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by ARLnow.com February 21, 2013 at 9:15 am 2,910 141 Comments

Welcome to Arlington sign (photo by Katie Pyzyk)

Arlington on a ‘Money-Hungry Crusade?’ — Arlington is on “a money-hungry crusade for increased revenue at the expense of neighborhoods and communities,” writes the Arlington Connection. The paper suggests that “residential neighborhoods are increasingly in the crosshairs of developers seeking larger and larger densities,” and the County Board is acquiescing to their demands in an effort to drum up more tax money. “This is a County Board that acts like Republicans even though they’re all Democrats,” one civic association president is quoted as saying. [Arlington Connection]

Governor Backs Bipartisan Transportation Deal — A bipartisan compromise on transportation funding in the Virginia General Assembly has won the support of Gov. Bob McDonnell (R). The deal, which will ultimately raise $880 million per year for transportation projects, replaces the 17.5 cent gas tax with a 3.5 percent wholesale tax on gas and a 6 percent wholesale tax on diesel. It also raises the state sales tax from 5 percent to 5.3 percent and imposes a $100/year fee on hybrid vehicles. [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

Shakespeare Production to Include ‘Splash Zone’ — The Synetic Theater production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” opening today in Crystal City, will include 2,500 gallons of standing water on stage, an on-stage rainfall, and a “splash zone” (a section of audience seating likely to get wet during the show). [Washington Post]

Parks Dept. Says Camp Registration Went Smoothly — The Arlington County parks department received more than 1,900 summer camp registrations between 7:00 and 7:10 a.m. yesterday. Officials said the registration process, which has been beset by technical problems in the past, went smoothly this time around. [Patch]

ARLnow Commenters Called ‘Offputting’ — An Arlington “community notable” has “found the ranting of loony respondents on ARLnow to be offputting,” according to Sun Gazette editor Scott McCaffrey. McCaffrey predicts that of Arlington’s three online-only news sites, “odds are not all will survive the year.” [Sun Gazette]

  • Wiz

    So, basically the new transportation revenue plan is “all of the above” based on the previous proposals?

    • BBMS

      Yes pretty much. It is one of the most compromise-y major spending packages the GA has crafted in many years. I think it’s a good swing at getting some real revenue generated, and a feather in McDonnel’s cap as he gets ready to depart Richmond.

  • Annon


  • drax

    Interesting that someone thinks a “money-hungry” government is acting like Republicans.

    • Frank

      For decades Republicans were tarred as cronies of big, soulless developer companies hell-bent on gentrifying the helpless low-income liberal masses in the urban cores of cities.

      A very apt comparison to what the current Democrats on the board are doing.

      • Misanthropic

        Don’t agree with a policy? Just accuse the proponent of acting like a Republican. It’s the Arlington way!

        • novasteve

          Yes, it’s basically saying that republican = bad or evil.

          yet democrats in the next breath will accuse republicans of using hateful rhetoric, which causes violence.

          • drax

            Steve, stop speaking for other people.

          • Failure is arriving

            blame the homo sapiens — it’s quicker and encompassing.

          • Hee-Haw

            I agree with him, except for the causing violence part.

          • novasteve

            Drax, so why is it okay to speak for republicans, to imply that republican = bad, evil ? You don’t seem to be outraged over that.

          • drax

            You “agree” that someone will say something?

            You have to wait until they actually do.

          • Hee-Haw

            nice try, you know I meant that I agree with “Yes, it’s basically saying that republican = bad or evil”

          • drax

            Obviously I didn’t know that, but thanks for explaining.

          • Ivy

            I wouldn’t exactly say calling someone a “big soulless developer companies hell-bent on gentrifying the helpless low-income liberal masses…..” hateful rhetoric

        • drax

          Or you can accuse Democratic voters of being idiots who only vote based on party.

          • Dezlboy

            @drax, it gets old, doesn’t it? 😉

          • drax

            I notice you have a D in your name, Delzboy. That makes me like you.

          • novasteve

            How’s that working out in Chicago and Detroit voting for the name with the (D) after it?

          • SomeGuy

            @Dezlboy, I can imagine it does get old for drax, because he/she always trots out that line.

            A lot of people vote based on party and don’t have working knowledge of issues and policy. If there’s clear evidence to the contrary, please present it. Likewise, a lot of people are highly informed and make decisions based on their understandings and opinions.

