Board to Consider Long Range Plan for N. Quincy Street

by ARLnow.com February 19, 2013 at 1:50 pm 3,601 108 Comments

Illustration from the N. Quincy Street Plan Addendum

The current Harris Teeter supermarket and Mercedes-Benz dealership near Ballston could eventually be replaced with high-rise buildings under a new land use plan that’s up for County Board consideration this weekend.

On Saturday, the Board will consider an addendum to its 1995 North Quincy Street Plan. The amendment modifies the plan for the area around the Mercedes dealership and adds a plan for a parcel of land bounded by Carlin Springs Road, Glebe Road, N. Thomas Street and the Hyde Park Condominiums. The latter parcel includes the Harris Teeter store and its surface parking lot.

Illustration from the N. Quincy Street Plan AddendumThe plan “includes a series of overarching planning principles aimed at transforming this predominantly auto-oriented area into a more vibrant, mixed-use urban neighborhood at Ballston’s southern gateway, with a much more pedestrian-friendly built environment,” according to the staff report. It calls for 12-14 story mixed-use buildings along Glebe Road, tapered down to 5-story buildings on the edges of the parcels closer to lower-density residential neighborhoods.

The plan also calls for ground floor retail space along Glebe Road, improvements to the Glebe Road intersections with N. Randoph and Quincy Streets, extensions of N. Tazewell Street and Randolph Street, a portion of open green space between N. Thomas Street and the new Tazewell Street extension, a landscaped plaza at the corner of Glebe and Quincy, and a series of “distinctive” architectural features.

Overhead view of area impacted by N. Quincy Street Plan Addendum (image via Google Maps)No immediate changes would be mandated under the plan; instead, it would encourage gradual redevelopment through zoning modifications. Should a mixed-use building replace the existing Harris Teeter, the store may opt to move in to the ground floor of the new building once it’s built.

Part of the plan area is already slated for redevelopment — last year the County Board approved a new six-story apartment building on the Goodyear site at the corner of Glebe and N. Carlin Springs Road.

Work on the addendum started in 2009 as a joint project between county staff and Arlington’s Long Range Planning Committee. It incorporates feedback from the county’s Planning and Transportation commissions.

Some nearby residents, particularly residents of the Hyde Park Condominiums, have expressed objections to the plan. Among other objections, Hyde Park residents said that the maximum building height along Glebe Road should be 12 stories — the same height as their building — instead of 14 stories.

Image (below) via Google Maps

  • Buckingham Bandit

    Losing the Harris Teeter? Well, I guess Ballston/Buckingham residents don’t need to buy groceries anyway…

  • Tre

    That Harris Teeter is the best thing about Ballston

    • Rob42


  • Rankin

    I think they mean to include a new Harris Teeter in the development. But I’m sure it’ll be closed for a while, which will be inconvenient.

  • HP2000

    Playing hardball with HT over the Route 1 HT sewage flood spat. Nice.

    • drax

      Because the county can just seize a Harris Teeter and shut it down! Right!

      No, this probably is good for HT – it make the land that store is on more valuable. It could build a high rise there and then open a new, bigger HT in the same place.

      • Patricia Payne

        I’ll repeat what I said in my longer missive. HT and Mercedes Benz will SWITCH places on West Glebe (ie. land swap) and consolidate/expand both their operations. THis includes at least on MB’s part a push for as much “above ground” parking as they can get.

    • FrenchyB

      How so? Increasing the zoning for a property does not compel the property owner to suddenly throw up a high rise. Harris Teeter’s parent company (Ruddick Corp.) owns that site, so they can decide whether to keep the store as it exists now.

      That said, it does provide them with an incentive to redevelop that location, most likely by including a new grocery store in the ground level of a larger building.

    • Ed

      On the flip side, upzoning HT’s property would allow them to sell off to a large developer at most likely a huge profit over its current value. That might make HT a little more amenable to a small settlement on the Potomac Yard fiasco.

      • bred

        You are assuming that HT owns the land. Maybe / maybe not. Don’t’ know.

  • Chris

    That Mercedes dealer recently renovated its entire showroom and service area. It’s beautiful. It would be a shame to see if go these plans move forward. I think it’s the last upscale new car dealer in Arlington (except for the Porsche place is Crystal City).

    • You might of missed the memo

      But, the County Board is slightly…and I mean like paper thin slightly…anti-car.

