Traffic in Arlington on Jan. 20VDOT and Arlington County says it will have crews pre-treating roads ahead of a potentially disruptive period of snow during the evening commute.

In a press release, VDOT says that motorists should “use extreme caution” tonight.

Snow showers are expected to begin as early at 5 p.m. and accumulation is likely given the frigid temperatures.

Although a three-day weekend is on the horizon, motorists are asked to finish trips in northern Virginia by early afternoon today, says the Virginia Department of Transportation, or plan to use extreme caution during the evening rush hour. With below-freezing temperatures in place and snow showers expected to begin as early as 5 p.m., VDOT will have 1,150 trucks deployed to continually treat roads by early afternoon. Crews began treating roads in advance yesterday and are finishing mid-day today.

What drivers should know

  • Snow showers are expected to begin as early as 5 p.m., with temperatures well below freezing through the night.
  • Drivers are asked to leave early today if possible to be off the road prior to the storm, to avoid icy conditions and give crews room to work.
  • If driving is necessary, be alert possible icy conditions. Reduce speeds, increase following distance, and brake gently. Plan now to allow extra time for a slow and extremely cautious trip.
  • Icy conditions are possible through the rush hour and overnight; with icy patches possible through the weekend given the low temperatures forecasted.

Check or the mobile app before leaving for road conditions.

Arlington County is also encouraging “caution” on the roads tonight.


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