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‘Bachelorette’ Star to Open ‘Female-Friendly’ Sports Bar in Clarendon

by ARLnow.com January 11, 2013 at 12:24 pm 9,156 135 Comments

Future location of the "Bracket Room" sports bar

Reality TV star Chris Bukowski is opening a “female-friendly” sports bar called “Bracket Room” in Clarendon.

The “sports lounge and eatery,” as described in a press release, is expected to open this summer. It will be opening in the former Burapa Thai space at 1210 N. Garfield Street, though as of this morning no building permits have been issued.

Bukowski, a Chicago native who is best known for his appearances as a cast member on the ABC reality shows “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad,” is opening the restaurant with business partners Jeff Greenberg and Nicole Pettitt. Greenberg is also an investor in Clarendon’s Cava Mezze Grill, according to the Washington City Paper.

“The trio plans to change the face of the average sports bar,” said the press release. “By meshing a stylish environment with healthier small plates, and state of the art technology, ‘Bracket Room’ will surely please every palate.”

The press release continued:

“Bracket Room” will boldly redefine the upscale, state-of-the-art sports bar, with wit and irreverent charm. This exciting gathering spot in hip and Metro-accessible Arlington, will serve-up fresh food and drinks that will be unexpected, with a twist. “Bracket Room” will be the ‘go-to’ place for sporting entertainment, yet it will have a modern and female-friendly ambiance.

An avid sports fan, owning a sports lounge has been a dream of his since majoring in Hospitality/Food & Beverage at UNLV. Bukowski is involved with several charities, and he has plans to incorporate a charity with “Bracket Room.”

Future location of the "Bracket Room" sports bar Future location of the "Bracket Room" sports bar

  • I will watch the Terps games in REAL bars where people go to WATCH games. FREDTERP

    • Malaka

      Which bars are those? Are there any real bars left in Arlington? MALAKA

      • Rich

        The only bar in Arlington I can think of that hasn’t sucked in the last 5 years is LA Bar on the PIke. Malaka, come on down. Fredterp, enjoy Whtlows. RICH

    • CW

      See you at the turtle?

  • LP


  • JamesE

    This is a joke right?

  • novasteve

    Seriously, do people think before they come up with business ideas? No doubt a feminized bar is going to attract men to buy drinks for women. The reality is, men do a lot of drink buying for women. This place is going to rely on women to do all the drink buying?

    • bubba

      What the heck leads you to say that it would rely on women buying the drinks? Actually WTF are you talking about could be the standard answer to most of your posts

    • drax

      Actually, that was my first thought too. A sports bar full of women? It will quickly become a sports bar full of men seeking women.

      But I like the idea and hope it works.

      • novasteve

        If that’s the case, then every bar was already female friendly.

        • drax

          No, because lots of sports bars start as a room full of men, and end that way too.

          I was agreeing with you, steve!

          • novasteve

            That is female friendly. More men for them to pick from, more men to buy them drinks..

          • drax

            Sure, steve, women flock to sports bars for that reason.

  • Trev

    Chris Bukowski is my brah from another ma

  • Dano

    This is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke. Please.

  • MB

    [ . . . ]

  • JP

    This place sucks and hasn’t even opened yet.

  • novasteve

    Hey, at least it isn’t a froyo place, however when this place goes out of business after 5 months, maybe a froyo place will move in.

  • Ballston

    Editors – I think you forgot the quotation marks around “Star”

  • novasteve

    I think this is the icing on the cake on just how sucky Clarendon is. I would rather drink methanol at home than go out to Clarendon. It’s like it’s designed to be lame.

    • Your Mom

      please do so.

      • Burrito


  • CW

    As a female sports fan, I wouldn’t step into a place that caters to female sports fans….Such a terrible idea..

    • arlgirl

      I thought you were a dude.

      Or- are you saying you are a dude that likes to watch girl sports?

      Will they broadcast the World Figure Skating competitions, Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Synchronized swimming events at this establishment?

      I am a dudette, but I can’t stand the sight of females in male basketball uniforms. Can’t they come up with their own version—loose the baggy shorts and long tanks? Highly unflattering.