            I suspect that if we took a pedestrian poll on a busy street of Arlington, we’d find that most Arlingtonians are not as versed as drax gives them credit for when it comes to the intricacies of how municipal bonds fund capital improvements, how the previous fiscal year’s property tax rates compare to the 10 before it, etc. I’d be surprised if the majority of Arlington voters could even name 2 board members.

            I won’t be taking that poll on the street, and we may never know for sure. But I will use my powers of reasoning, based on the variety of people I encounter and some reading I’ve done on the topic, to surmise that a large number of voters are fairly committed to their party of choice– Democrat and Republican– and are comfortable casting a vote based purely on party affiliation in many situations.

            Feel free to disagree.

          • novasteve

            And also, I’m not a knee jerk republican. I only view them as the lesser of two evils. I’d much prefer libertarians, but since liberals are the opposite of libertarians, republicans are the closer and thus have my support for now. Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot j ust to keep themselves in power. And they use taxpayer money to keep themselves in power, and in the process making people reliant on the state with other people’s money. It’s absolutely criminal and inhumane.

          • Whatsa matter?

            That’s what Tom Frank said about rural Republican voters in Kansas.

          • Dez;boy

            @SomeGuy…actually wasn’t refering to drax, but someone else. 🙁

            @ drax…we guys with “d”s have to stick together 🙂

          • drax

            SomeGuy, I’m not the one who trots out that line over and over.

            What is stupid about that line is that it is only applied to Dems. Sure, some people vote based only on party. I doubt many do, but some. I seriously doubt a majority of Arlingtonians do that. But the point is that it’s not just Dems. Republican voters do that too.

            Steve, you’re not a kneejerk Republican, but the problem is that your’e still a kneejerk.

          • ARL-VA

            nova-s t e v e, your arguments would have more moral authority if they weren’t so based on undisguised racial animosity.

          • SomeGuy

            ARL-VA, can you reference examples of novasteve’s “undisguised racial animosity?” I haven’t seen it, and if it’s literally “undisguised,” it should be easy for you to identify a few obvious examples. Go ahead.

          • ARL-VA

            He has toned it down a little in 2013. But he has made dozens of racially hostile comments on this website in the past.

      • drax

        I was talking about the revenue part.

        • Rosslynite

          Ever heard of something called the military-industrial complex?

      • Josh S

        But where is the proof? Baseless accusations are the kind of off-putting commentary that the Sun Gazette was complaining about.

    • Becoming Indifferent

      I’ve shared those feelings for years. Our board is made up of liberal Democrats, yet they’ve never met a developer they didn’t like, at the expense of county residents. Jeez, sounds like a bunch of Republicans,

      • HappyDem

        not all Dems, not even all liberal Dems, think alike, especially on issues that are profoundly local. If the development battles were purely $$ for eevil developers vs put upon locals, I guess it would seem obvious the “progressive” thing is to side with the locals.

        but its not. The other issues involved include tax revenue to fund schools and social programs which are liberal values. And increasing transit usage, walking, and biking, for sustainability – which is a liberal value. And even using the market to improve housing supply, which may not be a traditional liberal approach, but is in keeping with third way market oriented liberalism.

        Sometimes liberal values conflict with each other, as do conservative values.

      • CW

        Now hold on just a second here. When you make statements like “at the expense of county residents”, that’s pretty darn broad. Do you really think you can speak for everyone? All County residents? I know you’re not speaking for me.

        Say that the people who make these statements about the board “destroying the county at the expense of homeowners” got their way. Fine, Arlington would just be a community of tons of 1/4 acre lots with single-family homes and some modest, post-war era buildings of a couple stories. You (the homeowners) would likely be very happy, because your homes, due to the laws of supply and demand, would be worth even more than they are now (hard to imagine, I know!)

        So “all” the County residents would be happy, right? Well, no. I, for one, wouldn’t be. The fact that the board has allowed development and density was what allowed me to move here and enjoy this place in my 20’s. I wouldn’t have been able to afford a home worth millions due to artiifically constricted supply (preventing development to avoid hurting existing homeowners). I was able, however, to live in a high-density development and call Arlington my first home in the D.C. area. Without that opportunity, this “county resident” wouldn’t have been very happy. Preventing said development would have been at his “expense”.

        And what about the local businesses? Would they have flourished if their customer base was only that which could fill single-family homes spread out on 1/4 acre lots? Dense development has brought them orders of magnitude more potential business.

        So what I am saying is that it’s in the eye of the beholder. Yes, sitting on the front porch of some home you inherited from “Pops”, who built it after “The War”, you can say that the board has ruined the County. Maybe it has, in your eyes. You want to go back to Mayberry – I got it. But you don’t speak for everyone.

