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New Cafe Coming to East Falls Church

by ARLnow.com February 11, 2013 at 10:20 am 50 Comments

2121 N. Westmoreland StreetA new cafe is coming to the East Falls Church neighborhood.

Little City Gourmet, described as a “cafe and store,” plans to open at 2121 N. Westmoreland Street on April 15. The cafe plans to have about 16 seats inside and four outdoor seats, according to interior design sketches. It’s also applying for a license to serve beer and wine.

Located on the ground floor of an apartment building, Little City Gourmet is within walking distance of the East Falls Church Metro station and the W&OD Trail, on the same block as One More Page Books.

The cafe is helmed by Rachelle Slotnick, the owner and executive chef of Northwest Fresh Catering in Falls Church. Attempts to reach Slotnick for comment were unsuccessful.

Photo via Google Maps

  • Hee-Haw

    hope this turns out better than the atrocious chasin tails place…

  • urban dweller

    Why Hee-Haw, don’t like something different and fresh like what Chasin Tale’s has brought, cajun to the area. Are you like every other carbon copy Arlingtonian who just wants another Froyo or burger spot?

    • Hee-Haw

      No, its cause they don’t know how to cook seafood. Additionally, all of their fried food (which should be safe) is overbattered.

      • Karl Marx

        I’m going to have to back up HH on this – Chasin’ Tails is a disgrace.

  • No, really, Chasin’ Tails is bad. Great concept, but poor staff and even worse kitchen. It’s the only restaurant within walking distance of my house that I don’t frequent.

    Unfortunately for this cafe, this location is terrible and they will fail unless they’ve got something really special.

  • Lalalynn

    Because of the odd location, you really need places that folks within walking distance will frequent. I don’t see eating at Chasin Tails often. And with the service and price, I don’t ever plan on returning. And I live really close.

    If “Gourmet” means overpriced sandwiches, this place doesn’t stand a chance. For the neighborhood , it needs to be reasonably priced and kid friendly.

  • Michael Nardolilli

    Welcome to the neighborhood Little City Gormet! I urge all of my fellow neighbors in the Arlington East Falls Church Civic Association to check it out!

    • Never Forget

      Not if you are going to eat there…..some of us remember the EFC debacle……..

      • NotSteve

        What debacle? Refresh our minds..

        The word is out that this “Association” is more like a mafia… Don’t get me started on the street parking issue.

        • Never Forget

          Who can forget the EFC meeting where Nardolilli and his pal told a fellow resident to “Shut Up”…

          • Isn’t that the Arlington Way

            tell any one with a dissent view point to “shut up” and this has issue is already decided and we are only providing you an update.

          • Michael Nardolilli

            “Never Forget” “remembers” something that never happened. The East Falls Church Plan was the result of a three year open process that ended with a vote of all Task Force Members — 14 to 4 in favor of the Plan. How many other County Task Forces involve actual votes? Everyone who wanted to comment had multiple opportunities to do so. Anonymous unverifiable postings making outrageous claims about private citizens does not advance the dialogue.

          • Never Forget

            Wow, how quickly they forget….I am sure that most of the people at that meeting remember that exchange.

      • DaGruffalo

        Refresh our minds, what debacle?

      • DaGruffalo

        What was the EFC association issue?

        • DaGruffalo

          sorry, my browser wasn’t refreshing…. thought it didn’t post.

  • John

    Speaking of this area…Does anyone know whatever happened to the planned development for the EFC Metro surface parking lot?

    • BBMS

      There never has been any plan for the parking lot. The county passed some zoning framework for what could be built there in the future, but nobody has stepped up with anything specific. At least not that I have seen.

  • Old Yeller

    That location has “fail” written all over it. I can’t see Chasin’ Tails lasting more than a year or two. Summer was kind to them with the outdoor seating, but it’s a ghost town most nights when I drive by. Bear Rock was a more fitting concept, family friendly and a reasonable price point. But trying to park there was a nightmare, and there’s just not enough restaurant-seeking foot traffic in that area. While I like the mixed-use development concept, without reasonable, obvious parking, the retail part always seems like a struggle.

    • Hee-Haw

      I say good food trumps the bad location thing. Unfortunately, chasin tails also has bad food.

      • no

        It’s not bad.

        • Hee-Haw

          It’s not good either.

    • Lalalynn

      With more apartments opening on Lee Highway a place around there might stand a chance. We live nearby and would welcome a reasonably priced cafe with a good variety. We eat at Elevation Burger at least once a week and would love to substitute one of those for something in walking distance.

      But the horrible parking is a problem.

      • cyclist

        I park there with no problem after working off my weekly burger on the bike trail that goes right past it.

        • Billy

          You could park in the apartment garage, they have some space for retail parking

    • NotSteve

      Bear rock was the idea “concept” but poor execution.