      So, the Arlington County Board is all for elminating the proletariat’s desire for wanting a car as a means of conveyance – much less the the bourgeoisie status symbol of a Mercedes.

      Thus, under the proposal of forcing people to walk everywhere removing a Mercedes dealership is just an added bonus.

    • South Awwlington

      I think the intended MB lot is the one next to Teeter, not across the street. It would be a total waste of money considering that just renovated it.

      • FrenchyB

        According to the inset map, it’s actually both locations.

      • Josh S

        What “total waste of money” are you referring to? It’s Mercedes’ money. What do you care? Also, this plan is a, wait for it, plan. It will not automatically lead to any changes. The idea is simply to provide property owners with options that don’t currently exist. If the zoning changes were passed into law, then whoever owns the Mercedes dealership could decide if and when to sell, redevelop, etc.

        • CrystalMikey

          Well, most dealership renovations are paid by the actual dealer, not the auto manufacturer….

          • speonjosh

            * staring straight ahead *

        • South Awwlington

          The total waste of money would be the time and money spent by American Service Center to renovate their facility. You could make the argument that it was not a waste should they more than recoup their money.

          Why does every comment you make seem tinged with snark and a know it all attitude?

          • confused

            then the waste was caused by the county not tellling ASC sooner. ASC is not required to redevelop, but will when it makes economic sense.

  • novasteve

    Yes! get rid of the grocery store and have more douchebags who eat out for every meal move in! yes!! though they will be upset with the Mercedes dealer being gone. How will they be able to show off their status without a mercedes? Someone could think they are poor!

    • Hee-Haw

      the d-bags can’t afford Mercedes, that’s why they get the 3-series beamers and Audis.

      • DCBuff

        Exactly. Only drunk drivers wielding 2x4s can afford MBs.

  • Elspet

    By “pedestrian-friendly,” do they mean “with fewer pedestrian fatalities”? Or just “with more pedestrians”? Because drivers on that block have killed at least two people in the last year.

    • Josh S


    • Westover2

      Building more buildings always means pedestrian friendly here. I mean, they are extending a road and leaving all the other roads the same under this plan, that screams friendly for pedestrians!

  • South Awwlington

    SOMEONE PLEASE >>>> ENOUGH with the word “vibrant.” Get a damn thesaurus in the County Gov’t building. It makes even your most ardent supports cringe when you use it anymore!!!!

    • FrenchyB

      Amen. They really need to ditch that word.

    • Fitz

      I never noticed the over usage of the word “vibrant” until you pointed it out. So true.

  • megadith

    I agree with the Mercedes dealer comment. It looks really nice now and makes that area look nice. Behind it though, the Enterprise lot and the tow company should move. Those are eye-sores that just look scary to walk by.

    HT is the best place to shop for Ballston. walking down to Safeway is too far and the Giant in VA SQ isn’t much more convenient. Of course, if you made the HT like the one in Tysons Corner, then it would be ok. but still, for as long as it would take to build, that would suck.

    • Brian

      What I would LOVE is if they put a grocery store in the first floor of the Alta Vista/Hilton over the metro. What’s there isn’t much, and it’d be SO convenient. That Ruby Tuesday’s been empty for an eternity. As others have said, without HT, Ballston has few options for groceries. It’s always so busy, I know this would have a huge impact.

  • Tara

    Please don’t allow them to turn Ballston into a food desert! That Harris Teeter is essential in our neighborhood!

  • MsDunkley

    Harris Teether should stay…it’s the only grocery store in walking distant for people that don’t drive.

    • yrb

      walk to the mercedes dealership

  • Rob42

    Has anyone eaten at that italian place across from HT next to the dealer?

    • Buckingham Bandit

      I bought a $15 dinner from there to get my $1 parking ticket from the mall validated.

    • ChrisS

      Yes, it is a better than average place. Quiet atmosphere around dinner time, and good food, although slightly on the pricey side in regards to quality. I doubt you would be disappointed, I’ve never had a bad meal there.

    • Clarendon

      Tutto Bene ! We used to go there every one in a while when I worked in Ballston (91-01). There weren’t all that many places to eat back then.

    • Ren

      TB is actually even more famous for it’s weekend Bolivian menu than it’s regular Italian one. Try out the saltenas on a weekend lunchtime (although I think you can get the food at other times, but not guaranteed). They are truly delicious.

