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County Still Preparing for Afternoon Snow

by ARLnow.com March 6, 2013 at 11:30 am 1,685 15 Comments

395-glebe-snowSo far, the so-called Snowquester snowstorm has been largely a bust in Arlington.

While northern and western parts of the county have some slushy snow cover (see photo of I-66 and Glebe Road, left), many points south and east have nary a sign of the white stuff.

Arlington County says roads are currently passable, but crews are prepared for the possibility of additional snowfall this afternoon. From a press release:

Arlington County Government and Arlington Public Schools are closed today.

Arlington snow crews have been working since midnight. We activated full shifts of 12 hours each; at 12 noon the second shift will come in. The overnight crew has been traveling County roads and spreading salt and brine. These shifts will continue throughout the storm and extend into the days following, as needed.

At this hour, our crews report that roads remain passable, with little actual accumulation, though we continue to urge everyone to stay off the roads if possible. We expect significant snow accumulation later this afternoon, tapering off into the evening hours.

Dominion Power is reporting one small power outage, which may not be storm-related. View the Dominion interactive outage map.

For useful phone numbers, tips, information, cancellations, etc., visit Snow & Ice Central. If you have not already done so, sign up for Arlington Alert to receive free emergency text messages.

And, just for fun, please share your Snowquester photos with our Flickr group.

  • Angry Baby(formerly Naked Man)

    Snowquester is an appropriate term for this storm – a LOT to do about NOTHING.

    • AL

      That, and it’s about 2% of the last real snowstorm we got.

  • Alex

    So much hype, so little snow. I was really excited for this storm.

  • Buster

    That is going to be one sorry looking Flickr group.

  • South Arlington Lady

    There is white cover as far south as Columbia Pike…

  • JimPB

    Weather predicting is both probabilistic and area specific.

  • Mary-Austin

    What a waste of resources. Looks like we will be getting half an inch at the most. Just stop.

    • Alex

      While there’s nothing wrong with being prepared, I do agree that the response to this ‘storm’ has been overly aggressive and wasteful.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Everything is “alarmist news” these days.

  • Tolerbac

    County still believes in Artisphere, so why would the evidence of no snow dissuade the County from backing off a storm emergency?

  • IK

    Love it. We don’t need no stinkin’ snow!

  • obvious bs

    clearly a conspiracy by mainstream and local media because ratings were apparently low

    • Foxs News fan

      Clearly the liberal media pandering to Obama so he can divert attention from Benghazi

  • geebee

    How much money was wasted preparing for this non-event? Here’s a formula the county can apply in the future: If the forecasted low temperatures are above freezing, let it go. Have a glass of wine and watch Downton Abbey reruns because, as Dana Carvey would say in imitating the first George Bush (the sane one), “Nah gunna happen.”

  • Newtdog

    That storm was one big political metaphor.


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