      • arlgirl

        that was ‘lose’, btw.

      • novasteve

        They should wear those running shorts. Chicks look cute in those.

      • JamesE

        The “real” registered CW is a dudebro

        • JamesE

          I think, maybe.

          • CW

            I am very much a dudebro, dude. Bro.

          • CW

            And I guess just for thte logically-challenged folks around here, that means that no, the above poster is not me.

            Although I agree with my sister from another mister above that most female sports fans would probably feel patronized and not step into this establishment, and most female non-sports-fans would not want to go to any sort of sports bar to begin with.

      • SomeGuy

        As a buxom and nubile party girl, I sure hope I can see figure skating and pay-per-view equestrian events at this venue.

  • Ahhlington

    Thank God I only work in Clarendon. Wow. On the other hand, if he’s looking for the “trixie” stereotype as his main clientele, he’ll clean up in this neighborhood.

    Unless you’re an ex-frat d-bag, Clarendon has gone so downhill. It’s getting painful to watch.

    • novasteve

      I was in a fraternity and I absolutely refuse to go anywhere in Clarendon.

      Let’s guess their $10 happy hour specials!

      • Ahhlington

        Yes, but I’m guessing you’re not a d-bag.

        • bubba

          you got that wrong

          • CourthouseChris

            Not in the context that Ahhlington was using.

      • MissKittenCat

        WAS in a fraternity? Did you quit or get kicked out? Or were you in some fake fraternity then ends once you graduate?

        • Quoth the Raven

          Maybe he just grew up.

          • FrenchyB

            Ha, that’s a good one.

        • hoser

          If you are no longer in college (or work at a college), but claim to still be in a fraternity/sorority, you’ve got some serious problems. Fraternity membership is not exactly like joining the Marines, which is a designation that should be used for life.

          • Neidermeyer

            Not true. Once initiated into the frat, brotherhood til death. Or brah-hood.

          • jason

            This place will not last 5 minutes. And even though Clarendon has become a hot bed for gay places like this, this might be the gayest. I live in Arlington and it’s over saturated with sports bars. I give them one year and it will close.

          • Luke T

            haha. very true. MissKittenCat. only dbags live by their frat their entire life.

      • ArLater


        What fraternity at UM were you in?

        • novasteve

          I don’t know if I should give out personal information. I’ll just say it’s one that has been there for quite a long time.

      • Loser Alert

        Likely not true about having paid friends in college — even the losers who pay to have friends would find this delusional crybaby unacceptable. That claim is as goofy as the claim to be an attorney when the crybaby cannot focus on a topic.

  • novasteve


    I get it now! They’re trying to outdouche other Clarendon bars. Not as stupid of an idea as I previously thought.

    I think the sports thing is just a code for having even douchier douches frequent the place.

    • hardy har har

      “even douchier douches”… touche!

      I thought “female friendly” would mean it was for lesbian sports fans

      • novasteve

        Clarendon will now be 7% douchier.

    • drax

      It’s a chick bar – of course it involves douche bags.

  • Confused

    Wait – “female friendly”? Are all the other sports bars in Clarendon not female friendly?

    Personally I think this is the worst location possible for an “upscale sports bar.” Velocity Five and ATR are both within walking distance. How is this place going to be any different?

    • novasteve

      I think it’s code for saying that they’ll have a higher quotient of douchebag types that women see on reality TV shows for them to choose from. I think they’ll try to make it like a club, so that they only let in top douchebags. No fat guys with hockey sweaters.

      • Hank

        Hmm… a guy who was in a fraternity referring to others as douchebags. This is a great study in irony!

      • Trev

        Wait. I’ll be there. Are you calling me a d-bag?

  • Andy Capp


  • John

    No thanks.

  • B Childs

    Female-Friendly Sports Bar = NO TVs!

    No thank you buddy.

  • LexxiFoxx

    When they don’t have a men’s or trans-gender bathroom they will be cutting edge. As of now its just…meh….

  • JMB

    I suspect an Arlnow typo, and that the press release actually announced the opening of a ‘friendly female’ sports bar, which means that many of the posters here may actually have a chance.

