New Restaurant Coming to Virginia Square

by ARLnow.com February 28, 2013 at 4:05 pm 2,326 19 Comments

Pines of Florence restaurant in Ballston

(Updated at 10:25 p.m.) A new restaurant is coming to 3811 Fairfax Drive in Virginia Square, but details about it are sparse.

The restaurant will be run by Tim Ma and Joey Hernandez, of Maple Avenue Restaurant in Vienna. This month Ma was named “DC’s Hottest Chef” by the food website Eater. No word yet on what type of food the restaurant will serve, but Maple Avenue Restaurant serves “eclectic American Cuisine… blending Asian, Latin American and French flavors.”

Reached by phone, Ma declined to comment except to confirm that plans were in the works. A state permit application describes the restaurant generally as having a seating capacity of 100 or less and serving wine, beer and mixed drinks. So far, we’ve been unable to find any building permit applications associated with the restaurant.

Local restaurant chronicler Don Rockwell reports that the restaurant will be called “Water & Wall” and will replace the current Pines of Florence restaurant.

  • DCBuff

    This article needs a few commas here and there. Maple Avenue Restaurant isn’t “in VaSq.” Will this replace Pines of Florence or the Tropical Smoothie place?

  • E

    Jay Z Blueprint! Whoop Whoop! Great Album!

    • drax

      Facebook is down the hall to the right.

  • James Moron

    Outstanding. Thrilled to blur the lines between Clarendon, VA Square and Ballston. Simply turning that into restaurant space is great news.


    @arlnow – Maple Ave Restaurant is in Vienna

    • Hmm, not sure how that happened — looks like it published a work-in-progress version. Nonetheless, that’s fixed.

  • flux

    “So far, we’ve been unable to find any building permit applications associated with the restaurant.”

    If only there were some type of graphical document that allowed you to obtain a building permit.

    • drax

      If only it could be found.

  • Arl.guy

    Replacing the existing restaurant with a restaurant of this caliber will be great for the neighborhood

  • Clarendon

    The ground floor facade of that building has no life to it.

  • ClarendonDweller

    Maple Ave Restaurant is great – really excited to get more details about the new place!

  • Pete

    Went into Pines last Friday and got in a huge argument with the owner about using a groupon that he wouldn’t accept. Luckily it was for takeout and hadn’t paid for anything yet. Guy was a huge ass before I even said a word to him. Walked out without giving him a dime. Glad he is going out of business.

  • curly

    crepe amour should be coming to arlington

  • Steve

    My family has been going to Pines for ages so when I saw this article I was shocked, I contacted the owner and he said that they are not going out of business and will remain at the location.

    • John

      Sounds like he lied to you

  • Heather

    I hope Pines of survives, they have the best white pizza. Cheap and cheerful.

    • Angie

      You must be joking?

  • John

    I’ve been to Maple Ave many times, the food is outstanding, better than anything I’ve had in Arlington. This is a great additional to the area.

  • pines

    Could you please delete this article I work at pines and the customers keep calling and coming in asking if were closing. No we are not!


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