        • Clarendon

          Is it really nessessary to point out that one County gadfly doesn’t speak for all County residents ? Well, maybe it is. I wish people would preface remarks that that one with “In my opinion…” but it really should go without saying and I hope the County officials see that. So many infividuals, especially representing Civic Associations or other orgs start their comments with “The community feels …”. Well, no – the community doesn’t feel all the same, just the small number of people that you may have in your little circle.

          • CW

            The gadflies are disproportionately represented here, though, to the level where an uninformed reader could mistake their rants for actual popular sentiment. So I just thought I would offer a counterpoint. I agree with your statements.

          • speonjosh

            Sort of like when any national politician says “the American people want” or “the American people understand” and then inserts his or her own personal desires, point of view, etc.
            Tried and true, but still profoundly disgusting.

      • speonjosh

        At the expense of county residents? How is that again? Last I checked, people were moving INTO Arlington, not out of it. Presumably, this means that people like living here.

        • Suitland

          More precisely, only white people are moving in. The nonwhite population of Arlington County has remained at about 75,000, while the white population is up about 20,000 from 2000 to 2010. That’s why the white nonhispanic share of the county population is up 4 percentage points, to 64%. When most counties are experiencing growth in the hispanic population over the last decade, Arlington’s actually shrank by about 4,000 people. I think development and the disappearance of affordable housing probably had something to do with that.

        • Suitland

          More precisely, white people are moving in. I’m one of them. Nonwhite hispanics now account for 64% of the county population, up from 60 percent in 2000. In fact, during a decade in which most counties’ hispanic population grew, Arlington’s actually shrank, by about 4,000 people. I think development and the disappearance of affordable housing had a little something to do with that. I would guess that those people liked living here too. One might say that people are moving into the county at the expense of county residents.

      • drax

        Again, it’s funny to hear liberals bashing liberals for not being liberal, while conservatives bash the same liberals for being liberal. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

    • John Wells

      Either the commentator doesn’t understand the core political beliefs of the two parties, or they don’t see the big picture. The presumption is that only Republicans would seek to satiate business interests with pro-development policies. It’s as ridiculous as labeling the Chinese as Republican-minded with their economic strategy. If there’s anything modern China has taught us, it’s that pro-growth strategies don’t merely encourage businesses, they ultimately fund bigger, more restrictive government (and the bigger the government, the more power government leaders and officials wield).

      With China we’re not talking a Marxist attempt to raise all of the boats with the tide, as despite that sales pitch, such goals are secondary to the objective of expanding and funding government to increase the wealth and power of those in charge. The Board’s approach to growth despite already having one of the best per-capita tax bases in the country, and Tejada’s recent interest in the no-referendum sales tax, lead me to believe the Board wants to be more like China with their development policies than say, Texas.

    • Bender

      Yes, it is always the fault of those damned Republicans!
      Even when Democrats do what Democrats naturally do, it is the Republicans fault.
      Although they make only a small minority in this County, Republicans are to blame for higher taxes, higher spending, and higher dissatsifaction in local government.

      • Another Perspective

        One could say Republicans are to blame because they never run an electable candidate, leaving us with one-party rule.

      • Ivy

        Bender, now that is funny! How many years and how many times I have heard about “the liberal spending” and “conservative tax cuts” when, at the Federal level, every single increase in spending and rise in debt for the last 90 years has been done by Republicans and the only cuts have been under Democrats. I have been hearing since Reagan how the Democrats are responsible for everything wrong.

  • Andy

    Great, 5.3% is going to be real easy to calculate in my head 😉

  • Bet

    “community notable” = Whipple, Favola, or Bondi.

    • ArlRes

      “community notable” = any actual regular person other than the 3% of Arlintonians who bemoan everything about Arlington and constantly overtake the comments here… amusing though the comments are. Reminds me of Statler and Waldorf commenting on the Muppet show!

  • Not enthused

    I have found myself visiting arlnow.com less often due to the large volume of ascerbic comments. I realize that it is possible to read the news without reading the comments, but it is, in fact, “offputting” to visit a Web site that appears to be frequented mostly by misanthropic people. It has even made me less enthusiastic about my fellow Arlingtonians when I think that many of the people on the street could share the same sentiments expressed so crudely in the arlnow.com comments. I guess it’s just a sign of the times. Do we all really hate each other that much?

    • Hee-Haw

      very true, however; it generates page views, as weird as that sounds.

