Lotus Grill Closes Temporarily Just Days After Opening

by Katie Pyzyk January 18, 2013 at 3:15 pm 2,521 17 Comments

Sign at Lotus Grill and Noodles in ShirlingtonIt had only been open for about 10 days, but Lotus Grill and Noodles in Shirlington temporarily closed down yesterday.

A tipster sent ARLnow.com a photo of the county inspection sign that went up on the door yesterday, claiming the building is unsafe.

According to a representative with Arlington’s Inspection Services Division, the restaurant had opened before receiving its certificate of occupancy. The county worker said the restaurant owners took it upon themselves to open when they weren’t authorized to do so.

We’re told there were outstanding building, zoning and inspection issues that needed to be resolved before issuing the permit. However, all of the issues were resolved around noon today and the restaurant is officially able to serve customers.

The restaurant re-opened this afternoon.

  • lauren

    ohmygosh, this place is a MESS! my co-worker and i went there last week for lunch…it was packed, but no one had food. we should have taken that as a sign and ran the other way, but we ended up staying. never got water after sitting there for an hour. we did get our summer rolls quickly (and they were delicious) but we had to ask for our pho to go because it was taking so long. the pho was also delicious, but they are clearly not off to the best start!

    • Pho No!

      Wait, I’m sorry…you sat there and waited an hour for water!? That’s dedication…and maybe a little insanity mixed in…

    • Tet Offended

      Ate there last week with the wife and reading some good reviews. Excited that a Viet restaurant was opening near where we live instead of heading over to Clarendon to Nam Viet. We eat Vietnamese and other asian cuisines frequently. Spring rolls were good, but the pho was meh. We had to ask for basil for the soup; the server said they were out. That’s a staple of the soup. Couldn’t they just run over to Harris Teeter and get some for that evenings customers? And $14 for a bowl is very steep, but I guess they have to pay the rent in pricey Shirlington. Not sure we’ll be back…

  • magothy

    went on Tuesday night. very good Pho. Very nice staff… still seem to be working out the kinks, but really nice people. hope they make it.

  • 14 years in the Arbor and counting

    Remember when the garage owner in Shirlington striped in general parking slots directly in front of the handicap ramp at the Harris Teeter garage entrance? The management company said they were allowed to do that even though the ADA laws said otherwise. I emailed them the ADA laws, and they ignored it for a week. Then, one call to the Arlington County office of civil rights, and an inspector was sent out the next day to see if they were in violation. The garage owner, after telling me several times he had a legal right to stripe in parking slots in front of the ramp, was then given by the county 24 hours to re-stripe in accordance with the law, or the garage would be closed by the county. Victory! Arlington County, when they are right, loves to threaten.

    • drax

      Stupid government, interfering with our lives!

  • Sarah

    I was in Dogma last weekend and there was water coming from the ceiling all over the place from Lotus Grill. They had buckets all over the back and had to move a lot of their stuff. Water was dripping out of the light fixtures, it was kind of gross. I felt sorry for them.

    We went upstairs to get food from Medi, and a lot people were leaving Lotus, then a sign went up that said they were closed. Clearly there are some pretty big kinks to work out!

    • Tabs

      That happened to Le Village Marche–they were flooded out by whatever’s upstairs–lost a lot of merchandise and had to close for a while.

  • lastcall

    How did they bring food into the building without a CoO? Health inspection? Yikes.

    • drax

      It’s a libertarian’s dream.

  • What the Pho

    Permit. I don’t need no stinkin permit.

  • T Observer

    Lime Fresh in Clarendon…..CLOSED. Sign says please visit our store in Pentagon City.

  • MariaC

    I hope they reopen soon. I’ve already eaten there three times, and the food was delicious. The servers were very nice too.

    • MariaC

      Oh. So Lotus has reopened! Excellent.

  • South SIde Chris

    I just ate lunch here with my wife. We enjoyed it and will definitely be back. The Pho is good but don’t overlook the rest of the menu too. There is more to Vietnam than just soup.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    yhe restaurant opened before receiving its certificate of occupancy.. therefore: THIS BUILDING IS UNSAFE???? wow. municipal overreaction much? we live in crazy times.

  • YTK

    Maybe they should close al the restaurants and just let the Food Trucks roll in .. and out.


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