    • Shay

      Tutto Bene next to the dealership, yes. I get a Bolivian specialty food called saltenas there occasionally. I haven’t had a meal there in 10 years but I can’t remember disliking their Italian food. I just prefer closer places for Italian. Filomena!

  • Westover

    If a developer wants to do this and the current landowners are fine with it, go for it! But I do not like the idea of the county staff, most of which do not live in the county, trying to push this through.

    • speonjosh

      You seem to be making an argument that county staffers not do their job based on where they sleep at night. Seems odd and perhaps a bit lacking in sense.

      • DCBuff

        Actually, it makes some sense. If the staff doesn’t live here, it is less likely to be in tune with residents (see Ballston residents’ comments here) and more likely to promote the agenda(s) of those who do not share those interests (e.g., the board, developers). In ideal community, all views would be weighed regardless of where staff lived. But, we live in ArlCo.

  • BluemontFred

    The County Board needs to just stop all this development and just let things be. There is nothing wrong with this area. People rely on the Harris Teeter. It is one of the better grocery stores in the immediate area. The safeway is a [email protected]#$hole and the Giant isn’t much better.

    Getting rid of this store, even for a while, will force people to shop at teeter on Lee Hwy, which is already crowded. Arlington’s infrastructure can only take so much development on top of development. Alas, our Board will approve this plan without any regard for the people who live here and they won’t care about any of the opposition voices.

    • speonjosh

      I am not aware of the county board developing anything aside from parks, schools, fire stations and the like. Apartment buildings, office towers, etc happen via action by the private sector, typically in response to market forces. The county board can zone for nothing but skyscrapers throughout the entire county but if no one wants to build them, they won’t get built.

  • JamesE

    Leave Harris Teeter alone!

    • Chris Crocker

      …and Britney!

  • Tara

    I just sent the county board this email. I hope you’ll consider doing the same:

    I am writing to respectfully request Arlington County Board members OPPOSE the North Quincy Street Plan Addendum that is set for a vote this Saturday, Feb. 23rd.

    The long-time residents and families of the Ballston neighborhood depend on the Harris Teeter grocery store as an affordable, healthy option for their meals … every day. My husband and I find this neighborhood very walkable, and in fact we walk to the Harris Teeter store every day to buy our food. If we were to lose this essential option, Ballston would become a food desert. Where are our alternatives? What are our alternatives? Getting in a car and driving to Clarendon, where there’s no parking? Where the grocery stores are more expensive/yet provide less quality?

    While the addendum’s supporters ostensibly support creating a more “pedestrian friendly” neighborhood in Ballston, getting rid of the Harris Teeter store would do just the opposite.

    I respectfully ask for your consideration of fresh ideas to update this corridor, rather than cutting off families and moderate income residents from an essential lifeline to fresh, healthy and affordable food.

    There must be another way.

    • Not Me

      While I agree with the general aim of your email, I think the word ‘affordable’ was used rather loosely.

    • speonjosh

      I’d reconsider before sending. Your argument does not match up with the proposed Board action since they would, necessarily, be silent on whether a privately owned business chooses to shut down. (Absent some sort of public health issue, of course.)

    • John Fontain

      “we walk to the Harris Teeter store every day to buy our food.”

      Really? Everyday?

      • KathyInArlingtonVA

        I know people who shop for food every day.

    • Boss

      You go to HT EVERY day? That seems excessive

      • Brian

        Geez, Mr. Literal, she means very frequently, which is almost every day. Message boards…

    • Sherriffs Gonna Getcha

      I live in Ballston and go to Trader Joes in Clarendon because it is much cheaper than Harris Teeter. Occasionally there are a few items we cannot get from Traders, but 95% of the time we only make that one trip.

      We also park directly underneath the store for free.

      • That’s fine

        That’s fine for frozen and non-perishable items, but the produce at TJ’s is atrocious. Some of it seems to spoil on the way home.

        • Sherriffs Gonna Getcha

          I have not had any issues with the produce from Traders, I buy all my fresh produce there.

        • Ron Swanson

          Produce is for animals raised for their fur. Eat some meat, pinko.

      • KathyInArlingtonVA

        That’s great for those of you who have cars.

        • Anne

          It’s directly across from the metro, so it’s also pretty great for those of us who don’t!