    • MB

      I’m one of the folks who mostly stopped reading the comments a long time ago, and wish there were some way to help cultivate a better quality of discussion here (it’s possible!). But I also realize that it’s a huge traffic driver, and I’d rather put up with the ignorant (and occasionally clever) half-wittery of ARLnow comments than risk a fantastic local news source.

      • Thank you for the kind words, MB. If all goes well from a technical standpoint, we plan to introduce a new comment system in the near future. That system would allow comment up-voting and down-voting, which may help the cream of the comments rise to the top, so to speak.

        • Dezlboy

          @ arlnow, the up and down sounds like a good idea, depending on who votes for what.

          Regardless, the Wash Post comments are the worst, and thus I no longer read them at all. In fact, I think the Post is degraded by having comment sections. I don’t want that to happen to Arlnow.
          Thought I admit to being on of those “downs” once in a while.

          • novasteve

            I’m sure the novasteveophobes will love the up/down vote thing.

          • monkey2

            And voting should only be by registered users.

            oops, should have logged in before posting this.

          • speonjosh

            I don’t think people fear you, steveo, they just don’t like you.

          • jackson

            You’ve given your perceived enemies a name. Cute.

          • novasteve

            “I don’t think people fear you, steveo, they just don’t like you”
            People say the same thing about homophobia and islamophobia too.

          • drax

            And conservatives object to being called homophobes and Islamophobes when they criticize either group, steve. Get it now?

      • SomeGuy

        I am sometimes surprised by how knowledgeable certain commenters are here and what they can add to a discussion. However, I disengage when the dialog (inevitably?) turns from the local news story at hand to the typical political sniping rooted in national politics. E.g., how lavish spending on a Clarendon dog park under local Democrats is totally justifiable because at least they didn’t start a war in the Middle East like George Bush did. (I’m not interested in discussing the merits of either; it’s just an example.)

        It’s really just a twist on Godwin’s Law, and by that time I know that any chance for intelligent discourse has passed.

        I also find it annoying that my comments get stuck in moderation, and therefore don’t get published in a timely manner.

        • snarl

          even some innocuous posts get stuck somewhere, as you can see by the double postings

        • BBMS

          I was surprised it took as long as it did for a 1st Amendment Constitutional citation to pop up in these comments, but someone eventually had that light bulb go off in their head.

    • Hey dummy

      Stop reading the comments then. They have no bearing on the articles. Stop complaining about something you choose to do.

  • Lucifer Bernanke

    “This is a County Board that acts like Republicans even though they’re all Democrats,” one civic association president is quoted as saying.” — Good, sounds as if someone is finally realizing that the demorats and republicons are one in the same; owned and operated by Bankster Scum and ‘special interests’, stomping on the little people in their quest for more power. It’s always the same in history, will we ever learn? Government is a Fearful Master and a Dangerous Servant. Things are getting WORSE, not BETTER, and they NEVER STAY THE SAME

    • BigJilm

      Isn’t there a G20 summit you should be anarch-ing somewhere?

      • Lucifer Bernanke

        lol…anarchy…I’m not for anarchy sir, just a return to the ideals of 1776 — anyway, I did have fun at the Bilderberg meeting last Summer, saw Henry Kissinger and Schmidt from Google in their little towncars scurrying away; check it out on…Google…for more info, I think they’re coming back this year 😉 —- ANYWAY…it’s sort of the off-season here in February, so I’m sticking to Arlington for now (both in Real Life and virtually via this website and others…Real Life has more impact, but internet works too 😉 )

        • speonjosh

          What, exactly, were the ideals of 1776?

        • drax

          The ideals of 1776? Slavery, white males with property voting, no industrial revolution, isolationism, stuff like that?

          It’s not 1776 any more. Deal with it.

          • DCBuff

            drax, those are not “ideals” of 1776 but historical facts.

    • drax

      “the ranting of loony respondents on ARLnow “

      • Dezloby

        @drax, stop being a typical democrate lefty liberal with your comments! 🙂

        • drax

          I only do it because of the D next to the name though.

  • Hattie McDaniel

    I love the comment section. The wit shown often brings a smile to my face.

    • Fluffee

      Yet you keep reading and posting – there’s a ray of irony under that sarcasm. Little bit of hipster sunshine.

      • Hattie McDaniel

        My comment wasn’t sarcasm.

        • drax

          Kinda telling that someone thought a simple positive comment was sarcastic.

    • snarl

      there are frequent gems that make my day

  • novasteve

    How on earth do they act like Republicans?

