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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com February 15, 2013 at 10:45 am 1,141 48 Comments

Coast Guard vessel on the Potomac, near Arlington National Cemetery

Same-Sex Couples Denied Marriage Licenses — In what has become a Valentine’s Day tradition in Arlington, three same-sex couples applied for and were denied marriage licenses at the Arlington County courthouse yesterday. Arlington Circuit Court Clerk Paul Ferguson reluctantly turned down the applications and spoke outside the courthouse in support of same-sex marriage. A similar demonstration, organized by another gay rights group, took place outside the courthouse last month. [Sun Gazette]

‘Dooring’ Bill Fails in Va. House — Legislation that would outlaw the “dooring” of bicyclists has failed in the Virginia House of Delegates. The bill had passed the state Senate but failed to pass a House committee earlier this week. The bill would have made it illegal to open a car door in the immediate path of a cyclist. Virginia is one of ten states in the country that do not have such a law on the books. [Washington Post]

Questioning the ‘Female-Friendly’ Sports Bar — Is Bracket Room, the new “female-friendly” sports bar that’s coming to Clarendon, insulting to women? One Washington City Paper writer says the answer is yes. She writes of Bracket Room partner and former reality TV star Chris Bukowski: “…his 2012 appearance on Bachelor Pad, in which former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants live in a house together and compete for $250,000, suggests he may not be the most in touch with women’s preferences. Over the course of the season, the chiseled-abs, blue-eyed Bukowski became the show’s villain, hooking up with and then ditching two of the female contestants.” [Washington City Paper]

Flickr pool photo by Wolfkann

  • CoralBlazer

    good…good…and good. Nice way to wrap up the week heading into a long weekend. How fantastic!

    I’m out.

    • MC 703

      I hope your weekend is uneventful and pedantic.

    • Piker Shorts

      Society will surely fail if same sex couples are allowed to marry.

      • WeiQiang

        i know, right? look how the economy reacted to marriage equality. drought? of COURSE it’s related to marriage equality. Hurricane Sandy … how androgynous is ‘Sandy’? so, of course, the damage from Sandy was greater. even the cruise ship debacle this week is probably due to the fact that there was probably a same-sex couple on board and may have even been legally married. *yewww*

        • drax

          Every time gays get married, a hetero marriage explodes somewhere. It’s a law of physics.

        • DCBuff

          Not really clear what your point is. You don’t like the situation (understandably), work to change the law.

          • WeiQiang

            i do. and isn’t that precisely what is reflected in the Morning Notes above?

            pssst … it was parody.

          • drax

            Wait, that was parody?

    • drax

      You’re out?


  • Arlington Cat

    “his 2012 appearance on Bachelor Pad, in which former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants live in a house together and compete for $250,000, suggests he may not be the most in touch with women’s preferences. Over the course of the season, the chiseled-abs, blue-eyed Bukowski became the show’s villain, hooking up with and then ditching two of the female contestants.”

    Does someone really think reality shows are “reality?”

  • drax

    So is “lady’s night” insulting to women too?

    • Mike

      I’m not sure whether it’s insulting to women, but “Lady’s Night” is definitely insulting to grammar, unless only one lady is involved.

      • Chris


      • drax

        There was only one lady there that night, so….

  • Timmy

    Owner is a misogynist, so the women friendly bar he opened must be considered demeaning to women? I know a guy who doesn’t like pizza who owns a pizza restaurant. Should I hate his restaurant, too?

    • drax

      Well, yeah, probably should.

  • Ahhlington

    C’mon guys, he just wanted to open a place where Clarendon Skank could feel at home…

    • Hank

      I will not have you disparage the good name of the Clarendon Skank!

      • drax

        You are awarded 1/2 FREDTERP.

    • WeiQiang

      my sense is that CS’s standards may focus more on Bukowski’s lap than on his ability to be a restauranteur. Bukowski sounds Eastern European, no?

      • DCBuff

        Wei, are you commenting on a straight meme?

        • WeiQiang

          as i have since coming to ArlNow, yes.

      • drax

        Maybe Bukowski is Serbian?

        • WeiQiang

          maybe Bukovskic. not Bukowski.

  • Clarendon

    Any lawyers out there know the implications of it being legal to open your car door in the path of a cyclist ? Does it mean the cyclist would always be at fault in such a collision and be expected to pay for damages ?

