ARLnow is continuing a series of articles to highlight the local businesses that advertise with us and help keep the community informed during these trying times.

Today we’re giving a shout out to Elite Dental in Clarendon.

Obviously during the pandemic you’re not going to be going in for a routine dental visit. But once it’s over, there is going to be a crush of people trying to get their teeth cleaned, so maybe consider booking an appointment for July or August now.

Why Elite Dental?

Elite Dental is the Cadillac of dental practices. It’s basically a comfy spa where you happen to get your teeth cleaned, x-rayed, whitened, straightened, and — well, you get the picture, they do dental things. Elite uses the latest techniques, technology and, as a bonus, they’re really friendly. The Yelp reviews don’t lie.

Need a dentist upgrade? Sign up as a new patient online or call them at 703-988-6963.

Thank you, Elite Dental, for keeping our teeth sparkling and for supporting local journalism.


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