doesn’t mean that nothing happened on-site, or that this wasn’t an act of some sort, but it still breaks my heart to see so much happening surrounding this care center. I truly believe there are some really good, caring people that were vital roles in raising some of the best children I ever worked with. I hope that this doesn’t tarnish the reputation of the entire program or each staff member who may have been one of the good ones. I hope it gets resolved, repaired, and the “bad eggs” are sorted out to bring a new life to care center involving those who really do love their jobs and follow the policies of interacting with the children. **Good luck Ft Myer!**

    • Feddy

      Bad events happen at day cares more than gets reported. We know someone whose kid’s hands were horribly burned at the Diplo-Tots day care at the State Dept. (It most likely happened on a radiator–at least that’s the best guess. The staff isn’t talking.) The staff nowadays tend to be low-income, low-education and probably did not come from stable homes. Real problem in this area of the country: Anyone who is from a stable home and has any kind of education and is not already a stay-at-home mom will pursue a more lucrative line of work, like nursing.

      • drax

        Yep, as usual, we would rather save a few bucks than pay enough to people taking care of our children.

  • Mike Nardolilli

    Does anyone know why a large part of North Arlington and Falls Church was without power last night? There was no storm and no wind. I haven’t seen anything about it on any news outlet, including here.

    • AP Newswire

      Duly noted. Now it is (see post directly above). Thank you.

  • Goob

    1K? Why pretend it’s exercise – just call it a wine crawl.

    • Malaka
    • novasteve

      Given the rates of increasing obesity in this country, I bet in 25 years, the 10k runs and breast cancer walks will be reduced to 50 yards, which will by then be an extreme distance for someone to have to walk without their motorized loveseat for transportation.

      • malaka

        That’s 50 yards further than most smokers can manage

        • novasteve

          You are wrong, malaka.

  • Skeptical

    I’ve never encountered a three year old that I didn’t long to hit with a seat cushion. Then again, (1) I never actually did that and (2) I never sought work in a day care operation.


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