    • Dan

      By taking large sums of money from any and all who will “contribute” to their re-elections……

      • Zimmerman

        That’s right…NO Democrat has EVER done that! EVER!!!!!

  • brown before green

    The Arlington Connection story is incoherent. I thought perhaps it was going to tell a story of high-density developer intrusion into a neighborhood, but there was nothing of the sort to be found. Is the Connection reporter one of the loons commenting here?

  • novasteve

    hey guys you have an extra “n” in arlnow in the offputting comments story in the text, not the title of it .

  • Loonietoonie

    Will “SCOTT McCAFFREY” be offering odds on his statement regarding the on-line news sites not lasting through the year? I’m looking for a sure thing.

    Note: IMO -There are too many crude comments on this site, but most seem to come from about 10 people.

    Note2: “SCOTT McCAFFREY” does not appear to know much about South Flordia real estate either. Is there simply a way to bet against everything he says?

    • FrenchyB

      And I’m still trying to figure out how Marco Rubio’s house in Miami has any relevance to Arlington…

    • Old Yeller

      “Note2: “SCOTT McCAFFREY” does not appear to know much about South Flordia real estate either. Is there simply a way to bet against everything he says?”

      I call that the Bill Kristol upside-down crystal ball rule

  • WeiQiang

    Scott McCaffrey’s mom is an “Arlington notable”?

  • Tyson Brown

    I am offput with myself,

  • TJW

    The snarky, crude, rude, and often clever comments to the articles is probably the main reason ARLnow has much of a readership at all.

    • Porkship

      And by pointing that out, you might just turn it all around man.

  • arlimprov

    I am here for the comments!!! There are some really funny people on here.

    I think Arl might want to realize that we aren’t a bunch of whack jobs—many of us are saying what a huge portion of Arlington really thinks (or would if they actually paid attention to what is happening with their tax $).

    • drax

      Ah, so a huge portion really thinks that, but doesn’t really, because they aren’t paying attention, but if they were paying attention they’d think like that for sure!

      Yeah, not working out.

  • Loon #92

    Mr McCaffrey,
    Our ranting and raving is protected under the same amendment that gives you the freedom to crank out boring babble. And no matter how put off your creative writing tutor is, there’s not a thing she can do about it.

    • drax

      Yes, yes, you’re rantings are protected by the First Amendment. Nobody said they weren’t. Calm down and go do your homework.

      • Loon #92

        Mr. McCaffrey!

      • snarl

        psst, drax, your autocomplete let you down

        • drax

          Dammit dammit dammit!

          The curse of being a fast typist!

          • snarl

            whenever i see a grammatical error in one of your posts i suspect an imposter

  • MB

    Anytime I want to read loads of overwrought real estate advertising copy, I’ll pick up the Sun Gazette from the recycling bin. If I want Arlington news, I come to ARLnow.com. Scott McCaffrey does deserve credit, however, for being able to convince the owners to keep running a weekly newspaper that provides almost no discernible value to Arlington.

    • CrystalMikey

      Well said Sir/Ma’am.

    • John Fontain

      There is nothing more literarily satisfying than receiving my copy of the Sun Gazette in the mail and reading the week-or-two-old crime blotter that was long-ago published on ARLnow. It’s kinda like recording the NBC Nightly News on my DVR and waiting a few weeks to watch it and catch up on the latest headlines.

      • Dezlboy

        Per Sun Gazette. I only read the “up and down” editorials and the mostly “wacky” letters to editor. Otherwise the paper exists for the profits made off of real estate ads.

        • speonjosh


  • Chris Slatt

    That Arlington Connection article reads like they copy and pasted sentences out of their last 10 articles and hit publish.

    We’re at least lovable loonies right? 🙂

  • novasteve

    So since they are raising the car purchase tax to nearly the level of sales tax, will they lower the personal property tax?

    • Jim Gilmore

      No, because I already abolished it.

  • JamesE

    I bet that person’s face is off-putting

  • jackson

    A little ironic that Scott McCaffrey’s story links to the paper’s website (which also allows anonymous comments, to all you loonies!).

    Shouldn’t a paper version of his story be crammed into my mailbox on Thursdays? And of course every item on the front page of that paper was already discussed to death days earlier… on the web.

  • YTK

    Dear “notable” – you should NOT allow yourself to become so EASILY Intimidated or off- putted, which sounds like a golfing expression!!!!

    We can be friendly, albeit a liddle Snarky at times — so deal with it.
    Anyway …. whatsittooyooo, hmmm???

    • speonjosh

      It may read like a golf expression, but it doesn’t sound like one.