          • Anne

            And it’s on the ART 41, which is how I get my groceries from Clarendon to Ballston / Buckingham when I shop there.

    • eater

      isnt there a safeway, and a giant closeby?

      • Brian

        Not in walking distance

  • IP678

    What are the chances that after carefully evaluating the appropriate increased densities for the various parcels considered in this study that the county still awards extra height or density in exchange for some affordable housing money or public art feature?

  • kate

    Haha. It’s a grocery store people. Relax. What is this, a mommyblog?

    • MommyBlogger

      I agree. People should just take the street car to another grocery store.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    Hmmmmmm….possibly losing a Harris Teeter that is fairly close to where many ArlingtoniansI live……WTH, as long as the loss is “viiiiiiiiiiibrant”!

    Does the Board/Staff/whothehellever over at 2100 know of any other descriptive words besides “vibrant”? Every [email protected] thing to them is “viiiiiiiibrant”!

    I wish they’d be more “viiiiiiibrant” about things like road maintenance, addressing over crowded schools, keeping up infrastructure and letting the Ballston Harris Teeter remain as an alternate to the Soviet Safeway at Wilson & Edison. Ah, but those things are not sexy enought to be “viiiiiiibrant”. The folks over at 2100 should drive over Wilson Blvd just west of Glebe or down parts of Williamsburg Blvd….the effect on one’s car would be all the “viiiiiiiibrant” anyone could wish for.

  • Pete

    Should a mixed-use building replace the existing Harris Teeter, the store may opt to move in to the ground floor of the new building once it’s built.

    Did anyone read the story before whining about the loss of H-T? Okay, so it’ll goes away for 18-24 months. A mixed use development is far better than a monotlithic grocery store. Think TJs.

    • VaGurl

      Hey fyi – losing your regular grocery store for over a year is NOT something to sneeze at. Its expensive and inconvenient and a total PITA.

      COME BACK HT!!!!

      Crystal City resident….

  • HT Rep

    The CB would have nothing to do with removing the HT. The CB is just establishing rules as to what will happen if/ when that area is re-developed. The owners will ultimately decide what happens on that land.

    • Hello

      But what if the CB was proposed under a different COA without consulting TMW and GRI on the expansion. HT would then have to link SBN into the total before moving away from PUP. Ridicoulous HOA fees then.

  • KRS

    Losing that Harris Teeter would suck. I’ve been using it ever since it opened.

  • novasteve

    Nothing says walkable like getting rid of your within walking distance grocery store and putting you back in a car to get groceries! I live between court house and clarendon and not that rarely walk to and from, or take the metro home from work and stop off in ballston just to use that harris teeter, then walk back home. So I’m sure the people close by must walk more frequently.

  • John Fontain

    Reading through these comments, it’s absolutely amazing to me that about 75% of you don’t understand the basics of this article:

    -they aren’t taking away your grocery store
    -this is only a plan that would give property owners more development rights
    -this wouldn’t require that property owners redevelop their properties now or at any time in the future
    -and again, since this apparently bears repeating, they aren’t taking away your grocery store.

    • Chris

      John, I’ve seen your username in the comments for quite a long time (at least a year).

      Surely, you are not truly amazed that people don’t actually read the article? 😉

    • Suburban Not Urban

      Unfortunately – you ignore the point of zoning limits. Developers always want the most density they can get. Zoning restrictions are there because it improves the quality of life and prevents overburdenning infrastructure. When the county board up zones things – they are doing it to the deteriment of the locals for the the benefit of the developers and for the kick backs etc they get from the developers in a quid pro quo. With an added benefit that high density dev, leads to residents that depend on the board for more and more spending on things like parks, entertainment and sports complexes to make their life remotely livable.

    • cj

      For once I agree with John: nobody is taking away the grocery store. Harris-Teeter and the Mercedes dealership have been involved in these planning discussions from the start. They profess to be interested in redeveloping their properties on the west side of Glebe as long as that can be done without (underlined) interrupting their business operations.

      Also — Mercedes Benz of Arlington owns the Enterprise lot on Randolph Street and has expressed interest in redevelopment there in order to help underwrite a consolidation of their new and used-car operations on the west side of Glebe.

      Repeat: nobody is forcing these businesses to do anything.