    • DCBuff


  • Kay Kay

    I don’t mind the ‘healthier small plates’ food idea. I’m bored of the same greasy bar food at most sports bars. It would be nice to have the option of watching a game and eating something different.

    • novasteve

      You can eat bean sprouts at home to your heart’s content. You’d save money too.

    • QP Doll

      +1. I don’t like that it’s being called a “female friendly” sports bar, but I do like the idea of healthy food and small plates. Add a good, reasonably-priced wine list and I’m there.

      • novasteve

        Um, but you could go to another bar, pay the same to get a larger plate, and you take the leftovers home. Now you get to pay the same or even more for smaller plates. Great deal.

  • Swag

    Not the worst thing that could happen to Clarendon.

    • drax

      Are you kidding? That would be awesome.

  • YTK

    “hip and Metro-accessible Arlington” hahahahahaha
    As much of a joke as the idea of a Woman’s Sports Bar — or did they mean Bra?

  • Old Queen

    Someone should open a gay bar in Clarendon.

    • Kolohe

      But what about the nuclear war risk?

    • Ed

      When did Mister Days close?

      • Bar Friendly Male


  • Jon

    I think it’s time to bring up St. Hubert’s again. If someone starts a non-profit group to make that happen, count me in for $500.

    • Jon

      Sorry, St. Hubert’s is local to where I grew up; I just meant an animal adoption agency.

    • novasteve

      they make okay poutine.

  • James Moron

    Literally don’t get it. Like “woman friendly” drinks or “chick sports.” I assume the former because I’m not sure the WNBA, LPGA or other lady sports even have TV deals – which could impact their ability to be on flat screens. I would pay money to read the business plan that concluded that this would be a winner. Maybe he can go to the Ted Leonsis Wanna-Be Ballston Shark Tank for funding.

  • Ugh

    Every bar/restaurant/eatery that is reported on here is met with doom and gloom in the comment seection. What the is wrong with all of you people? I remember when the opening of Atown was reported and everyone said how horribly it would fail. Now look at it, it’s packed all the time.
    Get a life people and stop your complaining.

    • wimmer201

      + 1

  • Erika

    So are other sports bars in the area not female friendly? I’ve been to plenty others and they sure seem female friendly to me…

    • Swag

      They’re not pink and they lack flowery wallpaper. So clearly they’re not female-friendly.

    • George

      Erika, I think your comment is spot on. While I realize it is in dreaded South Arlington, the Crystal City Sports Pub is male friendly, female friendly, and even family friendly. For women who enjoy frequenting sports bars, nothing beats a relaxed atmosphere with bartenders and wait staff of both genders and decent food.

  • Wry

    Maybe Burapa would have done better if the name of the place hadn’t looked so much like A Burp.
    I’m just sayin’.

    • novasteve

      I guess my Chinese restaurant ide, Fartuna, isn’t going to succeed 🙁

  • drax

    So the TVs will have lots of figure skating?

  • BigErn

    Does that mean the waiters will make you get up and get your own beer, and ask you to wash the dishes and take out the trash at the 2 minute warning?

    • bubba

      No…at the 2 minute warning the TVs are turned off so we can all talk about how we feel about the game

  • Wiz

    Less brahs, more bras?

  • novasteve

    I wish someone would open a Canadian friendly bar that served Sleemans, Steam Whistle and poutine, and showed curling on TV. It would be my dream bar.

  • a

    As a “female friendly” bar I sincerely hope they design the bar to have triple the amount of women’s toilets than men. It never fails that EVERY single Fri and Sat night at ANY bar there’s a line out the door of women needing to pee, while men never have to wait in line. Nothing would make me happier than to stroll past a line of 30 men with full bladders about to burst directly into the women’s bathroom with no wait time.

    • drax

      So you want men to suffer to make you feel good?

    • d-bag

      Maybe you chicks should stop all the yakkin’ and puttin’ on makeup and do your business.