  • John Fontain

    I should know better than to try to make sense of Mr. McCaffrey’s “logic,” but can someone please help me understand how one “community notable’s” disdain for the comment section of ARLnow translates into the conclusion that its prospects as a going concern aren’t good?

    • explained

      advertisers will also leave.

      • drax

        No they won’t.

      • John Fontain

        Advertisers will leave because one unnamed notable doesn’t like the comments section? Huh?

    • Mike

      I actually draw the opposite conclusion from Mr. McCaffrey – if anything is going to fail, I would think it more likely to be his paper, not this website. I used to enjoy reading the Sun Gazette because it was about the only place to get news about what was going on with the County Board. And I appreciated the fact that he was at least somewhat critical and skeptical of the Board (though in the end he usually seemed to endorse the members for reelection). But since I discovered this site, I find the Sun Gazette superfluous – almost anything important already will have been covered here, often better and in more detail. And the “letters to the editor” in the SG, hilariously illogical and ungrammatical as they often are, have nothing on the comments here.

  • I disagree

    Increasing urban density is a progressive idea. Just do it right. Existing citizins always fight increased population and development, (except in blighted areas, where it’s welcome). But as long as humans keep cranking out excess people, you either need to accommodate them in existing space, or sprawl them outwards. Outward sprawl is not good urban planning.

    • Ivy

      I disagree….I totally agree with what you just said. The old “NIMBY” is exactly what got us massive McMansion developments in Prince William and Loudon counties. Increasing urban density is the way to go

  • kingbing

    Cmon, what do I have to do to get an ascerbic comment around here?

    • John Fontain

      Screw you, you jerk!

    • Old Yeller

      Easy, expose yourself at 7-11.

    • off_rt_50

      >insert smart and snarky response
      LOVE the commentors, LOVE arlnow

  • Dezlboy

    @ Old Yeller……ROFL! thanks!

  • Fuzzy

    They act like Republicans except they refuse to curtail spending, demand more and more affording housing, push through every big capital spending project that comes along, and treat residents like ATM machines.

    • drax

      But other than that, yeah, just like Republicans.

    • Jackson

      Care to guess what the “M” in ATM stands for?

      • drax

        He’s too busy typing his PIN number.

        • snarl

          man it’s hard for me to keep up! that one took me way too long

        • nom de guerre

          Or savoring his aus jus sauce.

  • Mickey


    The Sun Gazette’s right-wing editorial page being welcomining and user friendly.

  • snarl

    nothing generates comments like dissing the commento(e)rs!

  • flyover_country

    Last episode of “The Goodwife” used “Cybershill” as part of the plot (Google it). Figure that by the time network TV starts using ideas in its plots, the idea has been around for some time now. As many online sites get paid by advertisers based upon the number of page views, it doesn’t seem a big stretch to assume some might encourage controversy, perhaps even pay folks ala cybershilling to post in a way such as to generate controversy to increase page views. Must say I don’t think that ArlNow has sufficient visibility to warrant such activity, however when I see 2000 or 5000 comments on a single article or column at the Wash Post or NYT it does make you wonder.

    • Our revenue is not based on pageviews, we sell flat-rate, time-based advertising.

  • Say what?

    There are other Arlington news sites besides ARLnow? 🙂

  • Major Pup McPuppo Jr.

    i dont even know how to not say something “off-putting”

    • Canine Discipline

      Maybe this rolled-up newspaper will help you learn.

  • Swag

    Sorry, Scott at the Sun Gazette, but your mom isn’t a “community notable.”

  • Scott McCaffrey’s opinion is ridiculous. ArlNow is one of the best run news blogs I’ve seen, and just because he doesn’t like the tone of some comments made by the open public doesn’t mean you write off the whole site.

  • Ivy

    Only this idiot McDonnell would impose a $100 fee on hybrids and add a sales tax to raise money for transportation. He has got to be one of the most illogical politicians out there.

    • Booby Jindal

      That’s why he’s considered a “rising Republican star” like that dimbulb Rubio.

  • flyover_country

    Could be worse I guess, off Allan Rd in Washington DC:


    • drax

      That is awesome!

  • ARL’er

    If any of the local news sites goes under, it’s likely to be the Arlington Mercury. The articles seem to be OK there, but that site doesn’t seem to get many links or other publicity.

    As for ARLnow comments, I’ll only agree that about 35% of the comments are loony. Some are cranky and others are tiresome and immature. There are also some informative and respectful comments too, but not the majority of them.


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