    • Hee-Haw

      I’d like to know too, I’m in need of a new car door…

    • novasteve

      I would think general negligence rules would apply.

    • Rankin

      I have the same question. I can’t really see how it can really be made illegal to door somebody – nobody doors a cyclist on purpose (I suppose somebody might, but that would surely just be assault) – but does this place blame and liability automatically on one party?

      • Andy

        When this was reported on earlier, they noted the problem was with insurance – insurance companies could refuse to pay out for damage to the cyclist because there was no law saying you couldn’t open the door in their face. I find this ridiculous to the extreme; we shouldn’t need laws to cover common sense. If a cyclist comes round the corner and sees an open door – their fault if they crash into it; if a motorist opens a door right in front of an approaching cyclist – motorist’s fault.
        Why do we need a law for that?!

        • Scott

          Yeah- not sure the need for such a specific law. If a motorist intentionally injures a cyclist by opening their door in their path– couldn’t they just be charged with assault or under some other existing law?

        • Hee-Haw

          We shouldn’t need laws to cover common sense, but there are plenty. I call these laws “anti-Darwinian”.

          • Max

            Well in this case it’s the guy on the lower end of the evolutionary spectrum, if you will, who doesn’t get injured.

          • Hee-Haw

            Then that would make the uninjured on the higher end of the spectrum.

      • steve

        Very few wrecks are caused on purpose, probably why we tend to call them “accidents.” The dooring law (a law in 40 states) is there to provide a method of citing the driver for causing the wreck, if in fact it is the driver’s fault. Just like any other law, there would have to be a determination as to who was at fault. Cyclists have had a lot of trouble getting insurance money in situations when it is clearly the driver’s fault, because there is no way for the police to cite them. It’s not that rare, especially as most bike lanes are put inbetween a travel lane and parked cars.

        • Hee-Haw

          Do cyclists have auto insurance ?

          • SomeGuy

            Yes, many of them do.

          • Well Duh

            If they own a car.

    • Louise
    • Ren

      Yeah, interesting question. I’ll take a stab at an answer, with standard disclaimer that it’s not legal advice. First, keep in mind the policy motivation for all insurance – supposed to be a substitute system for areas of activity that are ‘risky’. In a perfect world, each insured goes back to h/h own insurer for compensation from harm and is protected from h/h own negligence (potential recovery route for harmed 3P not in same system, like cyclist). The reality is both that people still sue…a lot…and insurance companies resist claims (part of their business model). So, tort law and negligence rules come right back into play.

      I believe VA is a ‘pure contributory negligence’ state, meaning 1% contributory fault can negate recovery. In ‘dooring’, that’s likely to mean neither party can win easily, since it’s a scenario where as a practical matter, it’s hard to prove 100% fault. Hence, the bill. The legal system would leave all parties SOL, but cyclists are more likely to suffer injury to person and have no remedy – a common motivator for legislators to try and balance equities.

    • David m

      What about open your door into oncoming traffic… Who cares if its a cyclist or another vehicle?

      • Ren

        I probably should have written in my post, ‘…standard disclaimer that it’s not legal advice. It’s probably not even right.”

        @ David m: Your question illustrates my point very well. If you open your car door in traffic, the insurance system gives both drivers a remedy, as all drivers *should* have insurance. Chances are the driver you hit is probably not even 1% at fault, but the insurance system is supposed to prevent having to litigate that out…at least that’s the principle. Even there, in practice the insurance companies will prob. take it to court.

    • Fuzzy

      I’d like to know if it’s legal to door the a-hole motorcycle riders who drive between lanes when traffic is slow.

  • novasteve

    I thought it was afemale steakhouse? The point really is that they will serve tiny portions for outrageous prices.

    • WeiQiang

      tiny portions … heh

      • ClarendonSkank

        Female friendly? I don’t think so. I don’t want a tiny portion of meat.

        • Drunk_Irish_Chick

          “The Irish Curse”

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    Disclaimer: No same-sex bachelorettes were doored in the production of these morning notes.

  • doug

    Got doored a number of years ago in Rosslyn. Broke bones in hand and foot. Cops cited me while waiting at the hospital to see if I needed surgery. Seems I was supposed to ride in the center of the traffic lane rather than to the right. No consequence for car driver.


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