Arlington, VA

New two-way section of Crystal Drive at 23rd Street New two-way section of Crystal Drive at 23rd Street

The second phase of the Crystal Drive Two-Way Conversion project was completed over the weekend.

As of Saturday, Crystal Drive between 23rd Street and 26th Street was open to two way traffic. Formerly, the road only allowed one-way northbound traffic.

A county spokeswoman said the conversion is just the beginning of a larger effort to reconfigure Crystal City’s street grid.

“The roadway now includes a northbound sharrow (a marking in the center of a travel lane that indicates bicyclists may use the full lane), a southbound bicycle lane, a north and southbound vehicular lane, up-to-date ADA compliant crosswalks, and upgraded traffic and pedestrian signals,” said Arlington County spokeswoman Laura G. Smith. ” This project marks the beginning of the major street network upgrades in Crystal City that better support the Crystal City Transitway, bicycle network, and general navigability of Crystal City.”

A third phase of the project is expected to establish two-way traffic on Crystal Drive from 26th to 27th Street.


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