    • Swag

      “30 men with full bladders about to burst directly into the women’s bathroom”


    • novasteve

      That’s funny, I went to a concert at GWU a couple of months ago, and there was a huge line for the men’s room, and a very small line for the women’s room.

      • Swag

        So it was a Ricky Martin concert?

        • novasteve

          No, Bluegrass

          • drax

            That joke went over your head, steve.

            But I’m glad you like bluegrass.

    • AGuy

      The problem with your fantasy is that guys don’t wait. If there is a line at the facilities, there are alternatives.

      • rocker

        You just brought back a really bad memory from a Van Halen concert.

        • Tabs

          I hope it didn’t involve DLR.

  • SMDC

    FINALLY! I’m always dragged to sports bars like “Where are my small skinny burgers?? Where are my fruity drinks? Why aren’t they showing the synchronized swimming matches?” Finally a place I can just be a lady without all those big man things I hate!

  • Sebastian Melmoth

    yet another sports bar in clarendon/courthouse? no thank you.

    • novasteve

      Cigar bar would be great. I’m shocked very few try to introduce those. You could have trend fools who watch Mad Men or whatever go pretend to be Draper or whatever his name is.. A new cigar bar is opening in Friendship Heights banking on trying that out.

      • BBMS

        The only thing close was the little cigar “lounge” the guy used to run in Carpool. That was actually nice to have around.

        • JohnB2

          Bailey’s allows cigars (unfortunately)

          • BBMS

            Well that’s true, but like you said….Bailey’s.

            Before the smoking ban several places allowed them, sometimes only after 10:00 at the bar, or other such restrictions.

            The little operation at Carpool though was kind of a little lounge just for enjoying a cigar. It was nice.

  • Coraline

    If they mean the female equivalent of Nellie’s, that would be pretty awesome. But I doubt somebody from the Bachelor or whatever would do that.

  • Dodge

    Lots of sexist haters here, eh?

    • drax

      Mostly just people with a sense of humor. Lighten up, Francis.

  • Female Sports Fan

    I get the “female friendly” part in small plates, healthy food options but its not a new concept. Most of the new sports bars in the area are catered to both men and women (another poster mentioned American Tap Room and Velocity Five.) If he really wants to make this place a destination for females to watch sports, make sure there are purse hooks under the bar, coat check in winter, hire hot male staff, and yes, make sure there are plenty of ladies nights and specials.

  • karzai

    I had a feeling someone had taken the space, because more than a month after Burapa closed, nothing had been removed from the inside. Burapa never cleared out their stuff. I had thought another Thai group might have bought them out, but guess Chris B. got there first. Good luck with the concept. Of course, now we have the empty Lime Fresh storefront and the Papery store to deal with. Hope some different things open in these places….

  • chrispom

    What’s really shocking is that there’s a college degree in ‘Hospitality/Food&Beverage’ and being on a TV show called ‘Bachelorette’ is something to put on your resume. No wonder the result is the most vapid ‘concept’ ever. Good grief.

  • jjj

    I would definitely watch a game at a sports bar that promised no obnoxious dbags and decent food that’s not just fried bar food. There are a TON of female sports fans all over N Arlington that I have met that would love a better atmosphere than can be found at Carpool or Mister Days.

  • Josh S

    Whoever wrote that press release should just go ahead and jump off the Bay Bridge.

    “with wit and irreverent charm”

    My faith in humanity just died a little.

  • Buckley

    “I think this sounds like a great idea.”

    –Nobody ever.

    • drax

      This is not Facebook.

  • Clarenbro

    By “state of the art technology” I hope they mean that they can fill all commercials between my games with Lifetime and We segments!

  • Mo Green

    When they say “Female Friendly,” they mean, high roller cheese balls looking to buy you tons of drinks and tell you about how cool they are and ask you for hugs once they get 6+ drinks in them……only to find out later they have tons of credit card debt, and gambling/cocaine issues….welcome to Arlington…

  • Cool Story Bro Tell It Again

    Can’t wait to get all up in dem guts!

    Up in dem guts! All up in dem guts!

  • Robert

    Would you be more open to this place if they hired a great chef and restauranteur to operate the kitchen?


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