      Parking is not even a problem, you can park across the street at the animal hospital after hours and also use the underground parking at crescent.

      Neighborhood traffic is enough. The amount of people that walk dogs, kids and bike through the trail is big. The we are very underserved in this area. If a restaurant delivers quality, the neighbors will come.

      I like Tri360 but i was sad to see they took over the larger retail space. For a while i was trying to talk Meat in a Box to move over here! =P

  • ArlGirl

    I’m actually excited for this place and seeing some more fun options come to the area. And yes, while parking in that area is a pain – it’s really bike friendly and has a lot to offer. Tri360 is awesome, the French Cafe on the corner does well, I love One More Page and honestly, I don’t have a problem with Chasin’ Tails – it’s a fun restaurant if you don’t mind getting a little messy.

  • NotSteve

    Lalalynn nailed it. Location is not the problem. 250+ units at the crescent plus 128 at the westlee, plus all the neighborhood housing all around. Not ONE place you can just walk in and grab a reasonable bite. The French restaurant’s cafe side has failed to deliver over and over again. Food is medicore and overpriced, who knows when it’s open.

    Chasin Tails I don’t care for because it’s seafood but it seems to be doing well still. Not just a fad. The problem there is that its more like a special occasion place, not something I take my kids too or swing by. They tried lunch, failed. Portions were enormous for lunch and priced accordingly. You couldn’t eat lunch here without spending $17.00 by the time you walked out. So of course, they stopped doing it cause no one would go.

    So Little Gourment, Listen up:
    – Kid friendly
    – Food options
    – Right price for a family
    – be ready for the metro walkers in the morning and the evening when we don’t want to cook.
    – lunch they will come too. have it at the right price $6.99 lunch deal will have repeat customers several times a week (other local business, telework, shift people in both buildings).

  • Live nearby

    I live nearby and agree that Chasing Tails will fail, the manger is arrogant and unresponsive, they have all these arcane rules, like you can sit here and get happy hour, but not outside. What? Overpriced and too limited menu. We always just walk up to Clare n Dons, irelands 4ps, and Dogwood. Friend of mine said his Dad submitted study on EFC metro lot and now are waiting on response. Hope it’s developed in my lifetime.

  • Old School

    I am a huge fan of Le Marche which is the breakfast / coffee section of La Cote D’Or. Very nice people and outdoor seating.

    On a side note the Chasin’ Tail’s group never invited any of their neighborhood merchants to join in at their opening night (very rude).

    • Dear Old School,

      I agree that Le Marche is top notch!

      In regards to your comment of “On a side note the Chasin’ Tail’s group never invited any of their neighborhood merchants to join in at their opening night (very rude),” we apologize that we missed someone ☹.

      I know it’s no excuse but there was so much going on at the time of our opening that it was very possible that some merchants fell between the cracks. I personally invited all of the Westlee retail, the animal hospital, the car repair shops, the Bank of America, and a few more businesses but I must have missed some.

      Again, I apologize and want you to know that it was not intentional if we left anybody out our opening night.



  • Pedro

    I think Chasin’ Tails does a pretty good job, although I wonder if the crawfish is undercooked sometimes. But it’s fun to pour a bucket of mudbugs across your table and go to work. The lobster catching machine is a fun addition. Parking is a disaster, the area is in desperate need of a dedicated garage. I was hoping a pho or thai place would move in to that space but am hopeful that this market thing will have good sandwiches and salads.

  • Little City Gourmet

    Hello! We at Little City Gourmet are very excited to be opening soon in your neighborhood. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We hope to have something for everyone. In the morning we will serve gourmet coffee drinks with homemade breakfast breads and pastries, freshly made grab-and-go sandwiches and salads are available for lunch, and tapas, beer, wine and yummy desserts in the evening. For those who want to pick something up for dinner, we will offer Daily Dinners, a ready to heat-and-eat meal that can be ordered in advance through our website or in person. We appreciate your feedback and would love some suggestions for kid-friendly options!

    • Hello Little City Gourmet,

      Welcome to the neighborhood! We look forward to your opening and know you’re bringing something awesome to the area. It would be great if you stopped by whenever you’re in the area; we’d love to meet you in person.

      Your neighbor,

      Chasin’ Tails

      • restaurant

        Hi, I’m a talking restaurant too, can I join in your conversation?

      • CW

        Ok, give it a rest already. This isn’t yelp or tripadvisor.

        • Hey CW,

          Sorry but we feel that it’s important that we try our hardest to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied. We failed to do that the first time, so the least we can do is address their criticisms and show them that we are thankful for their feedback because it helps improve our restaurant.

          Take care,
          Chasin’ Tails

        • WeiQiang

          lighten up, francis

  • james george

    here’s to advertising. not like it’s going to matter in 5 years when they’re chased out due to high taxes and rent.

    whatever. just another venue that will be pushed away by major franchise.


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