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Just Listed in Arlington

Just Listed highlights Arlington properties that just came on the market within the past week. This feature is written and sponsored by Andors Real Estate Group.

In case you were wondering, Arlington’s market is not really seasonal.

The conventional wisdom that “spring is the best time to sell” doesn’t take into account the whole picture. The “spring market” here started in January — January 3 to be exact, but any day is a good day to sell in Arlington.

Waiting until the snow melts (Snow? What snow?!), flowers bloom and the temperature stays above freezing to list your home is a thing of the past. In Arlington, buyers are looking every day of the year just hoping to find somewhere to call home.

While it’s true that more buyers and sellers transact real estate in the warmer months, that’s because there is more inventory then. For sellers, that means you have more competition for your buyer.

You can’t time most markets and the housing market is no exception. What you can do is always properly prepare your house, and price your home to sell, not sit. Days on market are your friend when the count is low, specifically three weeks or less. Once it creeps past a few weeks, buyers begin to see your home as stale inventory and think they can get a discount. This happens — even here in Arlington!

Our market still operates with an overlay of general caution and a fear of overpaying; caution is not totally thrown to the wind. Buyers know what a home is worth; while they may be willing to overpay slightly, even that has its limits.

The best thing you can do is follow the guidance of a trusted, proven Arlington real estate agent to prepare your property before going live on the multiple listing service. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so address the easy stuff like peeling/old paint, too-worn hardwood floors and have the garden spruced up as well. Yes — power wash that walkway, pare down the extra contents inside and ensure your property is as clean as can be.

Mitigate signs of past issues like an old leak so that buyers don’t assume the worst, and if something is broken, have it fixed or replaced. Pretend you are a picky buyer, and address the things that you know would bug them, even if you’ve been willing to live with those. It all but ensures a buyer will be willing to pay top dollar for your home if they feel they can just move right in.

This week in Arlington, some 62 homeowners listed their properties for sale. 59 buyers ratified contracts, and 32 of those were on homes listed within the past seven days. Right now, there are 150 available properties for sale.

Some interesting notes:

Of the 32 homes that went under contract their first week on the market, 29 were priced below $1 million.

Of the 150 available homes, the median price is $1.22m and the average is $1.44m.

The Andors Real Estate Group’s new website will be up and running next week. In the interim, Click here to search currently available Arlington real estate. Call the Andors Real Estate Group today at (703) 203-1117 to talk more about buying or selling Arlington real estate.

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