  • speonjosh

    My faith in ARLNow readers’ reading comprehension has taken a significant nosedive this afternoon.

    • John Fontain

      Yep. Big time.

      • WeiQiang

        … then again, you are talking about people in Ballston.

  • esmith69

    I’ve never understood why people seem to love Harris Teeter so much. I’ve never been a fan. Never thought their prices were that great, and their checkout lanes (with no conveyor belt, so the cashiers have to take out each item from your cart/basket one at a time) are the most inefficient system I have ever seen.

    Am I missing something amazing about HT stores?

    • McChipstah

      ^ With you on that ^ Harris Teeter, Safeway and Giant all blow… especially the Soviet Safeway on Wilson and the nasty Giant in Lyon Village. Costco is too dangerous (according to Arl Now) and BJ ‘s offends me on several levels. If only we had an acre or 3 to shoehorn in a Wegmans!

  • Southarlington

    Ok so who owns the land at the MB and HTs ? And if the cb is so hell bent on car dealerships where do they get there cars and do they take public transportation to the meetings every week…..Correct me if I am wrong but I do think all of them have cars and use them regularly …they are such hypocties…

  • Stan

    Wegman’s clock tower would look awfully nice in that area…

  • TJW

    Harris Teeter might be out of the conversation anyway. Last week they retained J.P. Morgan to explore the options of selling the chain. If it gets sold to an equity company then HT will get bled dry and sold off piecemeal. If another chain buys them, there will no doubt be major changes to the stores. Kroger is rumored to be a suitor which is a bland national chain like Safeway.

    • outoftowner

      Bland compared to what? I would say Kroger is much nicer than Safeway or Giant.

    • Autoexec.bat

      Publix Publix Publix Publix

      • FLexpat


  • outoftowner

    Get rid of the HT and the Mercedes dealership, but please make sure we hold on to the sketchy used car surface lots across from the Ballston mall along Glebe.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Just chill everyone. Harris Teeter may soon be a Kroger. And anyone from Ohio knows what a dream it is shopping at Krogers.

    • CrystalMikey

      Just searched the interwebs…had no idea that HT was up for sale/have bidders.

  • Small Business Owner

    As a local small business owner leasing one of these properties, I am not thrilled at the idea of this plan. I have no say in the outcome. The board’s decision will force us to relocate- which is a daunting task in Arlington. Particularly when they tear down the affordable buildings.

  • TJW

    There are over 2400 Krogers throughout the land versus 200 or so Harris Teeters. While they do have some upscale stores, they run a lot of bland locations in economically depressed areas in the South and Midwest. Presumably their demographic analysis would place a pretty good store in Ballston.

  • SimplyDusty

    As someone that lives in that neighborhood, it’s my turn to pull a NIMBY. The density center of Ballston is supposed to be between Wilson and Fairfax. We’ve seen the Chevy lot “wavy building” density creep up and up until the homes directly behind it were living in its shadows (if they weren’t torn down).

    The streets on this side of Glebe (Carlin Springs, N Tazewell, Vermont, N Thomas, and Henderson) are not built to hold as much traffic as is being proposed and are already backed up during rush hour. They were meant to hold the same degree of traffic as the residential areas on the North side of Fairfax, which has height restrictions of closer to 10 stories.

    There is plenty of room to grow in the central area of Ballston, in places like the Gold’s Gym, Carpool, IHOP. I wish the county would stop trying to industrialize Glebe Road. It is and should remain a residential artery.

  • Shay

    It is just a plan that gives land owners more rights. It is long term and won’t result in immediate changes. I would require a pedestrian bridge to actually make it pedestrian friendly. Walking from Bikram Yoga to the Protein Bar is like actually playing frogger sometimes.

    • Small Business Owner

      Bikram Yoga Arlington will no longer exist under these plans.

  • WINO

    Two words Ballston – Piggly Wiggly!! 🙂 We Dig the Pig!

  • WINO

    Piggy Wiggly!

