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Editor’s Note: This sponsored health and fitness column is written by Ginny Wright, founder of BbG Fitness, which offers group fitness classes around Arlington. Sign up for a free class today.

Like it or not, this body is the only one you get!

How’s that going for you? Are you feeling good? Lots of energy most days, clear and focused, no aches and pains, pretty happy?

No? Feeling fatigued most of the time, experiencing brain fog more often than not, overweight with sore joints, generally unhappy with the way you feel and look?

Without oversimplifying or sounding too annoying, the message I want to share is this: you can change… you have a choice and I have a solution for you!

None of us have 100 percent control over our health of course, but we make hundreds of daily decisions that hugely impact how we feel.

OK (you might be saying)… I’d love to feel and look better, but I just don’t know where to start. I don’t like being overweight and I’m tired of feeling tired, but I love to eat and I hate to exercise. I’ll never be able to change.


I’ve seen (and helped) lots of people do it. I’ve watched people go from barely able to run to the end of the street to running laps around everyone else in the group. I’ve witnessed people go from 230 pounds to 190 pounds in a matter of months. And I’ve heard so many people tell me how great they feel — mentally and physically — since they started exercising and eating better.

You don’t have to go it alone. Get some help!

Think about the last time you started a new job. You didn’t just begin knowing exactly what to do, right? You probably had a mentor who showed you the ropes and checked in with you on a regular basis.

Your mentor helped you figure it all out and once you did, you went forward with confidence.

Think of your health transformation as a new job. Since you don’t know exactly how to proceed at the beginning, find someone who’s already an expert at the job of health transformations and let them help you learn the ropes.

There are lots of health coaches and mentors out there who specialize in helping people achieve wellness. They can help you eat for optimal energy — so you won’t be tired all the time — and weight loss. They’ll show you how to plan fitness into your daily schedule and can explain in simple terms what foods to eat and how to prepare them yourself.

Do yourself a favor and stop putting your health on the back burner. You can do it! You deserve to feel better. Your one and only body deserves to be healthy!

Do a web search for “Health Coaches, Arlington, VA” and a long list of names will pop up. Or contact me and I can refer you to some great health and wellness mentors I’ve worked with personally.

Resolve today to take care of your body — it has to last a lifetime!

Ginny Wright has been a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor for more than 10 years. She received her Health Coaching certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York in 2007. The views and opinions expressed in the column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of

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