Cava Restaurant To Open on Saturday

by ARLnow.com July 7, 2011 at 2:58 pm 9,957 17 Comments

Cava, a new upscale Greek eatery in Clarendon, will open to the public on Saturday.

The restaurant obtained its liquor license today. Owner Ted Xenohristos says he expects to open the doors at 5:00 Saturday evening. See Cava’s dinner menu here.

Cava is located at 2940 Clarendon Boulevard.

  • LP

    The question is, how long until they get a real sign? Or is that going to be there permanent sign?

    • LP

      Grammar police – their, not there.

  • Modwop

    Wow….it looks beautiful, BUT….those surfaces look like it’s going to be one loud place. I couldn’t get a proper look at the ceiling in the photos to see if there’s any sound-absorbing material up there. If not then a full-house will probably send Tom Sietsema’s sound-meter off the charts.

    • BerryBerryCold

      HN1 – a nearby “upscale” Chinese restaurant has hard surfaces and is loud, even when its not that busy.

      • Lou

        that’s kind of funny

    • PorkLoin

      I’m more worried about getting splinters in my butt :(.

  • ClarendonDweller

    I have been to their Capitol Hill location many times and it has a similar interior that is VERY loud. While it’s not the place for an intimate dinner, it’s great for a lively happy hour or when meeting up with friends. I love their cucumber mojito and whatever the real name is for the “flaming cheese dish” – it’s so good. And, they’re not skimpy with the gratis pitas and dips, which is appreciated.

  • Qbert

    What’s the boarded up establishment that’s directly next door in picture 6 of 6 going to be?

  • KalashniKEV

    I’m so F-ing pumped for this…

  • arlingwoodGirl

    You lost me at Greek.

  • MyHood

    If anyone sees then do a soft-open today let us know. I would love to sneak out of work this afternoon to try it out before it gets too crazy.

    • CW

      I thought soft openings were generally by invitation only?

      • MyHood

        There can be a public opening but with no announcement, which is generally called a soft-open. Many restaurants do like to do a “friends and family” open which is by invitation only, but they also may open before the announced date to ease the staff into it before the crowds come on the announced opening date. That’s what I am hoping that Cava does today.

        • Tre

          They had silverware, napkins and lit candles last night… but the door was still closed… bastards.

  • Paul

    Been a frequent patron in Rockville. Arlington will not be disappointed. Owners are young responsive guys. Menu is fantastic!

  • beth

    Just got back from an early dinner- – really good! Very attentive, informative staff. Dessert was on the house for their opening. It is loud, but not obnoxiously so.


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