  • BallstonBound

    Most comments here don’t understand the underlying motivations of the “plan” as proposed. The purpose is actually to allow the MB dealership and HT grocery store to retain and expand their oerations, not close them down. Simultaneously, it will allow them to develop property they currently own to a much greater density while allowing current operations to function while the development occurs. HT will rebuild a larger store where the current MB auto-body shop is (which will move to Alexandria) and, once built, MB will build a new showroom at the current HT site. The proposed “retail’ is actually MB showroom. The existing MB site will then redevelop as residential (mostly) as will the balance of the west side of Glebe, at least that part not taken up by the expanded auto storage required by MB. Structured parking will replace all of those mechanical storgae devices you now see. New, real, retail will be non-existent. It will be mostly MB showroom and HT grocery on the west side of Glebe. That and the huge parts distribution MB does; car sales are actually a small part of their profit stream. HT will grow to about twice their current size and will become a more regional draw for grocery shoppers. Pedestrain traffic or being a “neighborhood” grocery is not on their radar screen.

  • Patricia Payne

    I am a Hyde Park resident. This “plan” was being pushed by developers to the Planning Commission 3 years and well developed before HP got wind of it to object. Ultimately Harris Teeter would SWITCH properties on the west side of Glebe with American Service Center (Mercedes Benz). Both are planning to consolidate/expand into regional operations so HT wants its own building. Mercedes Benz would consolidate most of its facilities into one just north of Hyde Park with a privately owned alley way in between. While repairs shop would go to Alexandria, the parts shop (highly profitable and taxable) remains here (light industrial/commercial). And of course people dropping off their cars and getting loaners would be here. Delivery of palletes? of new cars would also come to this side of Glebe. MB is also pushing for at least 2 but ideally multi story above ground parking. They are pushing for as much density and other flexibility as they can get. Also, above ground parking is not included in the building height either. Just imagine the traffic between the two expanded companies will bring into the neighborhood especially what happens if the changes in building code are allowed. An alleyway can bring certain “social” problems into a neighborhood (i.e. vagrants, drug dealers, etc.) as well as trash.
    Then there’s the problem of increased traffic. (Think you’ll ever be able to walk to HT again?) Our garage and loading dock (for garbage and movers/deliveries) opens out onto Glebe very close to HT. The proposed alleyway would be even closer, about 84 feet. This is going to make traffic near Glebe and Randolph dangerous for everyone. Add to the fact that the proposed alley would be private and, I believe a cul-de-sac:not good. (After making our concerns known the Transportation Commission, at least, has apparently recommended a full, two-way public street or nothing, but we don’t see real traction from the Planning Commission on their recommendations and the Board generally listens to thePlanning Commission. To sum it up, the saying “there goes the neighborhood” is a very real possibility.

    • John K

      What I want to know is how many county planners and board members soothe themselves to sleep by rereading:

      “The plan “includes a series of overarching planning principles aimed at transforming this predominantly auto-oriented area into a more vibrant, mixed-use urban neighborhood at Ballston’s southern gateway, with a much more pedestrian-friendly built environment,”

      I imagine it must be such that the neighbors would be annoyed by now.

  • Minor Threat

    Now you people are crying, because they will knock down Harris Teeter. I thought most of you people wanted to knock down everything in Arlington.

  • YTK

    Closing Harris teeter? We;ll. Toto, looks like we’re not in NYCity anymore– where most people walk/use public transportation and really DON’T like schlepping their groceries any farther than they have to – ergo there is a grocery store every block or two.

    Other than that, I am happy to read that they are planning :”a more vibrant, mixed-use urban neighborhood at Ballston’s southern gateway, with a much more pedestrian-friendly built environment,” . I hope that does NOT mean the use of brown rubber “grass” and brown rubber “pebbles” ala Penrose Square.

    • occasinally a fact

      Toto — Please read previous comments, if that’s not too much to ask: Harris. Teeter. Is. Not. Being. Closed.

      • YTK

        Well woof do you know !!? Thanks.
        Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Grab the shopping cart!!!!

  • UrbanOrnithologist

    They can’t close down the Harris Teeter in Ballston, it has so many birds living in it that it’s legally a sanctuary.

  • Guest

    As a parent with a kindergartener at Barrett Elementary with a flood of illegal kids from the other affordable housing, the madison at ballston station i disagree ask kids are guaranteed enrollment to their neighborhood school. Add more people by densely packed rental units antagonises the current problem of school capacity I find it ironic the plan has been floated for three years but the Arlington Forest Civic association never informed its local neighborhood. I dont agree with the ACBs 45 million dollar annual affordable housing budget.The quality of the schools are in a steady decline, white flight to Fairfax and.Loudon is in full effect and the ACB could care less.


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