Video: Wakefield Hits Buzzer Beater To Advance to Semifinals

by ARLnow.com February 20, 2013 at 10:30 am 1,515 28 Comments

Wakefield High School junior Re’Quan Hopson hit a game-winning three pointer as time expired last night to advance the boys basketball team to the regional semifinals.

Wakefield, which captured the National District championship last week, was trailing 43-44 with 4.2 seconds left in the game when Hopson inbounded the ball, received a pass back, and hit the three point shot as the game clock hit 0:00. Wakefield won 46-44 and screaming students rushed the court.

Northern Virginia Sports has a full game recap and another video angle of the shot. Wakefield will now face an away game at Robinson on Friday night.

  • CrystalMikey

    Awesome….way to go Wakefield!



  • ArlRat

    Thanks for the response to my earlier comment on morning news!!

    Go Warriors!!

    • m

      What’s really impressive was that after reading your comment on the morning news thread, ArlNow turned back time to last night, sent a reporter with a video camera to the game to capture the footage, and then uploaded it!
      Or perhaps they had the footage and had planned all along on posting it all along as a separate item, and your comment had nothing to do with it?

      • ArlRat

        m-whatever helps you sleep @ night

        Go Warriors!!

  • Arlingtoon

    Great clip — great win — thanks for sharing.

  • ColFor

    Way to Wakefield!!!

  • 120

    Way To Go Warriors. You all are on your way. Keep it up. WARRIOR NATION!!!!

  • 120

    Also, the clip was taken from Youtube.

  • we’ll be there!

    Let’s get a big Arlington contingent at Robinson Friday night! Go Warriors!

  • The Truth

    Langley had no D on that play…Robinson is going to be a beast of a team. They have..what? 5 times the kids to choose from in tryouts?

    • Doug

      It would have been useful for the article to mention who the opposition was, thank you for including. Kudos to Wakefield and this young man for a game I am sure he soon wont forget.

    • Well

      Wakefield already beat Robinson earlier in the year.

  • SomeGuy

    Nice shot at the buzzer. I’m not sure it qualifies as “amazing shot ever !!!” though, as the video’s title states.

  • Newsy Mom

    Way to go Wakefield!

  • we’ll be there!

    Where you at the game? Wakefield had won its last 14 games averaging 72 points per game. Langley held them to 46 last night, playing tremendous defense. They shut down Wakefield’s inside game and the Warriors didn’t get many 3s either. I think Langley made a good call, sticking with the tight zone that had worked for them all night and forcing Wakefield to take the 3. Wakefield was lucky last night; Langley played extremely well.

    Still, I think Wakefield is the team to beat in this tournament. They are the only team in the region to be ranked in WaPo’s top 20. Note that Herndon lost in the regional quarterfinals to Woodson last night; just last week Herndon beat Robinson in their district final.

    • we’ll be there!

      Sorry, this was meant for the Truth.

    • Juice

      Did you watch the game they had the night before vs T.C. Williams HS? The warriors can play a lot better than their performance last night, but they looked fatigued. Langley should have not been that close with them. Wakefield Warriors FTMFW!!!

      • we’ll be there!

        I did not, but I saw them earlier in the season, so I know they’ve looked better. Playing two nights in a row is tough. I’m really looking forward to Friday’s game. I hope there is a good turnout!

  • Michelle

    Langley plays zone defense … All their games are low scoring … Langley had wakefields leading scorers .. Moore and Nega totally covered … Coaches play was to get one if them the ball .. They were covered to well and HOPSON ended up with it … The rest is history … Will be hard game Friday playing in robinsons gym .. But Wakefield beat Robinson once once and can do it again !!

  • Old Warrior

    Was this the last basketball game to be played in that gym?

    • we’ll be there!

      Yes! Nice to go out on a high note.

    • 120

      Yes it was Old Warrior. If Wakefield plays they way that they have been playing, they can win anywhere. They may have 2 top players, but every player on the court is a threat. Hopson showed that last night. They are the team to beat and to watch out for.

  • SamW

    Nice to see a Wakefield team doing well, and with plenty of fans in the stands! Hopefully some of those fans will lend some support to the growing lacrosse teams this spring.

  • NOG

    Awesome game last night! Great win for Wakefield and the fans (young and old).
    Langley’s coach was class-less!

    • ArlRat


    • we’ll be there!

      I have never seen a high school coach coach by committee like that. Every time out, 4 Langley coaches convened in the middle of the court for two-thirds of the time out, then talked to the players for one third. Several times the head coach approached the ref during the time outs, apparently to ascertain where the ball would be inbounded. A) Um, if *I*, a random spectator, know, shouldn’t you? and B) can’t you dispatch an assistant to confirm that while you, I dunno, talk to the teenagers? So weird.

      • Chelle

        Totally agree Langley coaches were a bit conceited … Very classless .. And seemed very arrogant … Nice to beat a team with coaches like that …. Their boys played hard tho … Was a great game … Wakefield has some very talented hardworking boys on their team … Bentley and all the team is a class act !!


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