Just Listed in Arlington

Just Listed highlights Arlington properties that just came on the market within the past week. This feature is written and sponsored by Team Cathell, “Your Orange Line Specialists.”

Home buyers were sleeping this week, but sellers were eager to get started in the fresh fall season.

Only 33 buyers ratified contracts this week. They were probably exhausted after partying over Labor Day weekend and then dragging themselves back to a short work week. But sellers seemed excited to get on the market with 67 new listings.

As the fall season begins, watch for the frequency of multiple contracts on fresh listings. That may be the earliest sign of the market’s temperature, whether cooling down or heating up. There is some concern that price increases may be hitting a ceiling as the average household income in Arlington has matched the affordability for the average home price.

So until incomes start to rise, we may not see much movement on prices. The average household income in Arlington has barely moved in the last five years.

Glossary Term: Setbacks.

Setbacks pertain to county building codes and are the distances allowed for a structure to be from the property lines.

In Arlington, they must be no closer than 25 feet in back and in front to the property lines. On the sides, neither side can be less than eight feet, and total for both sides cannot be less than 18 feet. So typically 10 + 8. Detached garages can be within 1 foot of back and side property line, and minimum 8 feet from any structural part of the house.

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